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We'll start with a nationwide network, Radiokomunikace plans for digital radio

28.02.2024 - Top story - Czechia Czechia

The nationwide commercial radio DAB+ multiplex is to replicate the public network CRo DAB+, whose broadcasts are managed by Radiokomunikace, the main operator in the country. The largest Czech cities, such as Prague, Ostrava and Plzeň, are targets for coverage by České Radiokomunikace in the first phase of the construction of their national digital radio network auctioned by the telecommunications authority. It is the nationwide network B, which they acquired together with three other regional networks, that they want to start building the infrastructure for commercial digital broadcasting. As Marcel Procházka, director of the regulation and legal department of Czech Radio, told Médiáři, the company plans to launch the first transmitters in the third quarter of this year.

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Radio across Europe joining forces to fight for rightful place in the car

22.02.2024 - Top story - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) WorldDAB Member

In this guest EBU blog, Tomas Granryd, Head of Digital Partnerships at Sveriges Radio (SR), writes about one of the major strategic focuses for the EBU in 2024: How radio can preserve its prominent position in cars. He sets out why radio deserves to be prioritised and what the EBU is doing, along with its Members and the wider industry, to achieve this. "Public service broadcasters from across the EBU membership have agreed to create a common, clear map of who are the key players (including broadcasters) and what is required to ensure that audiences can continue to easily find and listen to the content they love. The project is called The Playbook and is all about collaboration – all parts of the value chain: the car industry, operating system providers, app stores and the radio industry must work together."

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Radio Nacional de España begins DAB+ broadcasts

15.02.2024 - Top story - RTVE WorldDAB Member - Spain Spain

Coinciding with the celebration of World Radio Day and the centenary year of radio in Spain, Radio Nacional de España has started digital radio broadcasts in DAB+ together with Cellnex Telecom on 13 February 2024, with the firm intention of deploying this digital radio standard in our country, which is set to replace FM in the long term. This Tuesday saw the symbolic 'switch-on' of DAB+ at an information day in Torrespaña inaugurated by Verónica Ollé Sesé, Director of the Office of the President of RTVE: "We are looking to Europe, learning from the experience accumulated by our neighbours over the last few years, and committing to a technology that helps to guarantee the provision of this public radio service, with a vocation for universality, in the open, for everyone and everywhere, with no exclusions", she pointed out.

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Broadcast operators Uplink and Divicon merge
27.02.2024 - Germany Germany
The wireless solution providers UPLINK Network GmbH, Düsseldorf (UPLINK Group) and DIVICON MEDIA HOLDING GmbH, Leipzig, have announced their merger. The merger of the two companies, which are leaders in German broadcasting operations for FM and DAB+, is intended to create a broad basis for the foreseeable medium and long-term challenges facing the radio industry. Together, over 1,200 FM transmitters, 9 DAB+ multiplexes with a total of 70 DAB+ transmitters and various other radio solutions such as Private 5G, LoRaWan and a dedicated data centre at the German internet hub in Frankfurt will be operated at more than 700 locations.

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"DAB+ in Dialogue" on 27 June 2024
27.02.2024 - Germany Germany
Following the well-received event in spring 2022, the next edition of "DAB+ in Dialogue" will take place in Berlin on 27 June 2024. For the fifth edition of the successful networking event with stakeholders from politics, business and programme providers, we invite you to the Representation of the State of Schleswig-Holstein to the Federal Government: Together with you in dialogue for a successful future of digital terrestrial broadcasting DAB+. Around 150 guests from industry, politics and business as well as representatives of programme providers and network operators will find out about the development of DAB+ in workshops and panel discussions.

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DRG DAB consortium switch on Milan DAB+ transmitter
27.02.2024 - Italy Italy
The experimental installations of the Digital Radio Group consortium – DRG DAB continue. After Rome it is the turn of Milan, activated in the city centre from the Via Turati site. The transmitter operates on channel 9C on the 206.352 MHz frequency with service in Milan and the province and will soon be followed by transmitters on the same channel for the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo. DRG DAB, a multi-regional consortium of local radio broadcasters, has presented the expression of interest to the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy for the assignment of rights of use for the DAB+ operator for the Lombardy Basin n.3. This request is in addition to those of Lazio, Sardinia and Sicily already being evaluated by Mimit.

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ČTÚ grants all allocations for DAB
27.02.2024 - Czechia Czechia
The Chairman of the Council of the ČTÚ has already decided on the allocation of radio frequencies under Section 22 of the Electronic Communications Act for all eight entities that were successful in the tender for the granting of rights to use radio frequencies in the 174-230MHz band. Within one month of the end of the selection procedure and the award of radio frequency allocations to all winners of the auction, the Office will publish a report on the procedure and the results of the auction. Within the same time limit, the Authority will also publish a complete record of the auction made by the electronic auction system. The total auctioned price for all Auction Blocks was 79 325 000 CZK (€3.1m).

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10 facts about DAB+ in Spain
26.02.2024 - Spain Spain
Gorka Zumeta writes: DAB+ is here, now what? In the following lines, we analyse the reality surrounding DAB+ in Spain. Radio Nacional de España announced on 13 February, World Radio Day, that it was launching DAB+ broadcasts in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Murcia and Bilbao. In principle, only RNE (formerly Radio Uno), Radio 3 and Radio 5 Todo Noticias. Radio Clásica, Ràdio 4 (in Catalonia) and Radio Exterior de España (which does broadcast on DAB) are left out for the time being. Little by little, public radio will gradually bring its digital broadcasts to other cities in Spain, subject to the corresponding announcement. At the same time, the Government of Navarra has granted its first 19 DAB stations with local coverage.

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Fausta Bergamotto on local info and technology transitions
26.02.2024 - Italy Italy
Aeranti-Corallo interviewed Fausta Bergamotto, Under-secretary of State at the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy. "As far as DAB+ is concerned, we are in a challenging transition phase with the national networks coexisting with the experimental licences granted at local level," Bergamotto said. "The allocation phase for local DAB networks is drawing to a close, as is the allocation of rights of use for the national ones, and we are confident that the entire system will soon be able to benefit from the quality and cleanliness of the sound guaranteed by digital. In this sense, too, in the new service contract with RAI, we wanted to emphasise the need for the concessionaire to invest in the network in order to improve its coverage."

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Everything you need to know about DAB in a free ebook
26.02.2024 - WorldDAB News - France France
With DAB+ set to cover 60% of the population of mainland France in the coming weeks, and other French-speaking countries around the world showing significant interest in DAB+, WorldDAB is publishing its first digital book in French: "Mise en place du DAB+ - la radiodiffusion numérique". This 118-page publication, which can be downloaded free of charge from the WorldDAB website, is a French translation of the highly acclaimed ebook "Establishing DAB+ Digital Broadcast Radio", which is an exclusive and comprehensive guide to the regulatory, technical and commercial aspects of successfully setting up a DAB+ digital radio service.

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Expansion: Up to 45 additional locations for the first DAB+ federal mux
26.02.2024 - Germany Germany
The first national DAB+ multiplex is to be greatly expanded once again over the next four years. This is according to the latest report from the Commission to Determine the Financial Requirements of the State Broadcasting Authorities (KEF). With its application for the 24th report, Deutschlandradio is aiming to complete its DAB+ transmitter network from the current 165 to 200 to 210 transmitters by 2028. This will achieve almost universal DAB+ mobile coverage, but without aiming for portable indoor reception at every location, the committee said.

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First multi-storey car park in Switzerland with complete DAB+ radio coverage via repeaters
23.02.2024 - Sumatronic AG WorldDAB Member - Switzerland Switzerland
The Casino-Palace multi-storey car park is in a prominent location in Lucerne – directly on the lake between the casino and the 5-star Grand Hotel Mandarin Oriental (formerly The Palace). In order to remain one of the most innovative car parks in Switzerland, the management of the Casino-Palace car park decided to offer guests real added value with a high-quality audio system and comprehensive DAB+ radio reception. While in most car parks the radio goes silent shortly after passing through the barrier, visitors to the Casino Palace car park can now enjoy undisturbed and crystal-clear DAB+ reception right into the furthest corner on all five underground parking levels. Thanks to DAB repeaters, reception is not interrupted in the middle of the news or during your favourite song.

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Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Communications to officiate ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2024
23.02.2024 - WorldDAB News - Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) WorldDAB Member - Malaysia Malaysia
Teo Nie Ching, Deputy Minister of Communications, Malaysia, is slated to officiate the opening ceremony of ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2024 on Tuesday, 5th March. The theme of this year’s symposium is ‘Navigating AI Horizon’ and will explore opportunities of the changing media business landscape and ways on how broadcasters and media organisations can collaborate to future proof their operations. At the event, WorldDAB is holding an expert DAB+ seminar, and hosting a digital radio pavilion with WorldDAB members AVT, GatesAir, Paneda and RadioDNS joining the pavilion.

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