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Radio is experiencing a digital revolution
06.12.2018 - France - France
After Paris, Marseille, Nice and Lille, Mulhouse and the wider Alsace region are now serviced by DAB+. 25 radio stations, many of which are new and did not exist on the FM band, are now available in the eastern city of Mulhouse.
From M+ Info:

DAB+ gaining ground across Europe
06.12.2018 - Netherlands - Netherlands
The roll-out of DAB+ has made significant headway in Europe in recent weeks, between the EU's approval of a new directive requiring all new cars sold in the EU to be equipped with digital terrestrial capabilities, the successful launches of DAB+ in Lyon and Strasbourg, and the expansion of the small-scale multiplex in Glasgow.
From Radiovisie:

70% of the population in France covered by 2020
06.12.2018 - France - France
The launches of DAB+ in Strasbourg and Lyon are expected to help reach 20% population coverage in France, the threshold needed to trigger a law requiring French manufacturers to include a DAB+ chip in their equipment within 18 months. According to the CSA, 70% of the population will be covered by DAB+ by 2020 as DAB+ continues to be rolled out across major cities in France.
From La Lettre Pro:

RAS expands DAB+ network in South Tyrol
05.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
The Rundfunkanstalt Südtirol further expands its DAB+ network in South Tyrol as transmitters in Sulden and Pfelders are put into operation. 35 digital radio programs are now available to 95 percent of the South Tyrol population, as the RAS continues to switch off FM transmitters and expand its digital network.
From Der Vinschger:

WorldDAB's Jean-Marc Dubreuil on to mark the launch of DAB+ in Lyon and Strasbourg
05.12.2018 - France - France
Interviewed by Euradio to mark the launch of DAB+ in Lyon and Strasbourg, WorldDAB's Jean-Marc Dubreuil touches on the future of radio, the rollout of DAB+ in France, and the latest developments of DAB+ in Europe and beyond.

DAB+ launches in Lyon
05.12.2018 - France - France
Following the launches in Paris, Marseille, Nice and Lille, DAB + is now available in Lyon and surrounding areas in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. 46 DAB+ radio stations are expected to be on air in the region in coming weeks.

DAB+ launches in Alsace
05.12.2018 - France - France
DAB+ continues its successful rollout across France as it launches in the French region of Alsace. A total of 43 DAB+ stations are expected to be available in the Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhin regions of Alsace in the near future.

Enmuxa deployed in conjunction with small-scale Portsmouth and Glasgow multiplexes
04.12.2018 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Factum Radioscape’s DAB+ broadcast technology, ENMUXA, has been deployed in conjunction with the small-scale Portsmouth and Glasgow DAB+ multiplexes.These will therefore benefit from the same ENMUXA functionality a national or large commercial broadcaster would expect to receive, including a high-quality audio codec, dynamic configurations and redundancy.

DAB+ launches in Lyon
04.12.2018 - France - France
DAB+ broadcasting will be available in and around the Lyon area as of December 5th, 2018, giving listeners more choice and a better listening experience. Once population coverage in across the country reaches 20%, France will trigger a law requiring manufacturers to include a DAB+ chip in their equipment.
From Lyon Capitale:

DAB+ soon to be featured in all receivers in France
04.12.2018 - France - France
Having recently launched in Lyon, Lille and Strasbourg, as well as Nice, Marseille and Paris in 2015, 20% population coverage is expected to be achieved in France by the end of 2018, at which point a law requiring all receivers to be equipped with DAB+ will be triggered.

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