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More choice for listeners as local digital radio launches in the Channel Islands

01.08.2021 - Top story - Digital Radio UK WorldDAB Member - Jersey Jersey - Guernsey Guernsey

Ford Ennals, CEO, Digital Radio UK, said: “The launch of the Channel Islands digital radio network is great news for listeners as it brings over 20 further stations to the Channel Islands on DAB+ for the first time. Radio station brands such as Virgin Radio, Heart, Smooth, Capital and Nation are among the very best broadcasting in the UK, while local stations BBC Radio Jersey, BBC Radio Guernsey, Channel 103 and Island FM have their finger on the pulse of life on the Islands today. This is a great time for Islanders to buy a new digital radio or smart speaker to make sure they don’t miss a thing from the great new line up of stations now on air on digital radio in the Channel Islands.”

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Campaign launched for digital radio in the Channel Islands
05.08.2021 - Guernsey Guernsey - Jersey Jersey
Digital Radio UK has launched an on-air campaign to support the launch of local DAB digital radio in the Channel Islands offering listeners guidance on DAB+ devices and retuning. The 40 second radio spot lets listeners know that they will need a DAB+ set to listen to all the stations now available via the new multiplex and prompts them to retune their digital radio set to listen to the new digital services for the first time.

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10.6% of listeners in the Czech Republic use DAB+
04.08.2021 - Czech Radio WorldDAB Member - Czech Republic Czech Republic
The results of the Radioprojekt survey confirm the growing popularity of digital radio in the Czech Republic. As of Q1 2021, 10.6% of listeners use DAB+ compared to 7.2% in Q4 2020.

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AVT software assists with emergency alerting through DAB
03.08.2021 - AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
The EWF Emergency Warning Functionality is a combination of different services such as Alarm Announcement, Service Linking, Program Associated Data and Non-PAD, and can distribute multimedia and multilingual information. The EWB procedure is also compatible with all old DAB receivers. Modern receivers are also switched on automatically with EWB and can display information via other data services.

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BBC in Jersey and Guernsey launches new digital radio services
03.08.2021 - Jersey Jersey - Guernsey Guernsey
Listeners of BBC Radio Jersey and BBC Radio Guernsey will be able to do so digitally, following the launch of a new network.

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10 years of DAB+ digital radio: programme providers, federal and state governments draw positive conclusions
02.08.2021 - Germany Germany
The digital-terrestrial successor to UKW started nationwide on August 1, 2011 with programmes from Deutschlandradio and private providers. The federal and state governments as well as participating programme providers draw a positive balance of the first ten years of DAB+ digital radio.

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First DAB+ only local multiplex launches in the Channel Islands
01.08.2021 - Jersey Jersey - Guernsey Guernsey
The Channel Islands has DAB digital radio from today following the launch of the new commercial multiplex from Nation Broadcasting. Over 20 radio stations are available, all broadcasting in DAB+, making it the first multiplex to launch without standard DAB services.

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ROCK ANTENNE community continues to grow in Austria thanks to DAB+
30.07.2021 - Austria Austria
Around 30,000 people belong to the ROCK ANTENNE community in Austria: The daily range from Monday to Sunday has increased by 50% compared to the previous year. In the target group of 14 to 49 year olds there are 24,000 listeners (+41%).

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Trends in Digital Radio 2021
Find out why WorldDAB Project Director Bernie O’Neill urges radio to pursue a multiplatform strategy with DAB+ as its digital backbone in an interview in RADIO WORLD's latest 'Trends in Digital Radio' e-book.

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Better late than never: The DAB+ opportunity in South Africa
30.07.2021 - South Africa South Africa
One thing remains clear; although internet connectivity is improving around the country, there simply isn’t enough access or bandwidth for everyone to move from FM onto streaming. We need something else and DAB+ is a viable candidate that shows great promise.

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Germany celebrates a decade of "more radio" on DAB+
30.07.2021 - Germany Germany
DAB+ launched in Germany on 1 August 2011 in Germany, providing a solution to the shortage of FM frequencies. From the original 27 radio transmitter towers, a digital transmitter network has been created in just 10 years with 149 radio towers throughout Germany. Up to 29 programs can now be received across Germany via DAB+. In addition, there are many regional and national public and private offers: with a total of 270 different programs available, 70 of which can be received exclusively via DAB+. Initially public broadcasters Deutschlandradio and ARD were the drivers of DAB+, but many well-known private broadcasters are also now relying on digital programme distribution.

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