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First DAB+ stations switched on in Kyiv
15.06.2018 - Ukraine - Ukraine
The first DAB+ broadcast took place on 15 June in Kyiv, with seven stations available for listeners. This follows the award of tenders in March.
From Mediasat:

EBU delivers the A to Z of digital radio network planning
WorldDAB Members News - 15.06.2018 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - Switzerland - Switzerland
The knowledge available to those planning digital radio networks has been greatly enriched in recent years. Field studies carried out in several countries have contributed to a greater understanding of how DAB and DAB+ networks behave in the real world. A new EBU report, Tech 3391, brings together the latest guidance along with detailed information on deployments and tests in several countries.
From European Broadcasting Union:

Why Hyundai joined WorldDAB
WorldDAB Members News - 14.06.2018 - Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH
Lars Mueller, Senior Engineer at Hyundai, explains why they joined WorldDAB and how the radio and automotive sectors are working together on the future of in-car radio. "Even for those with a lot of experience in radio, there are many different aspects of DAB and the committees are a great way to learn more and help solve technical challenges.”​
From WorldDAB:

Roberts R100
WorldDAB Members News - 14.06.2018 - Roberts Radio Limited - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
It is much more than a speaker too, it has built in FM, DAB, DAB+, Internet Radio and Spotify. What will be refreshing to some is that, while it can be operated by Bluetooth app, it doesn’t have to be as it has a full display screen.
From The Independent:

DAB+ deployment for French-speaking Belgium after decree is approved
13.06.2018 - Belgium - Belgium
The Parliament of Wallonia-Brussels Federation has approved a draft decree to amend audiovisual services in French-speaking Belgium, paving the way for the deployment of DAB+ services in the region.
From RTBF:

Pure Siesta Home
WorldDAB Members News - 13.06.2018 - Pure - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The Pure Siesta Home is quite unlike the other Siesta radios we’ve reviewed in the past. The Pure Siesta Home improves sound quality, not only beyond that of any bedside alarm clock, but beyond 99% of DAB radios to date.
From TrustedReviews:

DAB+ supply improved in Germany's northern and central Hesse regions
13.06.2018 - Germany - Germany
The Hessischer Rundfunk (hr) has added new DAB+ antennas at Habichtswald and Rimberg in Germany, ensuring improved broadcast coverage of the network's six radio programmes in northern and central Hesse.
From Radioszene:

Digital Radio Hall of Fame members announced
WorldDAB Members News - 12.06.2018 - Pure - Radioplayer - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The first nine inductees into the new Digital Radio Hall of Fame have been announced. The inductees are: Dame Jenny Abramsky, former director of Audio and Music, BBC, Grae Allan, DAB radio director, Bauer Media, Ralph Bernard, former CEO GCap Media, Michael Hill, founder and managing director, Radioplayer, Quentin Howard, former CEO, Digital One and managing director, GWR, John Kempner, Buyer, John Lewis, Rashid Mustapha, Engineer, Ofcom, Ian O’Neill OBE, Head of Television; Programme Director Radio, DCMS, and Sir Hossein Yassaie, Chairman, Pure, and Former Chief Executive Officer of Imagination Technologies.
From Radio Today:

hr further expands DAB + supply in northern and central Hesse
12.06.2018 - Germany - Germany
The Hessischer Rundfunk (hr) continues to improve the DAB + broadcast of its six radio programs in northern and central Hesse.
From Radiowoche:

Digital radio pioneers announced for Hall of Fame
12.06.2018 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The names of digital radio pioneers were announced as the first inductees into the Digital Radio Hall of Fame. The nine individuals were judged to have made an outstanding contribution to the success of digital radio over the last 20 years as digital radio pioneers and innovators.
From Digital Radio UK:

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