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New licences for 38 local radio and regional television stations
11.01.2024 - OFCOM Switzerland WorldDAB Member - Switzerland Switzerland
The Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) has issued 38 licences to local radio and regional television stations for the period 2025 to 2034. In the "Overview of licence holders", it notes: "In contrast to the current broadcasting licences, from 2025 onwards only licences giving entitlement to a share of the licence fee will continue to be granted. With digital broadcasting via DAB+, frequencies are no longer a scarce resource, as was the case with FM broadcasting. From now on, local commercial radio stations in urban areas and the Swiss Plateau which had a licence not giving entitlement to a quota will only have to register with the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), and will no longer have to fulfil a performance mandate."

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Teleko: We are planning new DAB+ transmitters, especially in difficult areas
11.01.2024 - Czechia Czechia
Teleko digital from Příbram is one of the eight operators that are winners in the auction of frequencies for the operation of DAB+ multiplexes of commercial radio stations. The company's boss, Tomáš Řapek, told the Digital Radio portal that the move was very beneficial. "I would like to congratulate the other participants in the DAB radio frequency auction on their gains and I wish that these private terrestrial DAB networks will suitably complement the DAB multiplex offer of the public Czech Radio. I am glad that our almost 20 years of efforts to introduce this modern technology in our country are coming to fruition and that we are not lagging behind those European countries where the digital radio broadcasting system is already fully established," Řapek said.

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Radio DOC now in Palermo and Catania on DAB+
11.01.2024 - Italy Italy
Radio DOC is now also available on DAB in Palermo and Catania. The station says "The year 2024 starts with great news for the Radio DOC family: one more step into the digital revolution, which will bring us new services and a wider editorial offer in the coming months. In Sicily, DAB and DAB+ radios represent an enormous opportunity for the broadcasting of music, information and advertising content, in high quality. Radio DOC strongly believes in these channels and is ready to spread its voice and music around our beautiful region!"

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Starring in series on Primě, now preparing a digital radio multiplex
10.01.2024 - Czechia Czechia
One of the winners of the auction of frequencies for the DAB+ digital radio network, GG Omikron, is not opposed to renting transmission sites and towers as well as the transmission equipment itself. This is one of the lesser-known bidders in the tender, backed by the family holding Greativity Group of businessman Jan Vyskocil, who has also appeared as a cameo actor in several TV series, mainly on Primě TV. In the auction, the company managed to obtain frequencies for Prague, part of the Moravian-Silesian and South Moravian regions. "One of the parameters of our auction strategy was to cover population-heavy territories at a reasonable price per frequency allocation. In my opinion, this was successful," Jan Vyskocil told Médiáři.

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17 new DAB+ sites in Poland from January
09.01.2024 - Poland Poland
The process of extending the coverage of the Polish Radio DAB+ multiplex is underway. Since the New Year, residents of further locations have gained access to digital radio. "Since 1 January we have added 17 new transmitters, and by the end of January we are planning a further five," Agnieszka Sobucka, director of the marketing and communications office and spokesperson for Emitel, tells The multiplex includes: Jedynka, Dwójka, Trójka, Czwórka, Polskie Radio 24, Polskie Radio Chopin, Polskie Radio Kierowców, Polskie Radio Dzieciom, Polskie Radio dla Ukrainy, regional radio stations and their specialist channels.

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Xperi releases new report, “From In-Vehicle Entertainment to Integrated In-Cabin Experience”
08.01.2024 - Xperi Corporation WorldDAB Member
DTS, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of entertainment technology company Xperi Inc., today released a new automotive report, “From In-Vehicle Entertainment to Integrated In-Cabin Experience.” The report reveals that the personal vehicle is rivaling or outpacing other personal third spaces, which refers to a physical or virtual environment where one can relax or unwind. Of those who say in-vehicle entertainment is important: 81% say it is important to have a broad range of content (local radio, streaming, podcasts, audio books, etc.), and to be able to access relevant, easily ‘discoverable’ content (i.e., recommended in the dashboard) without looking for it. Two-thirds say it is important that the content is enhanced with rich visual/textual information (i.e., album cover images, biographical info) about the artist and song listened to.

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French community government in Belgium calls for tenders for last DAB+ community network
08.01.2024 - Belgium Belgium
On 20 December, the General Audiovisual and Media Service (SGAM) published a government order launching a call for tenders for the last DAB+ community network that had not been awarded in the 2019 global call for tenders. Applicants for this frequency network will have until 15 March 2024 to submit their applications to the CSA. All the information and documents needed for the authorisation procedure will be available in January 2024 on the website. The call for tenders is for one DAB+ network (C11) which covers Brussels and Wallonia.

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Global launches new Smooth Relax station on DAB+
08.01.2024 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Smooth Radio, from Global, today (Monday, 8 January) announced a brand new radio station, Smooth Relax, dedicated to “Your Relaxing Music Mix”. Smooth Relax joins sister stations Smooth, Smooth Chill and Smooth Country on DAB Digital Radio across the UK, on Global Player – the official Smooth app – and at as well as on smart speakers. The launch of Smooth Relax follows the massive growth seen by Smooth Radio, which has 6.2 million weekly listeners*, including its sister stations Smooth Chill and Smooth Country, which have nearly 1 million weekly listeners between them.

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Candlelight Radio now also on DAB+
08.01.2024 - Netherlands Netherlands
The radio station Candlelight Radio has recently started to be heard in part of the Netherlands via DAB+. DJ Jan van Veen has had his own online radio station Candlelight Radio for several years. The online radio station is derived from the radio programme Candlelight, in which poems are read from listeners by Van Veen. The programme has a long history on Dutch radio. In the Almere region, Candlelight Radio can now also be heard via DAB+ on channel 10C.

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Broadcast Services plans DAB+ transmitters in Prague, Brno and other major cities
08.01.2024 - Czechia Czechia
Broadcast Services will begin construction of transmission sites for its regional digital radio networks as soon as possible. It has won five blocks in the frequency auction and will cover the largest cities first. "The frequency allocations obtained on the basis of the auction results will allow us to start preparing the implementation of DAB+ broadcasting networks for the Prague, Central Bohemia, Pardubice, Vysočina, South Moravia, Zlín, Olomouc and Moravia-Silesia regions as soon as possible. First we will start the construction of broadcasting sites in the largest cities: in Prague, Brno, Olomouc and Ostrava, and then in other regions," said Jakub Juhas, Executive Director.

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