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Croatia advertises DAB+ licences

07.06.2023 - Top story - Agency for Electronic Media of Croatia WorldDAB Member - Croatia Croatia

The Notice of the intention to grant a licence for the provision of DAB+ digital radio media services, number 05/23, has been published in the Official Gazette number 58/2023. There are five licences advertised: one national multiplex to broadcast three channels, and four regional, each carrying between six and eight channels. The deadline for submitting bids is 30 June 2023, with the licences awarded for 20-year terms.

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Tenth edition of Digital Radio Week launched

05.06.2023 - Top story - Netherlands Netherlands

On Monday, 'Digital Radio Week' was launched on a large number of public and commercial stations. Until Friday (9 June), radio stations will pay focus on DAB+. The campaign week is being held for the tenth time. How the stations will organise this week differs per station. Most radio stations, including NPO Radio 1, NPO Klassiek, 100% NL, Slam, Sublime and Omroep Flevoland, are again giving away DAB+ radios.

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DAB calls published for Emilia Romagna, Marche, Lazio and Sardinia

05.06.2023 - Top story - Italy Italy

Published in the G.U. Serie Generale n.129 of 5 June 2023 is the call for expressions of interest for the assignment of rights of use to network operators for planned local DAB+ networks in areas 8 (Emilia-Romagna), 11 (Marche), 12 (Lazio) and 20 (Sardinia). The application to take part in the procedure must be submitted within 60 days. The full text of the call and its annexes will be available on the website of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy.

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Deutschlandradio expanding DAB+ coverage
08.06.2023 - Germany Germany
Deutschlandradio, Germany’s national public radio broadcaster, is forging ahead in its DAB+ rollout. It has commissioned five new transmitters from network operator Media Broadcast. Next week, it will switch on the Zwickau transmitter in Saxony. The broadcaster says later this year, it will switch on transmitters in Bad Kreuznach (Rhineland-Palatinate), Hornisgrinde and Mainhardt (Baden-Württemberg) and Merchingen (Saarland).

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New Russian-language radio station in Estonia
07.06.2023 - Estonia Estonia
As of June 1, 2023, a new radio station, Radio Nostalgia, was introduced to the Estonian airwaves. The station is unique in that it does not broadcast on FM, but on the digital format DAB+, which is new to Estonia. The music playlist on Nostalgia Radio consists of the good old hits from the '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s and songs from recent years in Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, English, Italian, Spanish and other languages.

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Call for expressions of interest from network operators for planned local DAB+ networks
07.06.2023 - Italy Italy
The Ministry of Enterprise and Industry - Directorate-General for Electronic Communication, Broadcasting and Postal Services (DGSCERP), is launching a procedure for the assignment to network operators of rights of use of frequencies for the terrestrial digital radio broadcasting service, referred to in the NAPF-DAB, relating to the catchment areas No 8 Emilia Romagna - No 11 Marche - No 12 Lazio - No 20 Sardinia.

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ALEX Berlin and non-commercial radio broadcasters from Berlin and Brandenburg now broadcast on DAB+
07.06.2023 - Germany Germany
In Berlin and Brandenburg, friends of non-commercial local radio stations (NKL) and ALEX Berlin will be able to receive their favourite programmes digitally in the future. This is the result of a resolution passed by the Media Council of the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) in March, which will now be finally implemented with the start of transmission on DAB+. Until now, the programmes of the Berlin and Potsdam NKLs as well as ALEX Berlin were broadcast in parts of Berlin and in Potsdam via VHF frequencies. Most of the Brandenburg NKL programmes have not had terrestrial broadcasting so far.

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Radio Proglas: ready to turn off FM, waiting for development of DAB+
07.06.2023 - Czechia Czechia
Christian radio station Rádio Proglas is ready to switch off analogue FM broadcasting and replace it with DAB+ technology in the future. However, this step must be preceded by a favourable approach from the Czech Telecommunications Office in the form of a tender for new frequency networks. In the current issue of the Proglas newsletter, the station's director Martin Holík reports on this.

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Automakers, tech oppose AM radio mandate
07.06.2023 - United States United States
Alliance for Automotive Innovation joined Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) and TechNet in a new letter to Congress opposing a proposal to mandate analog AM radio in new vehicles. The letter noted that requiring manufacturers to use a particular technology will slow innovation. The organizations also highlighted several alternative forms of emergency communication – such as Wireless Emergency Alerts, the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, and digital audio broadcasting.

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Congress sings AM’s praises, pushes for protection of the senior band
07.06.2023 - United States United States
On 6 June, the Energy and Commerce Committee and its Communications and Technology Subcommittee held an “educational” hearing on the merit of AM radio, and for select witness to field questions. The hearing, titled “Listen Here: Why Americans Value AM Radio,” was open to the public via a livestream. Ohio Rep. Bob Latta, the Republican chair of the subcommittee, opened the hearing and oversaw the proceedings. “We must ensure that no communities are left behind, no voice is silenced and no emergency communications are compromised,” he said, speaking in favor of new bipartisan legislation that would require automakers to maintain AM broadcast radio in their new vehicles at no additional charge.

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Communications and technology subcommittee hearing: “Listen here: why Americans value AM radio”
07.06.2023 - United States United States
House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and Subcommittee on Communications and Technology Chair Bob Latta (R-OH) delivered opening remarks at today’s Communications and Technology Subcommittee hearing titled “Listen Here: Why Americans Value AM Radio.” Read the statements and watch the full hearing video.

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Radio musical chairs on FM and DAB+ approaching
06.06.2023 - Netherlands Netherlands
Exciting times in radio land. Within ten weeks, it will become clear which radio stations can be heard nationwide on airwaves via FM and DAB+ after 1 September. Due to legal action by radio station KINK, the current broadcasting licences for the national commercial FM lots have to be re-auctioned. Since DAB+ space is also attached to these licences, changes on this digital radio network - as on FM - are inevitable.

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Start date for regional multiplexes in Lower Saxony
06.06.2023 - Germany Germany
The start date for the regional DAB+ multiplexes for private broadcasters in Lower Saxony has been set. As the platform operator Media Broadcast confirmed on request, broadcasting is scheduled to start on 13 July. The company has not yet given any further details, such as the transmitter locations planned for the start and the planned programme line-up.

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