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National Broadcasting Council launches new competition for local DAB+ multiplexes in Poland
WorldDAB Members News - 20.05.2019 - National Broadcasting Council of Poland (KRRiT) - Poland - Poland
KRRiT, the National Broadcasting Council of Poland has announced the start of a competition for regional and local broadcasters to carry out the creation of new DAB+ multiplexes in 34 cities across Poland. The first round of the competition is scheduled for May, while the fourth and last round is due to take place in 2020.
From Telepolis:

Great interest for DAB+ licences in Saarland
16.05.2019 - Germany - Germany
The state media authority of Saarland has revealed the applicants that have expressed interest in DAB+ broadcasting licences in the southwestern region of Germany. The decision is set to be announced at the Media Council meeting on 12 September 2019.
From Radio Szene:

DAB+ radio demand on the rise in Germany
16.05.2019 - Germany - Germany
According to data released by the German retailer Idealo, the demand for DAB+ radio receivers in Germany has increased by 43 percent since 2016. Specifically, the demand for DAB+ radios increased by 17 percent from 2016 to 2017, and 26 percent from 2017 to 2018.
From Idealo:

Minister confirms digital radio review as listening reaches new heights
16.05.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The government has announced the launch of a review of the radio industry later this year, concluding in mid-2020. The review will take into account the full range of ways people listen to the radio, including analogue, DAB and online listening through apps and smart speakers. According to data released this week, DAB digital radio now accounts for 71.6% of digital listening and 40.4% of all listening in the UK.
From WorldDAB:

Austria prepares for national DAB+ launch
16.05.2019 - Austria - Austria
One year after the launch of the regional DAB+ network in Vienna, Austria is setting the ground for the launch of the national DAB+ network in August. In this interview, Digitalradio Austria Director Wolfgang Struber shares his experiences, enthusiasm and expectations of DAB+ and the nationwide launch of DAB+ this summer.
From Elektro:

DAB leads the way as digital listening sees strongest-ever growth
16.05.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Digital listening has reached a new record share of 56.4%, up from 50.9% in Q1 2018, according to RAJAR Q1 2019 data released today. Propelled by the ever-strengthening digital content offering alongside the proliferation of DAB digital radios, DAB digital radio leads the way, claiming over 71.6% of digital listening, and over 40% of all listening.
From Digital Radio UK:

Media Broadcast continues nationwide DAB+ network expansion
15.05.2019 - Germany - Germany
James Kessel, Managing Director, Product Management at Media Broadcast discusses DAB+ and the future of radio, the company's continued expansion across Germany and the potential for the launch of a second nationwide DAB+ network in the near future.
From Meinungsbarometer:

IZT launches new wide-band receiver
WorldDAB Members News - 15.05.2019 - Innovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH IZT - Germany - Germany
The newly launched IZT R5010 is a wide-band receiver with a frequency range up to 6 GHz, up to 120 MHz instantaneous bandwidth and powerful internal signal processing.
From IZT:

DAB+ expansion in Arab States region
15.05.2019 - Tunisia - Tunisia
In line with the increased adoption of DAB+ across the MENA region, ASBU invites operators in the broadcast industry - equipment manufacturers, service and technology providers, integrators - to exhibit at this year's event taking place in Tunis.
From ASBU:

CSA publishes French national multiplex allocations
15.05.2019 - France - France
The French regulator has announced the metropolitan allocations for national DAB+ licences launching in 2020 - available here (110-116) and here (130-146).
From Legifrance: