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  • Dabplus_asia_pacific_map

    WorldDAB APAC Technical Group to discuss emergency warning


    WorldDAB is inviting radio stakeholders from across the APAC region to attend next meeting of the WorldDAB Asia Pacific Technical Group taking place on 14 July

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  • Mbttt

    MBT conference – focus on DAB+


    The MBT session on the future of terrestrial broadcasting touched on how to run a successful DAB project from the perspective of network operators and broadcaster, as well as serving as an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences related to the deployment of commercial DAB+ services in southern Europe.

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  • Yvette_dore_druk_small_scale_dab

    Opportunities for local and community broadcasters on DAB+


    Small scale DAB is radically changing the radio landscape in the UK – it offers new opportunities for smaller commercial and community broadcasters to launch on DAB with reduced costs, and gives listeners access to more diverse and localised content.

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  • Voice

    Reducing driver distraction on the digital dash


    While touchscreens allow a wider range of information to be displayed to the driver, they can be tricky to use on the move. Voice lends itself perfectly to radio, enabling the implementation of new infotainment systems while reducing driver distraction.

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  • Mbt

    MBT webinar - what is the future of terrestrial broadcasting


    MBT has announced the launch of a webinar addressing the future of terrestrial broadcasting. Split across two sessions, the free webinar will take place on 19 May, and focus on digital radio and how to run a successful DAB+ project - from the business perspective of the network operator and from the broadcaster’s perspective.

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  • Adbd

    WorldDAB to hold DAB+ workshop at ABU DBS 2021


    Organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2021 will take place from April 5 to 8 and for the first time, the entire event will be held online in light of the ongoing global pandemic.

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