Case studies


Small-scale DAB network - United Kingdom

Small-scale DAB uses advances in software and low-cost computer technology to provide a flexible and inexpensive approach to the terrestrial broadcast of digital radio services in relatively small geographic areas. The small scale DAB licensing process in the UK has enabled hundreds of new local digital radio stations to start broadcasting on DAB.

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Regional DAB+ network - Australia

Australia first launched DAB+ in 2009 by starting with the five main metro cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. In 2020, commercial DAB+ only stations attracted nearly 1.6 million listeners, an increase of 13% or 180,000 people compared to 2019. DAB+ coverage is now extending beyond the metro areas, with the expansion of regional DAB+ coverage now underway.

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National DAB+ network - Germany

Germany launched its first national multiplex in 2016, adding a second national multiplex in October 2020 dedicated to commercial radio only. In addition to the two national muxes, there are 49 regional and 8 local multiplexes on air. DAB+ digital radio now reaches 83.8 million people - 98% of the population.

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