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The UK industry measurement survey, RAJAR, which uses some elements of face to face recruitment in its methodology, was suspended after Q1 2020 due to Covid restrictions. Plans are in progress for a new methodology and measurement will be resumed in due course.  

DAB+ listening

In the UK, 40% of all listening is done on DAB+ (Q1 2020)

Small-scale DAB

In February 2021, Ofcom announced the first ever awards of small-scale radio multiplex licences. Following a competitive process, where each applicant was judged against specific criteria, licences were awarded in five areas - Derry/Londonderry to Foyle DAB Limited; Glasgow to Nation Digital Investments Limited; Salisbury to Muxcast One Limited; Tynemouth & South Shields to Mux One Limited; Welsh Valleys to GTFM (South Wales) Limited.

The Ofcom small-scale programme is extensive and will potentially see the launch of up to 200 small-scale multiplexes throughout the UK over an extended period of 10 years 



  • Digital listening share has increased to a new record of 58.6% in Q1 2020, up from 56.4% in Q1 2019 - representing a 4% growth in share percentage
  • Digital reach is also at a new record with 36.9 million adults, or 67% of the population, tuning in via a digital platform, up from 36.3m in Q1 2019


  • Listening via DAB now accounts for 40% of all listening and 69% of digital listening, while listening via DTV now accounts for 4% of all listening and 8% of digital listening (Q1 2020)
  • Digital listening in car maintained the new record set in the last quarter at 44.5% of all in car listening and growing by 5.5million hours or 5.5% year on year (Q1 2020)
  • With 95% of new cars now coming with DAB as standard (Source: Q4 2019, CAP/SMMT), the majority of in car growth was to DAB which increased by 14 million hours or 15.6% (Q4 2019)


Bayerischer Rundfunk, 

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Current UK population coverage is: 

  • 98% for national BBC stations
  • 91.5% for national commercial stations. National commercial stations launched across Northern Ireland for the first time in summer 2013
  • 91% local DAB coverage

DAB coverage expansion

  • A major two-year programme of DAB coverage build out has completed and included doubling the number of local DAB transmitters (around 200 new transmitters) to get local DAB to FM equivalence, over 162 new transmitters for the BBC national network to expand it from 95% population coverage to 97%, and more transmitters for the national commercial network, Digital One.
  • The launch of 435 new national and local DAB transmitters bring 10 million more adults into coverage for local DAB stations and 1.5 million more adults into coverage for BBC national DAB stations.
  • This build-out programme focused on the UK’s major road network and the local DAB expansion alone brings 7,000 kilometres of the UK road network into coverage for local DAB stations and 2,300 kilometres of roads for the BBC national DAB stations.
  • As the new digital transmitters became operational Digital Radio UK updated the consumer facing postcode checker on the Digital Radio UK website

Second National DAB Multiplex - Digital Two

UK media regulator Ofcom accepted the Sound Digital consortium's bid to run the new Digital Two national commercial DAB network. The consortium is made up of Bauer Media Group, UTV Media and Arqiva (who own and run Digital One). The second national DAB digital radio multiplex sits alongside the existing Digital One network, and all the local digital radio platforms that currently operate. Digital Two features an additional 15-18 new DAB stations with potentially up to 30% of the network using DAB+. The new digital-only stations launched in early 2016. The launch of the new digital radio stations and the Digital Two network will significantly increase demand for DAB digital radios.

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In this country there are

on air.

Please note:

(a)    These web pages are updated regularly to reflect current services on air, however they may not be exactly up to date.

(b)    The logos shown on these pages are for illustrative purposes only – manufacturers and broadcasters are directed here for information on implementing station logos.

Total number of DAB/DAB+ services on air
1.            DAB simulcast 335
2.            DAB exclusive 160
3.            DAB+ simulcast 9
4.            DAB+ exclusive 47

Additionally, approx. 122 local DAB and DAB+ stations are operating as part of Ofcom’s small-scale DAB mini-muxes trial in 10 cities.




Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB programmes 335 160 495
DAB+ programmes 9 47 56

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In the UK, 94% of new cars sold are factory-fitted with DAB+.


