Societatea Națională de Radiocomunicații S.A. has a history spanning ninety years, being the leader in the terrestrial broadcasting market (transport and broadcasting of radio and TV programs) and one of the main providers of networks and data transmission services in Romania.

Societatea Națională de Radiocomunicații S.A. operates in the market under the trade name RADIOCOM - a 100 % Romanian brand. Starting from its two domains of electronic communications - broadcasting and data transmission - RADIOCOM developed itself continuously, proving maturity and innovation. RADIOCOM’s services portfolio includes:

  • BROADCASTING: TV Broadcasting and Radio Broadcasting;

In addition to the above-mentioned services, RADIOCOM also provides other types of services, such as Electromagnetic field measurement; Planning and designing RF networks; Training, and renting spaces for training (classrooms and conference rooms).

Through continuous investments in modern technologies, RADIOCOM aims to offer new services as well as improve the existing ones and is determined to provide services to our clients that answer their demands and expectations.

The infrastructure and services quality allowed RADIOCOM to gain the trust of many important clients in various domains of activity, our company established itself as an important player in the telecommunications market in Romania.