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SRG to stop broadcasting FM radio by the end of the year
28.06.2024 - Switzerland Switzerland
"Given the current economic climate, we fully understand SRG's decision, as it is playing a pioneering role," Philippe Zahno, President of the Association des radios régionales romandes (RRR), told Keystone-ATS. "At present, we are planning to cease FM broadcasting in November 2026," he adds. In his view, the French-speaking regional radio stations cannot afford to lose market share and advertising revenue, which are linked to the number of listeners. They want to take advantage of the extra time to reduce the number of listeners who listen exclusively to FM and who follow French radio stations. The Swiss Association of Private Radio (ASRP), which represents private radio stations in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, also welcomed the "important and courageous" decision taken by SSR. "This will advance the digital transformation of radio in Switzerland," said ASRP president Nicola Bomio.

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2024 expansion programme: First national DAB+ multiplex to be expanded by five transmitter sites
28.06.2024 - Media Broadcast GmbH WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
Media Broadcast is further expanding the transmitter network of the first national digital radio programme package in 2024. The expansion starts today with the Bad Tölz site in Bavaria. Over the course of the year, a total of five new transmitter sites will be added in four federal states and in Austria near the German border. Listeners can look forward to even better reception of Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Deutschlandfunk Nova and nine other private programmes in the respective reception areas. By the end of 2024, the transmitter network of the first national DAB+ platform will consist of 170 locations throughout Germany.

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Radio in Schleswig-Holstein goes digital
28.06.2024 - Germany Germany
At the fifth edition of the "DAB+ in Dialogue" networking event at the State Representation in Berlin, one of the main topics was the advanced digitisation of radio broadcasting in Schleswig-Holstein. During his presentation, Dirk Schrödter, Minister for Digitisation and Media Policy, announced to the 80 or so guests from the worlds of business, broadcasting and politics that Schleswig-Holstein will be the first federal state to switch from FM to DAB+ digital radio by mid-2031. "Media play a central role in our society. And that will remain the case in the digital age, but radio must face up to the digital future. In Schleswig-Holstein, as a digital pioneer region, it is our ambition to shape the path to the digital future and thus also the migration from FM to DAB+ together with all stakeholders - with public and private broadcasters, large and small in the state," said Schrödter in his speech.

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CRA appoints Lizzie Young as new CEO
28.06.2024 - Commercial Radio & Audio WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
Commercial Radio & Audio (CRA) Chairman and ARN CEO, Ciaran Davis, today announced the appointment of Lizzie Young as the industry body’s new CEO. Young was most recently CEO APAC & Global Growth Officer of WeAre8. Young is a media and technology executive with 25 years’ experience across multiple global markets and has worked on all media platforms in roles spanning commercial, content and operations. She has also spent over a decade in the audio industry, including 7 years at GWR Radio/GCap (now Global Radio) in the UK where she held various roles including Commercial Programming Controller and Head of Agency Sales and 4 years at Austereo in Brisbane and Sydney in various promotions, marketing and integration roles. Young will commence her role at CRA on August 7, 2024.

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DAB+ in Schleswig-Holstein: Switching from FM to DAB+ digital radio
28.06.2024 - Germany Germany
Radio in Schleswig-Holstein is going digital. Private and public radio stations have reached an agreement with the state government and the state media authority to gradually switch to DAB+ digital radio broadcasting via FM antennas in the northernmost federal state from 2025 to 2031. Radio stations have been working on expanding their DAB+ networks and increasing the variety of programmes for years, after the legal requirements for this have been created. For listeners in Schleswig-Holstein, the switchover means more diversity in radio broadcasting, which can only be achieved with digital programmes. For programme providers and the state government, the focus is always on the listeners who are provided with outstanding radio quality. The demand for linear radio programmes is consistently high.

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Nation to apply for Ayr, Bournemouth, the Isle of Wight and Sunderland DAB
28.06.2024 - WorldDAB News
Nation Broadcasting has announced it will be applying for four small scale DAB licences in Ofcom’s sixth round of licensing. They will be submitting applications for Ayr, Bournemouth, the Isle of Wight and Sunderland in time for the closing date of 5pm on Thursday 18th July 2024. The Bournemouth application is a venture between local FM broadcaster Nation and newly launched Bournemouth One. Roy Martin, co-founder of Bournemouth One said of the partnership: “Bournemouth One is already attracting a substantial audience online following our launch in January, and we can’t wait to bring this and extra services to DAB in the next year or so.”

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SRG SSR to cease FM broadcasting by the end of the year
27.06.2024 - SRG SSR WorldDAB Member - Switzerland Switzerland
Today, to listen to the news, music, the weather or traffic announcements on the radio, people generally turn to DAB+ or IP (Internet) broadcasting technology. Fewer and fewer FM receivers are still in use in Switzerland. SSR will therefore be decommissioning its obsolete FM antennas by the end of the year. Around ten years ago, the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), private radio stations and the SRG began working closely together to plan the transition from FM to DAB+. The predictions made at the time - that DAB+ would become the new radio standard - have been borne out: the proportion of people who listen to radio exclusively via FM has now stagnated at less than 10%. From 2020, the industry will no longer be obliged to broadcast radio programmes using this technology, and maintaining three parallel broadcasting technologies is costly. The SRG Board of Directors has therefore decided to stop broadcasting SRG radio programmes via the now obsolete FM antennas on 31 December 2024.

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Nation extends London DAB platform contract and adds Nation 80s
26.06.2024 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Nation Radio has signed a long-term contract into the next decade for its London and South East England DAB platform. Following a trial period last year, Nation 80s has also joined the London-wide DAB platform full time in DAB+ stereo. Nation’s Founder Jason Bryant said: "Nation is a fast growing and important media brand in major population centres across the UK. In Wales, Scotland and Southern England, we are reaching record weekly audiences. In the London market, the most competitive in the UK, Nation recently posted its highest ever weekly audience of nearly 200,000 – one of the largest digital only station audiences in London."

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Ballermann Radio now available nationwide on DAB+
25.06.2024 - Germany Germany
Ballermann Radio, Germany's party and pop radio station, is now available nationwide via DAB+. The DAB+ radio station under Germany's most notorious event and party brand Ballermann® will be bringing rousing party sounds and the unmistakable, original Ballermann® feeling to every corner of the country around the clock from 9.00 pm today. "Whether chilling on the couch, dancing in the shower, in the office or on the car journey: the best party and Ballermann songs provide that little bit extra and that pure Ballermann feeling - all year round and all over Germany!" says Klaus Drescher, Managing Director of BMR Media GmbH.

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5G Broadcast, the new panacea for digital radio? by Javier Sanchez
25.06.2024 - Spain Spain
Gorka Zumeta writes: A new instalment of Radio Exterior de España's "En menos de tres" ("In less than three minutes") micro-space is available, with Javier Sanchez of RTVE. There is no mobile phone with 5G Broadcast technology and, for the moment, it is not even expected. It is very easy to worship the totem of technology, driven by fashions and the rhythm of the times, but it is important to contextualise the reality of the facts and the real possibilities of the application of new technologies. In analysing this new digital standard of content dissemination, the author prioritises two questions that he considers fundamental: the real use that it satisfies and its penetration among the population. This is the starting point of his reflection on the 5G Broadcast in Spain.

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