2019 was a record year for DAB in new vehicles in the UK, with 2.38 million new cars and commercial vehicles hitting the road fitted with DAB digital radio as standard.

For the full year of 2019 there were 2.15 million new cars and 232,600 new commercial vehicles fitted with DAB as standard.

In Q1 2020, digital listening in car maintained the new record set in the last quarter at 44.5% of all in car listening and growing by 5.5million hours or 5.5% year on year.


EECC implementation

Following the launch of a consultation on behalf of the Department for Transport, in August 2020 the necessary legal regulations were approved by Parliament to support the mandating of the fitment of digital radio in passenger vehicles in the UK.

The Road Vehicles (Approval) Regulations 2020 were laid before  Parliament on 7th August 2020 and the Order comes into force on 1st September 2020.

This implements the provisions in Article 113 of EU Directive 2018/1972 (the European Electronic Communications Code (“EECC”)) covering the compulsory fitment of digital radio in passenger vehicles, meaning cars and buses (see regulation 22). The requirement comes into effect from 21 December 2020. 

 More information is available here


Service Following

Arqiva, Global Radio, Bauer and Digital Radio UK have pioneered the launch of service following in the UK. Service following is part of the Digital Radio Tick Mark minimum specifications and is present for Global Radio on all ensembles carrying Global's services – Capital, Heart, XFM, Gold and Classic FM, and for Bauer on all ensembles carrying Hits Radio. This offers drivers an uninterrupted listening experience as they move out of one ensemble carrying these services and into another. DRUK and broadcasters have specified a test route for anyone wishing to test service following on receivers and for  more information on this or the Tick Mark, contact Yvette Dore, Communications Director, Digital Radio UK at yvette.dore@digitalradiouk.com

AA Member Research: digital radio satisfaction high in car

  • The AA fielded a piece of online research into digital radio in cars and received a creditable 29,000 responses.
  • The survey found that 91% of drivers listen to broadcast radio in their car, 22% of all drivers have digital radio in their car and 86% of drivers were highly satisfied with their digital radio.
  • Most drivers without digital radio were not considering buying an adapter but were either waiting to buy a new car or for the switch-off of the FM services.
  • There is clear price resistance to buying car adapters. 53% of drivers without digital radio would consider buying a car adapter, but only if the price was under £100. 4% would pay over £100 and 43% would not buy an adapter.
  • 51% of drivers were aware of radio switchover. Internal research conducted by broadcasters indicates that most people think radio switchover will happen in the next 5-10 years.
  • The research confirms the high level of consumer satisfaction with digital radio in cars and highlights the importance of having more affordable adapters available.

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In the UK, cumulative DAB/DAB+ receiver sales in H12020 stood at 44,905,000 (including line fit automotive).

Digital radios are available through a large number of high street and online retails at varying price points of GBP20 upwards. A variety of digital radios can be viewed on the Digital Radio UK website.


In June 2014 Digital Radio UK launched the Government/Industry Digital Radio Tick Mark. The ”Tick Mark” managed by Digital Radio UK on behalf of industry, provides consumers with certainty and reassurance that the products and services that they are buying are future-ready and will enable them to receive the available DAB, DAB+ and FM radio stations. From a supply chain perspective, the Tick Mark ensures a specified quality and functionality threshold and will likely drive sales in the UK. 

The Tick Mark is relevant for both the domestic (home) and in-vehicle markets. In order to be granted use of the Tick Mark, manufacturers and installers must meet specific criteria. In terms of the in-vehicle market, for example, service following and traffic announcements are included as part of the minimum specification. For all information on the Tick Markplease see here:www.getdigitalradio.com/industry.

The full list of Tick Mark approved products and services can be found at http://www.getdigitalradio.com/industry/approved-products-services/approved-dab-receiver/ 



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In 2014 the BBC announced that they carried out a technical trial for DAB+ in Scotland.

Small-scale low cost DAB

The UK has several hundred small-scale FM and AM stations.  While the existing DAB infrastructure is suitable for larger stations, the wide area coverage and relatively high costs of the existing country-wide structure are not suited to the needs of small-scale broadcasters.  Following an initial trial carried out in Brighton during 2012/13, Ofcom was granted funding by the UK Department for Culture Media and Sport to test the technical scope for small-scale low cost DAB. 60 stations are now broadcasting on digital radio for the first time using 'small scale DAB'. 

