Country factsheets

WorldDAB is creating a set of country factsheets for automotive manufacturers.

The factsheets are produced as part of the work of its Automotive Working Group, in partnership with local stakeholders, and RadioDNS which promotes hybrid radio.

The factsheets provide an essential guide for the automotive industry on what to expect to receive via digital radio in-car. They aim to raise awareness about what services are on-air on DAB+ today from commercial and public broadcasters. Information provided includes audio, text and visual information from each station, and what broadcasters expect a receiver to show on the screen in the car, or on an in-car DAB aftermarket device.

They details the current status of digital radio broadcasts in each country, indicate future developments, and provide information on the next planned steps. The factsheets differentiate real content (what is provided) from content agnostic mechanisms and technical channels (how it is provided). Using the detailed information provided, manufacturers of DAB+ radio receivers can test their devices.

Download the factsheets: