Data Applications


The DAB system is designed to offer rich audio and multimedia services. Besides the primary audio in MPEG1-L2 or AAC encoding, a variety of data applications is supported. Several transport methods are available to provide data services closely associated with or independently from an audio service. The following list details those applications which have proven as most attractive in the market with the widest support in services on-air and in receivers.


Slideshow makes it easy to enhance digital radio broadcasts with visuals using standard image formats and common publishing tools. Anything that can be coded as a JPEG or PNG can be broadcast over DAB and accurately triggered to appear in time with the audio. Advanced receivers may pull slide images from online resources through RadioDNS support. 

SPI - Service and Programme Information

SPI is an application formerly known as electronic programme guide (EPG), but goes beyond a mere programme guide. Services provide daily broadcast schedules with detailed information about every programme event, start and end times, event names, genre and descriptions. Service information provides service names, identification, frequencies and multimedia (station logo). On-air SPI services can be complemented by online resources using hybrid (RadioDNS) functionality. 

Traffic information (TPEG)

For traffic information DAB supports transport of traffic services using the TPEG protocol suite. Via TPEG a wide array of applications can be provided from the essential traffic event information, traffic flow and parking to more advanced information such as public transport or electro-mobility oriented information. TPEG is specified as ISO21219, interested parties can obtain further information from TISA (see link). TPEG transport via DAB is defined in ETSI TS 103 551.


Journaline is a text based data service. Its core functionality resembles that of an electronic magazine or teletext on a TV set. The content can be presented in different languages to assist people in emergency situations. Journaline is transported as a dedicated application in DAB, it is defined in ETSI TS 102 979.