Ofcom is currently running DAB technical trials in ten areas across the UK. The first small scale digital radio took to the air in Brighton in July 2015 with the UK’s first local DAB multiplex. According to Ofcom, if the trials are successful, UK listeners could benefit from hundreds more local and community radio stations on digital radio in the future.

The trials bring radio listeners a range of small and local stations on DAB digital radio for the first time. Funded by the UK government, it is hoped that this new approach could provide an affordable route for smaller stations to broadcast on DAB digital radio.

The first trial launched in Brighton and Hove at the end of July 2015 and the remaining eight launched shortly after. They were originally to broadcast for a nine month period and then Ofcom worked with Government to decide the next steps and the trial were extended for two years.

The areas to benefit from the ten licences are Portsmouth, Brighton and Hove, Aldershot, Bristol, Norfolk, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Cambridge, bringing no less than 60 new DAB stations offering a wide variety of services including small local, community and student stations.

Please find below a list of stations available in each of the trial areas:

ANGELxtra, Express FM, JAMM Radio, Mango Vibe, The Flash and Triple Hits 

BFBS Radio, BFBS Gurkha, Radio Woking and The Breeze 

Brighton & Hove 
Radio, bringing Juice 107.2, Radio Reverb, Smile Sussex, Totallyradio, Resonance and Brighton City Student Radio

Hub Radio, BFBS Gurkha, Ujima Radio, BSR 103.4fm, BCfm 93.2, Somer Valley Radio, The Breeze and BFBS Radio 

Future Radio, Norwich 99.9, The Music Machine, Solar Radio, Jazz FM, Totallyradio and Future Plus 

Panjab Radio, Revolution 96.2, Manchester Business Radio, The Steve Penk Wind-Up Channel, Chris Country and Gaydio 

Switch Radio, bringing Switch Radio, Scratch Radio, Gaydio, Oak FM and Touch FM 

Your Radio, Celtic Music Radio, Pulse FM and Go Radio 

Resonance, London Greek Radio, Rinse FM, NuSound Radio, Reprezent, Solar Radio and Crackers Radio

Star Radio, Gaydio, Chris Country, Core Radio and Cambridge 105 

Small scale DAB expansion

  • There are currently over 90 (see image right) small commercial and community stations broadcasting in the 10 trial areas of the Ofcom small-scale DAB trials which have been extended by 2 years.
  • Angel Radio announced a further expansion to the number of stations on the Portsmouth DAB Mini-mux to 18 with more than half of the stations (10) broadcasting in DAB+. There are 15 stations broadcasting in the Manchester trial and Niocast have a waiting list and are planning to launch additional services.
  • DCMS are progressing plans for a new licencing framework to support the extension of the existing trials and expansion to other areas across the UK.
Small-scale DAB licencing consultation 

In January 2018, DCMS published the small-scale DAB consultation document (consultation document here), accompanied by a press release headed ‘Government to help commercial and community radio to go digital.’ (press release here). 

The press release highlights the progress made by digital radio and the opportunity offered by small-scale technology to enable hundreds of local commercial and community stations to broadcast on DAB for the first time.

The consultation ran for 8 weeks from 4 January to 28 February 2018 and covered 12 key questions relating to community stations and digital licences, ownership of small scale radio multiplexes, the size of the multiplex area, the duration of the licences, BBC access to small-scale DAB and Ofcom’s duty to consider local commercial impacts on local multiplexes.

DCMS have said that their aim is to have new licensing arrangements in place by the end of the year. It is likely that during this period they will take measures to extend the existing trial area small-scale multiplexes whose licences expire in the first half of 2018.

In July 2018 Ofcom announced that they would be taking expressions of interest from people wanting to operate small-scale DAB multiplexes and radio stations wanting to broadcast on them in the future.  The closing date for the submission of expressions of interest is 21 September 2018.

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Digital Radio Switchover

The UK radio industry is committed to a digital future for radio and is working towards a Digital Radio Switchover. 

