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In-car hyrbid radio - how does it work?
02.04.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
The automotive manufacturer Audi was present at Radiodays Europe in Lausanne, showcasing RadioDNS technology and how it enables drivers to switch from DAB+ to FM to internet radio in a smooth and seamless way, enabling drivers to listen to their favourite radio stations while on the go.
From La Lettre Pro:

Digital radio listening in Norway on the rise reveals new WorldDAB report
02.04.2019 - Norway - Norway
WorldDAB has, as part of the Radio Days Europe conference in Lausanne, released a new report revealing how the switchover has impacted Norway’s radio listening. Amongst a number of key findings, the report indicates that total radio listening in 2019 is back to similar levels as achieved in 2016 before the digital switchover, and highlights that 86% of daily listeners now use DAB+, compared to only 55% in 2016.
From WorldDAB:

Radio France CEO reiterates DAB+ value at Radiodays Europe
WorldDAB Members News - 01.04.2019 - Radio France - France - France
Speaking on the opening day of Radiodays Europe in Lausanne, Radio France CEO Sibyle Veil stated that the deployment of DAB+ technology in Europe was good news, touching on Radio France's investments in terrestrial broadcast, and confirming that all channels of Radio France would soon be available on the network.
From Radiodays Europe:

DAB+ frequency changes in Rhein-Main and Südhessen
01.04.2019 - Germany - Germany
On April 2, the DAB + multiplex for the Rhine-Main area and southern Hesse will change from channel 11C to 12C. DAB+ listeners in that region must therefore carry out a rescan.
From Radio Woche:

WorldDAB launches committee to support DAB+ network deployments
01.04.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
WorldDAB has launched the Spectrum and Network Implementation Committee (SNIC) to support the implementation of DAB+ networks. The committee's first seminar will be taking place in Budapest on 22 May, in parallel with the MBT conference.
From La Lettre Pro:

Antenne Deutschland announces launch of second national multiplex
29.03.2019 - Germany - Germany
Antenne Deutschland has revealed its plans to launch the second nationwide DAB+ digital radio multiplex, in the fourth quarter of 2019. A trial is due to to be carried out during the consumer electronics show IFA, taking place at the start of September in Berlin.
From Media Broadcast:

Audi cars in the EU to include digital radio as standard from end of 2020
WorldDAB Members News - 29.03.2019 - AUDI AG - Germany - Germany
As part of a DAB+ event held in Germany in March, automotive manufacturer Audi announced that as of the end of 2020, all its car released in the European Union will be fitted with digital terrestrial capabilities as standard. This initiative is in compliance with the EECC regulation introduced at then end of 2018, which requires all new cars sold in Europe to include built-in digital radio capabilities.
From Computer Base:

Antenne Deutschland plans DAB+ expansion with second national mutliplex
29.03.2019 - Germany - Germany
The second national DAB+ multiplex is expected to start in October 2019, with 15 national radio stations set to go on air. The multiplex is due to be tested during the IFA electronics trade show taking place in Berlin in September.
From Media Broadcast:

DAB+ is the way forward says CEO of Radio France, Syvile Veil
WorldDAB Members News - 28.03.2019 - Radio France - France - France
At the start of March, the French regulator CSA announced its decision to grant Radio France with a licence to broadcast its six radio stations nationally on DAB+. This article touches on the potential of DAB+ and the reasons behind Radio France's investment in DAB+ digital radio as communicated by Radio France CEO Syvile Veil in an interview with Les Echos.
From WorldDAB:

WorldDAB to host DAB+ session at MedPi 2019, Paris
28.03.2019 - France - France
WorldDAB has announced it will run a DAB+ information workshop at the annual consumer distribution networks event - MedPi 2019 - taking place in Paris on 2-4 April 2019.The workshop, jointly organised by MedPi and WorldDAB, will take place on Wednesday 3 April at 16:00 CET, and will focus on the accelerated deployment of DAB+ digital radio in France and how retailers can benefit from new business opportunities represented by the growing DAB+ market.
From WorldDAB:

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