Data Applications



Slideshow makes it easy to enhance your digital radio broadcasts with visuals using standard web image formats, and standard web publishing tools. Anything that you can turn into a JPEG, PNG or APNG (Animated PNG) can be broadcast over DAB and accurately triggered to appear in time with the audio.

SPI - Service and Programme Information 

Service and Programme Information (SPI) is designed to offer similar features for the user as a television EPG but for radio and associated data services.  SPI allows you to see what is coming up, set up recordings, and find on-demand content with detailed information about the services and programmes such as station logos, presenters names and guests.

Traffic and Travel Information: In the late 90s, an increasing demand for more accurate and timely Traffic and Travel Information (TTI) services were identified in the European community. Requirements for more customer added value, also covering the various modes of transport: Road traffic messages as well as bus and train operations. Language independence was essential. RDS TMC was in the middle of a successful rollout in various European countries, however showed also its limitations due to the limited bandwidth of RDS. The implementation of DAB and later on DMB offers a huge opportunity as a carrier for enhanced traffic and travel services.
Journaline is a text based data service. Its core functionality resembles that of an electronic magazine or teletext on a TV set. The content can be presented if different languages to assist people in emergency situations.