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Broadcasters must be at the heart of radio’s dashboard development
23.06.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
As the broadcast and automotive sectors emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic into a difficult economic climate, collaboration between car manufacturers and technology suppliers is essential to improve the radio experience in connected cars.

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DAB+ network expands in Bavaria
23.06.2020 - Bayerischer Rundfunk WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
Bayerischer Rundfunk is continuing to expand the DAB+ network in Bavaria, with the number of transmitters in the state - currently at 66 - expected to reach 74 locations by the end of 2020. The DAB+ offering in the region is also set to increase with new stations launching in July 2020.

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Nation Broadcasting to offer free DAB+ slots for community radio
23.06.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Nation Broadcasting is planning to offer a free place for community radio stations on any future small scale multiplexes it might own. It is also offering a service to provide multiplex management and technical services to those wanting to operate their own multiplex. All licenced Ofcom community radio stations and small, independent commercial stations are encouraged to register their interest and discuss how they can benefit from the offer.

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Call for tenders launched in Berlin
22.06.2020 - Germany Germany
The media regulator for the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region has launched a call for tenders for broadcasters wishing to acquire a DAB+ licence. The deadline for interested parties to submit their applications is Friday 17 July 2020.

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Former pirate Release Radio goes legal with DAB+ licence
21.06.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Former pirate station Release FM has started broadcasting legally on DAB digital radio. Release Radio, now holders of an Ofcom licence, can be heard in parts of London, Surrey and Berkshire.

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WorldDAB member focus - GatesAir
19.06.2020 - WorldDAB News - GatesAir WorldDAB Member - United States United States
GatesAir leverages broadcast spectrum to maximize performance for multichannel TV and radio services to help broadcasters wirelessly deliver and monetize content. The company's turnkey solutions are built on three pillars: TV transmission, radio transmission and content transport.

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DAB+ offering expands in Czech Republic
17.06.2020 - Ceske Radiokomunikace a.s. WorldDAB Member - Czech Republic Czech Republic
Czech Republic's DAB+ offering continues to expand with the launch of a new DAB+ station. Starting from today, Radio Beat will be available to DAB+ listeners in the regions of Prague, Pilsen and Ostrava, bringing the number of DAB+ stations on the multiplex of network operator and WorldDAB member Ceske Radiokomunikace to 13.

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Specialist station Pie Radio joins SSDAB in Manchester
17.06.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Manchester specialist station Pie Radio, whose aim is to develop presenters through a series of training and development with industry professionals, has launched on DAB following four years of being online. According to the Pie Radio's manager, DAB will help more listeners interact with the station.

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WorldDAB member focus - Radioplayer
17.06.2020 - WorldDAB News - Radioplayer WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
WorldDAB member Radioplayer partners with car manufacturers to help create world-class hybrid radio (DAB+, FM and IP) user experiences. The non-profit organisation, whose main focus is on keeping radio strong in car dashboards, currently represent broadcasters in 12 countries across Europe and North America.

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Polish radio to prioritise DAB+ network expansion in coming years
16.06.2020 - Poland Poland
Polish Radio has outlined its plans to expand the DAB+ network in Poland and cover most of the country with DAB+ reception in the next four years. As part of the public broadcaster's upcoming plans, DAB+ reception is set to cover 80% of the population and 61% of the territory by September 2023.

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