Government criteria for setting a date for digital radio switchover are:

  • Digital listening share to reach 50% of all listening hours (criteria met Q1 2018)

  • When local commercial and national DAB coverage reaches FM equivalence (criteria met)

Digital Radio and Audio review

The UK government has also kicked-off a digital radio and audio review, which will examine future trends and consider how radio should adapt to changing listening habits. This review is planned to complete in March 2021.

Small-scale DAB

Ofcom reinforce that the primary focus of the programme is to enable community stations , small commercial stations and new entrants to have an affordable pathway to terrestrial digital radio. That is the priority for the use of available DAB spectrum but Ofcom have said that later in the programme they will consider the requirement and opportunity for additional local DAB  multiplexes where there is evidence of demand and spectrum availability . The criteria Ofcom have set for the small scale multiplexes and their services is the consumer benefits of social gain, and local community accountability and participation. Ofcom have confirmed that to be eligible for the new Community Digital Social Programme ( C-DSP) licenses the services will have to have studios based in the coverage area .They have stipulated a minimum of three C-DSP services on each multiplex to be community radio stations . Ofcom decided to maintain their position that coverage of the small-scale multiplexes should not exceed 40% of the population of the given area.

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2020 campaign

Digital Radio UK, the organisation charged with overseeing the promotion of digital radio in the UK, launched a major campaign in summer 2020 called 'Radio's Digital Revolution'.  The campaign is aimed at helping retailers and manufacturers communicate to consumers and listeners  about digital radio.  

2018 campaigns

Ads have been playing across commercial stations since the end of May, with trails also playing across BBC national and local stations for two weeks in June. The campaign has highlighted offers on DAB digital radios at UK retailers, promoted the summer’s great sports and music content, and communicated the many ways to listen to digital radio including smartphone and voice-controlled speaker.

Northern Ireland promotion

Digital Radio UK is partnering with broadcasters and retailers in Northern Ireland to run a coordinated promotional campaign for digital radio including converting cars to digital. The campaign will focus on localised communications, including on-air ads, competitions and editorial; as well as retail point-of-sale. The project is based on the recent Surrey Car Conversion Pilot and will focus on digital radio devices for the home and car.

2017 Christmas campaign

Digital Radio UK worked with the BBC to create the campaign which is focused on gifting and recalls the familiar poem ‘T’was the night before Christmas’ to reveal a ‘world of digital radio lay under the tree’. The campaign highlights the many ways to give the gift of digital radio such as connected and voice-controlled speakers, as well as a DAB digital radio, and the commercial activity also includes an in-car gifting message.  This phase of the campaign will play on commercial stations from 4 – 24 December, and across BBC stations from 11 – 24 December 2017. Listen to the campaign here.

UK hospital submits application for small-scale DAB multiplex
28.07.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Wrightington Hospital Radio has recognised its community of interest goes beyond the hospitals themselves, as outpatient services have expanded significantly over the years. Small scale DAB gives them an opportunity to broadcast to their wider community and develop their service not least in the provision of positive health messaging.

(RadioToday) Read more

Consultation launched on UK national commercial DAB mux licences
26.07.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
In his foreword the Government Minister highlighted the progress made with digital radio, now representing 58.6% of radio listening, and DAB accounting for over 40% of radio listening. Three options for licensing of the two national DAB commercial multiplexes are laid out - the first is to let the current licences run through to 2023 and 2028 respectively and then re-advertise, whilst the second and third options are to give Ofcom powers to extend both licences to either 2030 or to 2035.

(www.gov.uk ) Read more

Exeter digital radio service to launch via two new transmitters
19.07.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
A local media company has been awarded a licence to establish a new DAB digital radio transmitter network for Exeter. ExeDab will now begin discussions to finalise its transmission plans to broadcast up to 25 digital radio stations.

(DevonLive) Read more

A small-scale revolution for local radio
19.07.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Since February, Ofcom has planned the airwaves and awarded small-scale DAB licences in 25 areas across the UK. With the first round of awards now complete, these licences have the potential to allow the launch of over 500 new local radio stations. Some of the hundreds of new stations set to launch on small-scale DAB are existing analogue community and small commercial radio services. Many others will be completely new – ranging from grass-roots community services to boutique specialist music stations, and services aimed at minority groups and other under-served audiences.

