Ecarx_newlogo ECARX is transforming vehicles into seamlessly integrated information, communications and transportation devices. It is shaping the interaction between people and cars by rapidly advancing the technology at the heart of smart mobility. ECARX's current core products include vehicle chip-sets, 5G-powered intelligent cockpits and intelligent driving sensors. Beyond this ECARX is developing a full-stack automotive computing platform. Over the last three years, ECARX's technology has been integrated into more than 3.2 million cars worldwide. ECARX was founded in 2017 and has since grown to over 2,000 team members, with facilities in China and Europe. The founders are two automotive entrepreneurs, Ziyu Shen and Eric Li. Mr Li also founded Geely Holding Group which also includes international brands such as Lotus Cars, Lynk & Co, Polestar and Volvo Cars. Developing the future, globally We’re leading the intelligent transformation of the auto industry, creating rapidly advancing smart mobility that seamlessly integrates user and car. And we’re growing fast – in the past five years we’ve recruited over 2,000 colleagues to our facilities across China and Europe. If you want to envisage, design, develop and co-create the tech that will underpin millions of cars across multiple global brands, join our team. We aim high and move fast and can help your career do the same. Our global reach Established in Shanghai in 2017, by Ziyu Shen and founder of Geely Holding Group, Eric Li, ECARX grew quickly, developing an intelligent connected cockpit system and other technology that is now integrated into over 3.2 million cars worldwide. Operating independently but benefiting from strong ties with Geely, ECARX integrates its operations across China and Europe to create software and hardware for global brands. We are growing our international operations around the globe. Collaborating for strength and speed Partnering with established players allows us to speed up technology development, improve cost efficiency and ultimately, bring our tech to end-users faster. In 2021 we took a 15 per cent stake in Zenseact, an independent subsidiary of Volvo Car Group, developing leading autonomous driving technology. We also set up Halytek, a joint venture with Volvo Cars, developing software for infotainment systems including navigation, media, voice assistants and other services.