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SWR improves DAB+ coverage in southern Germany
08.12.2020 - Germany Germany
Regional public broadcasting corporation Südwestrundfunk has expanded DAB+ reception in southern Germany with the launch of a new transmitter in the lake Constance region.

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Norway - A-Media wins bid for second national ensemble
08.12.2020 - Norway Norway
In Norway, an auction has been held to award the licence for a second national ensemble. The winning bid was placed by A-Media AS. The licence is valid until December 31 2031.

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Radioplayer launches Android Automotive hybrid radio app
08.12.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The hybrid app has a single, multi-platform station list that hides the platform from the user and allows them to select a radio station from the strongest available signal, prioritising DAB+, then FM, followed by streaming, and automatically switching between platforms if the car moves out of coverage.

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NDR expands DAB+ coverage in northern Germany
07.12.2020 - Germany Germany
Radio listeners in the region of Lauenburg, outside Hamburg will now be able to listen to NDR programs on DAB+ following the launch of a new transmitter.

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France - new station revealed for national DAB+ license
07.12.2020 - France France
The French media regulator CSA has announced that Skyrock Klassiks will be the 25th station to launch nationally on DAB+ in France in July 2021.

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Czech Radio updates DAB+ portal
04.12.2020 - Czech Radio WorldDAB Member - Czech Republic Czech Republic
Czech Radio's DAB+ portal, which hosts information related to the development of DAB+ in the Czech Republic, now includes coverage maps for DAB+ multiplexes across the country.

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Marketing DAB+ to the listener
Reaching the listener is an important part of the rollout and implementation of DAB. At the WorldDAB General Assembly, radio stakeholders from around Europe came together to share their DAB marketing initiatives.

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New radio station launches on small-scale DAB in Manchester
02.12.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Content Director Kevin Bailey, who says the format is unique to broadcast radio in the UK commented: "We're casting our net wider to include less mainstream tracks, as well as the biggest hits. We’re excited to be playing more controversial and underplayed songs, as well as exploring the origins of the genres back to the 70s and 80s."

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SCA launches new Christmas radio on DAB+
02.12.2020 - Australia Australia
Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) will launch Santa Radio on DAB+ next week in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Elf Radio ranks first as Australia's DAB+ station of the year
01.12.2020 - Australia Australia
Elf Radio, which broadcasts on DAB+ in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, was crowned DAB+ station of the year.

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