(Ofcom UK) Read more

Final small-scale DAB round one licences awarded
19.07.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Ofcom has awarded the final batch of licences in round one of the small-scale DAB licensing process completing an almost five-month process to announce the winners. Kevin Bakhurst, Ofcom’s Group Director, Broadcasting and Online Content said: “The rollout of this innovative technology will give listeners across the UK an unprecedented choice of locally produced content – serving communities and audiences across the country in a way never seen before. The UK’s commercial and community radio industry continues to go from strength.”

(Radio Today) Read more

What does the explosion DAB+ services in the UK mean for listeners and broadcasters?
07.07.2021 - Digital Radio UK WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
UK radio and audio expert Matt Deegan of Folder Media shared his insights with DRUK's Ford Ennals on what the recent huge expansion of small-scale DAB+ digital radio services in the UK means for listeners and broadcasters. Business models include a combination of advertising, donation-based, DJ subscription, or funding from local government.

(digitalradioUK) Read more

Digital Radio UK starts to promote DAB+ radio upgrade
29.06.2021 - Digital Radio UK WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The first industry campaign dedicated to communicating the benefits of DAB+ has been launched by Digital Radio UK. The campaign highlights that DAB+ is an upgrade for digital radio which provides access to even more stations, bringing listeners familiar favourites alongside a host of new stations to discover.

(Radio Today) Read more

Don’t miss a thing with DAB+
25.06.2021 - Digital Radio UK WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
DAB+ is an upgraded version of DAB digital radio that gives you access to even more great stations. Depending on where you live in the UK, you could receive over 25 additional national stations with a DAB+ digital radio, and many more local stations*, with something for everyone – from jazz and dance music to news and talk radio, and even a station just for kids.

(Digital Radio UK) Read more

Don’t miss a thing this summer with in-car digital radio
25.06.2021 - Digital Radio UK WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Wherever you’re driving to this summer, you need the perfect in-car soundtrack. So take all your favourite digital radio stations with you on the road, and don’t miss a thing this summer by upgrading to digital radio in your car. If your car has a pre-fitted DAB/DAB+ digital radio then you’re all set! If it doesn’t then it’s easy to upgrade to digital by fitting a replacement DAB digital radio or adapter or connecting your smartphone to your car stereo

(Digital Radio UK) Read more

UK: new national news channel to launch on DAB nationwide
11.06.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
GB News is planning to launch in July and will be available on DAB across the UK. CEO Angelos Frangopoulos said: “GB News is a digital start-up designed to bring greater plurality of voices to UK media so we’re passionate about delivering our programmes on every platform we can, including live DAB digital radio.”

(Radio Today) Read more

  • Uk

    UK – Government support and digital growth reflect DAB+ uptake


    At the WorldDAB General Assembly, Digital Radio UK’s Ford Ennals and Yvette Dore provided an overview of the UK digital radio market and Ian O’Neill from the UK Government’s department of Digital Culture, Media, and Sport, told us what the UK is doing to help safeguard the future of radio.

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  • Cf

    BBC research shows DAB is the most energy-efficient radio platform


    At last week’s General Assembly, the BBC’s Sustainability Data Scientist Chloe Fletcher presented the a BBC study comparing the energy footprint of BBC radio across AM, FM, DAB, IP and DTV radio services. The study found that DAB radio services have the lowest energy consumption per device hour.

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  • Tu

    How are radio broadcasters embracing new connected technologies to remain relevant?


    This week, TU Automotive held an online webinar looking at how radio broadcasters are embracing new connected technologies to remain relevant in the car. Hosted by Doug Newcomb from Ward Intelligence, speakers included Laurence Harrison from the WorldDAB Automotive Working Group, Scott Brunell from Ford Motor Company, and and Joe D'Angelo from Xperi.

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Status: regular
Population: 67.9 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 98%
Services: 495 DAB, 56 DAB+
Line-fit automotive sales (cumulative): 16,525,376 devices
New cars with DAB/DAB+ as standard: Sparkline Graph 97.5%
Total Sales (cumulative): 46,658,000 devices
Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 67%
Last update: 18.06.2021

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