2wcom Systems GmbH


2wcom is a leading manufacturer, supplier and system integrator of professional audio broadcast equipment. The solutions are designed for studio-to-studio, studio-to-transmitter links, and the increasing multimedia tasks. Whether hardware or server software to run on VM, box or in the cloud, the individual scalability of all components ensures flexibility in applications and high compatibility. All products and services are designed for 24/7 operation and include various features to ensure transmission robustness.

The company supports the ongoing DAB+ deployments in the world with several products and was the responsible system integrator for the first nation-wide DAB rollout in Norway.

Well known products used in different European projects are:

- FlexNsert an SFN capable ETI/ EDI to IP-TS/ASI or EDI converter

- FlexXtract a DVB-S/S2, IP satellite receiver with ETI or EDI output

A new additional product is the DAB-4c high density converter which offers additional options such as PFT Dual streaming, ETI mirroring or an optional integrable DAB tuner. Besides the 1 HU hardware the device is also available for EDI streaming in a virtualized version. The DAB-4c allows to operate DAB in expanded networks including EDI and ETI multiplexers as sources. It’s possible to operate legacy ETI and EDI transmitters in parallel or operating DAB in already existing infrastructures originally not intended for DAB – e.g. DVB-S/S2 or ASI.

Moreover, the IP-4c codec and the Moin Multimedia over IP Network server software give flexibility in network design while DAB deployment in existing infrastructures.

The IP-4c codec and the Moin Multimedia over IP Network server enable the distribution of audio from the studio sites and transfer the audio to the DAB multiplexer headend. Studios are able to use the compact 1 HU IP-4c and the Moin Server can collect hundreds of audio channels to sort and hand them over to the DAB multiplexer.

Werner Drews (CEO) expresses the company philosophy and passion: “We would like to contribute to the success of our customers by not only providing them with high-quality, versatile and highly reliable products but also offer the best possible support and advice. Right now, we have to deal with particularly interesting challenges regarding broadcast technologies. Harmonization of old and new transmission technologies is crucial and hybrid solutions are mandatory for audio contribution and distribution to guarantee 24/7 transmission and best coverage. We want to be a leader in this field and therefore contribute to the next generation of broadcast technology”. Worldwide customers of 2wcom do benefit from our long-time experience, competence, first-class customer service and quality "Made-in-Germany". The 2wcom headquarter is located in Flensburg (Northern Germany) and acts as the base of our global dealer network.