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Sound Radio to launch on DAB in Liverpool as small-scale multiplex turns on
01.11.2023 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
A new station called Sound Radio is launching in Liverpool on the new small-scale DAB service for the city. Sound Radio Liverpool starts on Wednesday 1st November at 8am with breakfast presenter Mike Peters. Other stations on the new multiplex include Love 80s, Dune Radio, Panacea Soul and Zest Liverpool.

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DAB+: FG now present in over 100 towns and cities
31.10.2023 - France France
Radio FG has started broadcasting its programming on DAB+ in Vichy and Montluçon. FG DJ Radio now has 101 transmitters covering as many towns. Maison FG offers a package of 4 radio stations on DAB+. "The deployment and audience for DAB+ is accelerating rapidly in France, and FG has been supporting the roll-out of this new broadcast medium from the outset. DAB+ makes it possible to listen to digital terrestrial radio stations free of charge with HD digital sound," says the company headed by Antoine Baduel.

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DAB: Ado and Oüi FM arrive in Vichy and Montluçon
30.10.2023 - France France
As DAB+ continues to roll out across France, coverage this summer passed the symbolic milestone of 50% of the country's population. After Bayonne, Nancy, Metz and Pau, it's now the turn of Vichy (since 24 October) and Montluçon (since 26 October) to have access to DAB+ and to discover ADO, "the legendary Hip-Hop and R'n'B radio station" and OÜI FM, "the only French rock radio station".

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Bauer applies for 17 DAB+ licences in Copenhagen
30.10.2023 - Denmark Denmark
The Danish Radio and Television Board has published a list of companies that have applied for licences for the third and the brand new fourth DAB+ network in Denmark. There is room for up to 32 licences in each of the 13 broadcasting areas. In the East and North Zealand area, which includes Copenhagen, Bauer has submitted 17 applications, Jysk Fynske Medier ten and Sjællandske Medier two. A total of 29 applications have been submitted in the metropolitan area, meaning that anyone can get a licence. Today, Bauer has eight licences in East and North Zealand, while JFM has four and Sjællandske Medier two.

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DAB+ station almost doubles its number of listeners
28.10.2023 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
A DAB+ radio station aimed at people born between 1946 and 1964 has become one of the fastest growing in the UK, with a sharp rise in younger listeners tuning in. Boom Radio, named after the baby boomer generation and broadcasting from its presenters’ bedrooms and garden sheds, has seen the number of under-50s rocking to its mix of Sixties and Seventies music more than double in the last year (up from 64,000 to 136,000) - making up 20 per cent of its overall listeners.

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Report: DAB+ digital radio - technical workshop
27.10.2023 - Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) WorldDAB Member - Arab States Broadcasting Union WorldDAB Member
The ABU Technical Review issue 295 reviews the recent Technical Workshop: "The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), in collaboration with the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and WorldDAB, jointly organised a Technical Workshop, from 18th to 20th July 2023, on DAB+ Digital Radio, focussing on the latest developments for DAB+ systems. The workshop aimed to provide broadcasters and other media professionals with an update on the most recent DAB+ advancements. Over three days, it was run as a webinar series and centred on various aspects, including the business case for DAB+, technical updates, system features, headend systems and transmission, and the intricacies of building out the DAB+ network."

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Mimit expects last nine calls for DAB+ network operators in third week of November
27.10.2023 - Italy Italy
In a notice published on its website on 27 October, Mimit announced that, during the third week of November, it intends to proceed with the publication of calls for expressions of interest for the assignment of rights to use frequencies for the terrestrial digital radio broadcasting service under the PNAF-DAB for the catchment areas: Trento; Bolzano; Veneto; Friuli V.G.; Abruzzo; Molise; Apulia; Basilicata; and Calabria.

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ASBU-EBU Tech Week focuses on best practices on production, content exchange and distribution
27.10.2023 - Arab States Broadcasting Union WorldDAB Member - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) WorldDAB Member
The annual ASBU–EBU Week of Technology has seen the continuation of long-standing cooperation between European broadcasters and their peers in the Arab States Broadcasting Union. This week's gathering in Tunisia involved 20 speakers, over a two-day workshop, covering three technology domains: media production, media and news exchange, and media distribution. The EBU facilitated the involvement of 10 speakers at the event, with six experts from the Technology & Innovation departmant, along with representatives of VRT, BBC, SMPTE and WorldDAB. Walid Sami and Bram Tullemans of the EBU were physically present in Tunis. The workshop also featured talks from representatives of several industry vendors and other organisations. WorldDAB's Will Jackson spoke at the event in Tunis, on how DAB+ is the firm foundation for broadcast radio.

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Date set for new DAB digital radio multiplex launching in Liverpool
27.10.2023 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Liverpool DAB is set to turn on the new small-scale DAB transmitter for the city on November 1st 2023. The mux owners are looking for radio stations to join the service, saying it will reach nearly one million people locally. “We’re thrilled to be launching the Liverpool DAB multiplex,” said director David Duffy. “We believe this represents another major milestone for the UK digital radio industry, and we’re looking forward to bringing an ever-expanding range of radio services to the people of Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area.”

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Montluçon: Two new radio stations set up in the area
27.10.2023 - France France
New DAB+ radio stations are coming to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. OÜI FM, France's only rock radio station, and ADO, the legendary hip-hop radio station, have been added to the radio landscape in Vichy (from 24 October) and Montluçon (from 26 October). This is a major first for the residents of these two towns, who will be able to discover new musical genres. This launch is part of the roll-out of DAB+, whose coverage has passed the symbolic milestone of 50% of the French population.

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