Digital Radio UK launches new digital radio social media campaign

15.02.2021 by WorldDAB

The digital radio consumer proposition has never been stronger, with more stations than ever before providing unparalleled breadth and diversity of music and speech content, including 54 stations broadcasting on national DAB or DAB+, and many more available locally, online and on smart speakers.

In light of this growth, Digital Radio UK is launching this week its first social media campaign, which communicates the breadth and diversity of the digital radio content proposition under the overall theme ‘Radio’s Digital Revolution: Listen Right Now’.

 The campaign will run for a period of six weeks on Facebook targeting people interested in digital radio and music as well as young audiences who listen to Spotify.

The ads consist of a series of single image and carousel ads on Facebook communicating that digital radio offers over 50 national stations, hundreds of local stations, and thousands of podcasts with more launching all the time.

Examples of the creative are below. There are also four video ads in the campaign supporting digital stations and podcasts.  A preview is available here.

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