DAB+ test routes

WorldDAB has been working with the automotive industry to ensure the best possible DAB experience for the driver. Following work within the WorldDAB Receiver/Antenna Performance Taskforce, it has been decided that to help with DAB testing for cars in different markets, WorldDAB would - through its country contacts - make available some Test Routes from a number of different markets.

As each market in Europe is different, so is each Test Route. These Test Routes are being made available to help any company producing vehicles, antennas, equipment etc. to test their products and services on a route which shows different conditions for DAB. Within each Test Route, the conditions which the route tests are described.

Please note that when testing, you must allow for variations on the day and conditions which have not been foreseen by those producing the test route. WorldDAB and its members cannot be responsible for conditions which are out of our control. However, to report problems or note variations in the test route which may not be described within the test route documents, each test route has a dedicated contact who is responsible for answering questions and reporting any potential faults or issues in the network to the local operators.

The test routes currently available are:

United Kingdom



Further test routes will be added and it is possible to request specific test routes - to do so, please contact: testroutes@worlddab.org

If you are having issues with Service Following - including hard and soft linking - or would like to report a coverage problem while road testing in other markets, please contact the project office: rosemary.smith@worlddab.org.

We are working on a project to help solve problems of incorrect signalling by broadcasters, but can only do this if we are made aware of the source of the issue.

For more information on how to receive logos in the car, WorldDAB has also produced a Factsheet which can be found here.