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DAB+ network coverage improves across Italy
WorldDAB Members News - 01.08.2019 - EuroDab Italia - RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana - DAB Italia - Italy - Italy
Italian public and private DAB+ network operators - namely Radio Rai, EuroDab Italy and DAB Italia - have expanded their respective DAB+ broadcast networks in anticipation of the law requiring all radio receivers sold to the public to digital radio capabilities.

Cabinet of Germany adopts draft law promoting digital radio
01.08.2019 - Germany - Germany
In a move to promote the implementation and uptake of digital radio in Germany, the Cabinet of Germany has adopted a draft law requiring cars and certain consumer radios to be digital. The law is set to be in line with the EECC directive, requires all new car radios in the EU to be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio by the end of 2020.
From BMWi:

Digital radio listening up year-on-year
01.08.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
According to new figures released by Rajar, listening via DAB grew by 23.9 million hours (or by 6.5%) year on year to now account for 38.6% of all listening and 69% of digital listening. Across all platforms digital listening grew by 58.9 million hours or 11.6% year on year.
From Radio Today:

UK DAB listening figures grow by 6.5 percent year on year
WorldDAB Members News - 01.08.2019 - Digital Radio UK - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
According to RAJAR Q2 2019 data released today, listening via DAB grew by 23.9 million hours (or by 6.5%) year on year to now account for 38.6% of all listening, and 69% of digital listening. Digital listening share has increased to 56%, up from 50.2% in Q2 2018, while in-car digital listening grew by 20% year on year, reaching a new record share of 41.8%.
From Digital Radio UK:

Factum Radioscape selected for DAB monitoring in Malta
WorldDAB Members News - 31.07.2019 - Factum Radioscape - Malta - Malta
Malta’s DAB Multiplex Operator Digi B Network have selected the Observa Field Monitor for quality of service, content and coverage checks. As the transmitter network expands to improve indoor coverage, the Observa device will provide key data to assist in the enhancement of DAB service reception.
From Factum Radioscape:

The best DAB+ devices for home and on the go
30.07.2019 - Germany - Germany
DAB+ digital radio continues to gain significant ground across the globe, and is expected to gradually replace FM over time. Here are some of the noteworthy devices you should be aware of when purchasing a receiver, and the features you should look out for before doing so.
From Trend Blog:

Digital radio, an opportunity to redefine the radio experience
29.07.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
DAB enables an expanded assortment of broadcast channels, and an additional range of capabilities suited to the new connected listening environment presented by automobiles. What's more, the onset of digital radio has also opened the door to hybrid radio experiences capable of switching between streaming and broadcast sources for the same station.
From Radio World:

Analogue-only programs to lose market share says Digital Radio Austria MD
29.07.2019 - Austria - Austria
Touching on the successful launch of regular DAB+ services in Austria, Digitalradio Österreich managing director Matthias Gerwinat highlighted that radio stations opting out of DAB+ should expect to lose market share, as DAB+ radio continues to grow both in Austria and across Europe.
From Infosat:

Second Vienna multiplex sees high demand for DAB+ frequency allocations
29.07.2019 - Austria - Austria
According to the multiplex operator RTG Radio Technikum, all available frequencies for Vienna's second multiplex have been allocated. The multiplex covers the greater Vienna region as well as the northern part of the state of Burgenland in eastern Austria.
From Satellifax:

Broadcasters from across Southeast Asia assemble for DAB+ workshop
WorldDAB Members News - 28.07.2019 - National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand - Thailand - Thailand
Radio experts from several countries across the ASEAN region attended the workshop on digital radio services implementation and business Models which took place on July 24 at Bangkok, Thailand. Speaking via video link, WorldDAB Vice President and CEO of Commercial Radio Australia Joan Warner congratulated Thailand on leading the way in the region following the launch of 20-month trial in Bangkok and the areas surrounding the capital, with a total of 11 stations on air.
From Asia Radio Today: