WorldDAB ETI library

The WorldDAB ETI library is an online collection of ETI - Ensemble Transport Interface - files containing  samples of live on-air ensembles from different countries. The files represent a wide range of sources, companies, and geographic coverage and provide a real-world representation of what is actually happening in practice.

The library contains ETI files configured with multiplexing equipment from specific manufacturers, as well as test files for demonstration and testing purposes. Users of the files have access also to the body of expertise and advice from the community of WorldDAB members.

Benefits to manufacturers
The WorldDAB ETI library assists receiver manufacturers in testing their products ensuring they include a minimum set of function requirements, making them compatible on a pan-European and worldwide basis, as well as with relevant national or regional legislation and directives.  

Benefits to broadcasters
Broadcasters use the ETI files to check their own transmissions for conformity, further reducing the risk of inconsistent reception that could arise from complex configuration of the digital broadcasting systems, ensuring receivers work to their optimum performance.

Access to the WorldDAB ETI library is restricted to members of WorldDAB. 


Acess the ETI Library