DAB+ Receiver Performance Calculator

Overview and added value                                                                                                  

The WorldDAB Automotive Working Group brings together the broadcast and automotive industries to ensure the best possible DAB+ digital radio experience for the listener. With this in mind, WorldDAB and its members have created a DAB+ Receiver Performance Calculator as a reference model and showcase to calculate antenna performance for all DAB+ aftermarket receivers and antennas.           

The WorldDAB toolbox of WorldDAB Receiver Performance guidelines, calculators and test routes provide the best support for the OEM and aftermarket industries. WorldDAB members can learn which parameters are relevant to receiver sensitivity and how they influence receiver performance. For any specific design, it is easy to see when a system is overloaded or what happens with the minimum useful field strength. Some of the lessons learned from this calculator have been put into the WorldDAB Receiver Performance guidelines - this toolkit provides support to the industry to avoid poor designs.

Uses for the DAB+ Receiver Performance Calculator

  • provides awareness for large signal handling and receiver sensitivity
  • allows understanding of which parameters are relevant
  • allows assessment of specific designs
  • allows understanding of why pairing of antenna and receiver is relevant

DAB+ Receiver Performance Reference model

  • depicts subsystems and interfaces relevant for receiver performance
  • describes relevant parameters per subsystem
  • allows learning of how to be compliant for large and low signals

Technical information included with the DAB+ Receiver Performance Reference Model:

  • Standards ETSI TS 103 461 and IEC EN 62104 describes relevant parameters and performance criteria per subsystem
  • Large Signal Handling - Examples for Large Signal Handling according EN 62104
  • Receiver Sensitivity - Examples for receiver sensitivity with same configurations as calculation according ETSI TS 103 461
  • The calculator can be adapted for individual cases to learn "what if" and about optimal configuration of DAB receiver systems
  • For too large, as well as for too low signals, the reference calculations will both react with marking relevant fields in red.

The calculator is one of the many benefits of WorldDAB membership.

It's available to WorldDAB members in the members area of the website