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DAB+ in Germany in the first half of 2023: More use, more variety, more radio
DAB+ radio continued its successful course in the first half of 2023. The use of DAB+ stations is growing, while network expansion continues regionally and nationally. Broadcast launches in Lower Saxony, Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein bring more choice for listeners. According to ma 2023 Audio II, 52 million people use radio services daily (Mon.-Fri.). In the current study published by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyse (agma), DAB+ radio is holding its own with some growth: DAB+ is listened to by 28.6 per cent (ma 2023 Audio I: 28.5 per cent) in the "widest listener group" (WHK) segment. According to agma, it is also the services broadcast nationwide via DAB+ that are recording increases in listener numbers. For example, the "Absolute" radio programmes: With a growth rate of 21.4 per cent in listeners in the average hour, the stations are achieving new record values.

Read the Digitalradio Büro Deutschland press release


Launch of second national multiplex

In October 2020, Antenne Deutschland launched a second DAB+ multiplex that will host up to 16 new national commercial radio stations. In addition to distributing its own programs, Antenne Deutschland also plans to offer stations to third parties. The NRJ Group will be also be broadcasting its popular Nostalgie station on the multiplex from January 2020.

DAB+ regulation

According to Germany's Telecoms Law, all new car radios should be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio from 21th Dec 2020 – as required by the European Electronic Communications Code.

The law also requires all new consumer radios, capable of displaying a station’s name, to be able to receive digital signals (for example, DAB+ or IP) – from the same date. Read the press release on the new German national legislation here

An overview of the status of DAB+ digital radio in Germany is available at

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Digital radio is available in all metropolitan areas. The total coverage (combined coverage of ARD multiplexes and the national multiplex) is 98% of the population.

The 1st level road coverage of the national network is 12,700 km which is equal to 98%.

Detailed information on the network coverage can be found on



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In this country there are

on air.

An up-to-date overview of the DAB+ digital radio services on air in Germany is available at

Please note:

(a)    These web pages are updated regularly to reflect current services on air, however they may not be exactly up to date.

(b)    The logos shown on these pages are for illustrative purposes only – manufacturers and broadcasters are directed here for information on implementing station logos.



Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 200 70 270

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94% of new cars sold equipped with DAB+

In Germany, as of H2 2021, 94% of new cars were sold with digital radio as standard (Source: JATO Dynamics 2022).

Amendment to the Telecommunications Act, Section 48, para. 4 and 5

According to Germany's new national legislation on digital radio, all radios in new cars should be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio from 21 Dec 2020 – as required by the European Electronic Communications Code. The law also requires all new consumer radios, capable of displaying a station’s name, to be able to receive digital signals (for example,DAB+ or IP) – from the same date.

The new German national legislation with explanatory text is available in English here.

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Receiver sales and revenues

In 2020, over 1.83 million DAB+ receivers were sold in Germany - this represents a 15.2 percent growth compared to 2019. 

Revenues from DAB+ receiver sales also grew by 13 percent, from €216 million in 2019 to the current record of €244 million in 2020.

As of Q2 2020, cumulative DAB/DAB+ receiver sales stood at 16,623,000 (including line fit automotive).

German Government mandates Digital Interface in most radios 

In September 2019, the German federal parliament reiterated its commitment to DAB+ by passing a revision to its Telecoms Law. The law was approved, and made official in November 2019.

The law requires all new consumer radios, capable of displaying a station’s name, to be able to receive digital signals (for example, DAB+ or IP) – from the same date. The new German national legislation with explanatory text is available in English here.

Initiative Digital Radio Deutschland Product Finder

Overview list of the digital radio receivers available on the German market

 The 2020 Digitisation Report carried out by Die Medienanstalten during IFA 2020 is available here (in German)

Digital Radio Germany's 2020 DAB+ report is available here (in German)

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What about the radio button in the car?

Are audio systems and voice assistants in car user interfaces within the meaning of the State Media Treaty? This question is the subject of a legal opinion commissioned by the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia. On 23 November 2022, the expert opinion by Prof. Dr. Ralf Müller-Terpitz entitled "Rechtliche Einordnung von Audiosystemen und Sprachassistenten mit dem Fokus Auto" (Legal classification of audio systems and voice assistants with a focus on cars) was published and can now be downloaded from the Authority's website.

The conclusion of the expert opinion is that integrated audio systems represent a user interface for linear radio reception in the car. The same applies to the manufacturers' own voice assistants which are responsible for the navigation of the audio system. Thus, car manufacturers fall under the Treaty and must in future comply with the regulations for linear radio reception in the integrated audio system. "The result of the expert opinion is essentially: What looks like a user interface and is operated like a user interface is a user interface. This is good news for radio, for journalism and for users," said Dr. Tobias Schmid, Director of the Landesanstalt für Medien NRW, commenting on the results of the expert opinion.

Read the full press release from Landesanstalt für Medien NRW


DAB+ regulation in Germany

In September 2019, the German federal parliament reiterated its commitment to DAB+ by passing a revision to its Telecoms Law.

The law was approved, and made official in November 2019. According to the revised law, all radios in new cars should be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio from 21st Dec 2020 – as required by the European Electronic Communications Code.

The obligation only applies to new cars, and does not apply to quads, trucks or other vehicles for goods transport. The law also requires all new consumer radios, capable of displaying a station’s name, to be able to receive digital signals (for example, DAB+ or IP) – from the same date.

