Association of Bulgarian Radio and Television Broadcasters - ABBRO

Abbro_logo The Association of Bulgarian Radio and Television Broadcasters – ABBRO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1997 and existing under the laws of The Republic of Bulgaria. ABRO is the most representative media organization in Bulgaria that brings together media service providers with all types of distribution - the largest national broadcasting televisions, the most popular television channels with cable and satellite distribution, the largest national and regional radio networks and many local operators. ABBRO aims to support and facilitate the development of commercial media service providers regarding their liner and non-linear media services, as well as to protect the professional interests if its members. In order to achieve its goals ABBRO represents its members before Bulgarian and foreign authorities, international organizations and private entities; negotiates and concludes framework agreements with third parties to protect the common interests of its members; implements and conducts research, educational and support programs and initiatives, organizes, co-organizes and participates in discussions, symposia, meetings, roundtables; organizes and conducts surveys, tests, drillings, expert assessments in the field of electronic media and broadcasting; and etc.