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MCB Radio expands to DAB+
08.07.2024 - Netherlands Netherlands
MCB Radio can now be listened to via DAB+ digital radio in parts of North Holland. The radio station could already be listened to via medium wave and Internet for some time. MCB (Music Central Better) Radio has been broadcasting via medium wave in large parts of South Holland and North Holland since May 2019. Recently, the radio station from Alphen aan den Rijn can also be listened to via DAB+. In the head of North Holland, the radio station can be heard via channel 8A. In the Zandvoort/Haarlem region, you can also listen to a new radio station via DAB+. Recently, radio station NORA (Nonstop Radio) FM can be heard on channel 6A.

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Dansbandskanalen Klassiker launched on DAB+
08.07.2024 - Sweden Sweden
DB Media today began testing Dansbandskanalen Klassiker on Viaplay Radio's DAB+ network in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala and Gävle. The positioning is "With dance band classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s"."The content of the channel will first and foremost be dance band music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. We see that listening to our channel Dansbandskanalen, which was launched back in 2002, continues to rise every day," Daniel Bengtzzon, CEO of DB Media, previously told Radionytt. DB Media was granted the licence for Dansbandskanalen Klassiker in autumn 2023. DB Media's Dansbandskanalen nationally and Guldkanalen regionally in Skåne are already available on Viaplay's network.

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ABC and Nine partner for Paris Olympics radio coverage
08.07.2024 - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
Nine has today confirmed a sub-licensing agreement that will allow the ABC Local Radio network to broadcast the 2024 Paris Olympic Games to listeners on 891 ABC Adelaide, 105.7 ABC Darwin, 936 ABC Hobart, 666 ABC Canberra and DAB+ channels in those markets, as well as local ABC radio stations across regional, rural and remote Australia. The deal between Nine and the ABC will extend the radio coverage (AM/FM and DAB+) of the Olympic Games to ensure every Australian can access live broadcasts of our most loved athletes competing on the world stage, and help unite the country around these spectacular sporting moments.

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AKOS tenders 24 DAB+ service licences in Slovenia
05.07.2024 - Slovenia Slovenia
The Communications Networks and Services Agency of the Republic of Slovenia has published a Decision on the launch of a public tender procedure for the award of 24 licences for the broadcasting of a digital radio programme throughout the territory of the Republic of Slovenia in the Official Gazette of 5 July 2024. It invites interested applicants to submit their bids by 3 September 2024. The licences are divided into two lots: eight licences will be awarded to bidders for their programmes already on analogue radio frequencies or who have already obtained digital rights for a smaller geographic area (e.g. East R2, West R2, Ljubljana area) of the total area of Slovenia; while sixteen licences will be awarded to bidders for their programmes that have not been eligible to be broadcast on analogue or digital radio.

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DAB+ Regio in NRW: Milling Broadcast Services applies as platform operator
05.07.2024 - Germany Germany
The application deadline for the regionalised DAB+ multiplexes in North Rhine-Westphalia ended on 27.06.2024. According to Medienanstalt NRW, 53 applications were received from radio broadcasters. In addition, four platform providers have applied. Among them is Milling Broadcast Services, as RADIOSZENE has now exclusively learnt. Christian Milling told Radioszene they had not applied for the whole of NRW. "We restricted ourselves to area 1 (Cologne/Bonn/Aachen)," he said. "Our company is based in the distribution area, more precisely in the Eifel. And we can see in many places that even 13 years after the introduction of DAB+, rural regions are being neglected in terms of coverage. For local radio stations in particular, it is absolutely not expedient to only be receivable in the metropolises. We want to change that. We all know how important reliable terrestrial radio reception is, especially after the flood in the Ahr valley three years ago."

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The CSA licenses Radio Contact Max for DAB+
04.07.2024 - Belgium Belgium
The Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel has decided to award the C11 DAB+ community network covering the whole of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. This is the last network that was not allocated in the 2019 global frequency plan. It was put out to tender again on 20 December 2023. During the procedure, five applications were submitted to the CSA, but only the applications from RTL Belgium SA for the "Radio Contact Max" project and Radio Maria Wallonie SPRL for the "Radio Maria" project were deemed compliant. After a period of in-depth examination of the two applications, the CSA College chose the Radio Contact Max project and awarded it the C11 Network.

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DAB+ Regio in NRW - Who are the applicants?
04.07.2024 - Germany Germany
Radio broadcasters are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the list of applicants for regionalised DAB+ multiplexes in North Rhine-Westphalia. Up to 16 million inhabitants could be reached after network expansion. On 2 July, Medienanstalt NRW announced that 53 applications had been received from radio broadcasters and four platform providers had applied. Audio Media Service (AMS) from Bielefeld, Media Broadcast from Cologne and UPLINK Network from Düsseldorf have confirmed their participation in the tender. Media Broadcast and UPLINK applied as platform operators for five regional networks, AMS for Ostwestfalen-Lippe.

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RTL Belgium launches a DAB+ station: "A different kind of music programme"
03.07.2024 - Belgium Belgium
Belgium's French-language radio landscape is about to welcome a new voice with the imminent launch of Radio Contact Max, an innovative station dedicated specifically to adult listeners aged 35 and over. The Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA) recently awarded RTL Belgium the C11 DAB+ Network, covering the whole of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, to establish Radio Contact Max. The station will stand out for its music programming specially designed for adults aged 35 and over, with new programmes and new personalities. RTL Belgium is thus consolidating its presence in the Belgian French-language radio landscape by extending the Radio Contact experience to DAB+.

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Star FM receives nationwide licence and launches in 4 more federal states
03.07.2024 - Germany Germany
Star FM Maximum Rock - Germany's successful rock radio network is continuing its expansion course and can now be received via DAB+ in four additional federal states. Star FM Maximum Rock is taking over the previous Femotion Radio programme slots in Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Star FM Maximum Rock, which had previously been successful in Berlin, Brandenburg, Franconia and Saxony, had already expanded its technical reach by 18 million people in April with the launch via DAB+ in North Rhine-Westphalia. Star FM Maximum Rock is operated by Rockworld Digital GmbH, a joint venture between Star FM GmbH & Co. KG and Femotion GmbH, a subsidiary of Teutocast GmbH.

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ART test programmes come to an end
03.07.2024 - Bayerische Landeszentrale fur neue Medien (BLM) WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
The Bavarian digital radio project ART (Announcement Radio Toolbox) has concluded its test broadcasts. Over the past 14 months, under the leadership of Bayerische Medien Technik (bmt) and together with the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for New Media (BLM), Mediaschool Bayern, Bayerische Lokal-Radioprogramme (BLR) and Bayern Digital Radio (BDR), the linking of different DAB radio programmes using DAB announcements has been tested. The project was funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery. The project says: "We would like to thank all listeners for their dedicated participation in the project evaluation and for all the great feedback on the programmes with their different musical colours, which were previously rarely represented on the radio."

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