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  • Dab__growth_french_speaking_belgium

    DAB+ now the leading digital platform for radio in French speaking Belgium


    The latest figures from the Ipsos / survey carried out at the end of 2020 are clear: awareness and consumption of DAB+ is soaring. Digital platforms now represent a third of the listening volume, DAB+ is the leading digital platform for the first time, while listening on FM is down by 18%.

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  • Cf

    BBC research shows DAB is the most energy-efficient radio platform


    At last week’s General Assembly, the BBC’s Sustainability Data Scientist Chloe Fletcher presented the a BBC study comparing the energy footprint of BBC radio across AM, FM, DAB, IP and DTV radio services. The study found that DAB radio services have the lowest energy consumption per device hour.

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  • Sm

    DAB+ digital radio – the most affordable way to broadcast radio


    New research presented by Arqiva at IBC 2019 compares the costs for broadcast radio using FM, DAB+ and IP. FM is the most expensive distribution channel, at £0.00105 per hour. IP provided the second most expensive channel, costing £0.00047 per hour. DAB+ is the most affordable channel, at £0.00033 per hour.

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  • Adbd

    WorldDAB to hold DAB+ workshop at ABU DBS 2021


    Organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2021 will take place from April 5 to 8 and for the first time, the entire event will be held online in light of the ongoing global pandemic.

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  • Absabs

    Absolute Radio Network plans DAB+ expansion


    Leading digital network Absolute Radio Network recently announced plans to expand its portfolio with the addition of a new musical genre and increased DAB/DAB+ distribution. Bauer's Paul Sylvester, Content Director of the Absolute Radio Network, speaks to DRUK's Yvette Dore about this expansion.

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  • Bannerrr

    Creating a better listener experience in the car with broadcast and IP


    Yesterday, WorldDAB and the EBU brought together experts from the broadcast and automotive industries to discuss the future of radio in the car and how hybrid radio - with DAB+ at the heart of it - allows radio to stay relevant in the competitive entertainment world inside the connected car.

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