The new German national legislation with explanatory text is available in English here.

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The following websites provide information on all available services, the latest marketing and receivers for home and on the move.

Rundfunk Forum

DAB+ promotion campaigns

In this 3-minute DAB+ promotional video published by German broadcaster ARD Digital, media personality Anni Dunkelmann explains to consumers the various benefits of DAB+, such as improved sound quality, a wider choice of listening and the ability of certain receivers to show visual displays.  



YouTube tip: to see video subtitles in your local language, click on the settings icon located at the bottom right of the video,  select settings, then auto translate, then your preferred language option. 

Summer 2019

The German digital radio industry (public and commercial radio) organised a DAB+ promotion week from 13-24 May 2019. Cross-media activities included on-air radio spots, consumer and B2B print advertisements and advertorials, social media and on  The week included also training and promotion within the retail sector. 

Summer 2018

A new German multimedia campaign promoting DAB+ will launch on 27 August, with the slogan "DAB+. Mehr Radio" (DAB+, More Radio) to be branded across TV, radio, print and online. On 30 August, an "Editorial Theme Day" will be held at IFA Berlin by German broadcaster ARD and other commercial radio stations to discuss the benefits of DAB+. The initiative is a collaboration between German broadcaster ARD and other commercial radio stations, as part of a nationwide rebrand of DAB+.

Christmas 2017

Christmas promotion "Give a DAB + Radio"   Starting November 27th, in the four weeks leading up to Christmas, radio and TV spots will once again be broadcasting spots and actions about the DAB + listening experience at ARD, Deutschlandradio, private radio stations and other partners.



May 2017

ARD and Deutschlandradio started a cross-media nationwide marketing campaign for DAB+ radio from 2 May 2017. The campaign will include radio, television and internet, as well as images for print and online use. DAB+ has also received an eye-catching new logo, with which broadcasters, manufacturers and retailers can promote the new radio standard.

Examples of the implementation of new DAB+ logo can be viewed here: Download the Press Release.

Under the motto "As clear as if I were there", the ARD has a nationwide marketing campaign for DAB+ together with Deutschlandradio and other partners. This includes TV commercials as well as on numerous online channels. In the ARD, with Deutschlandradio and private broadcasters are broadcasting various radio adspots. In addition, there are print and online motifs on the new website

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Broadcast operators Uplink and Divicon merge
27.02.2024 - Germany Germany
The wireless solution providers UPLINK Network GmbH, Düsseldorf (UPLINK Group) and DIVICON MEDIA HOLDING GmbH, Leipzig, have announced their merger. The merger of the two companies, which are leaders in German broadcasting operations for FM and DAB+, is intended to create a broad basis for the foreseeable medium and long-term challenges facing the radio industry. Together, over 1,200 FM transmitters, 9 DAB+ multiplexes with a total of 70 DAB+ transmitters and various other radio solutions such as Private 5G, LoRaWan and a dedicated data centre at the German internet hub in Frankfurt will be operated at more than 700 locations.

(UPLINK Network GmbH) Read more

"DAB+ in Dialogue" on 27 June 2024
27.02.2024 - Germany Germany
Following the well-received event in spring 2022, the next edition of "DAB+ in Dialogue" will take place in Berlin on 27 June 2024. For the fifth edition of the successful networking event with stakeholders from politics, business and programme providers, we invite you to the Representation of the State of Schleswig-Holstein to the Federal Government: Together with you in dialogue for a successful future of digital terrestrial broadcasting DAB+. Around 150 guests from industry, politics and business as well as representatives of programme providers and network operators will find out about the development of DAB+ in workshops and panel discussions.

(Digitalradio Büro Deutschland) Read more

Expansion: Up to 45 additional locations for the first DAB+ federal mux
26.02.2024 - Germany Germany
The first national DAB+ multiplex is to be greatly expanded once again over the next four years. This is according to the latest report from the Commission to Determine the Financial Requirements of the State Broadcasting Authorities (KEF). With its application for the 24th report, Deutschlandradio is aiming to complete its DAB+ transmitter network from the current 165 to 200 to 210 transmitters by 2028. This will achieve almost universal DAB+ mobile coverage, but without aiming for portable indoor reception at every location, the committee said.

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Antenne Deutschland acquires all shares in National German Radio GmbH
14.02.2024 - Germany Germany
Antenne Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG has acquired all shares in National German Radio GmbH (NGR) from RAUDIOSTARS GmbH with immediate effect. Antenne Deutschland will thus bundle the platform operation of the 2nd nationwide DAB+ multiplex and the marketing of all programme channels. As the operator of the so-called 2nd Bundesmux, a platform for the nationwide terrestrial distribution of radio stations via DAB+, and at the same time the organiser of the six Absolut Radio stations broadcast throughout Germany, Antenne Deutschland is one of the largest national radio companies in Germany. National German Radio GmbH (NGR) is a company owned by technology investor Bugovics Industries GmbH and Erwin Linnenbach's masqueradio GmbH and had an agreement with Antenne Deutschland on the marketing of transmission capacities on the 2nd Bundesmux.

(Antenne Deutschland) Read more

NRW Media Authority plans tender for regionalised DAB+
14.02.2024 - Germany Germany
Contrary to the previous assumption that transmission capacities would initially only be available in four of six regions in NRW, it is now becoming apparent that a fifth will be added. The five regions covered by the tender are "Cologne/Bonn/Aachen", "Wuppertal/Düsseldorf/Mönchengladbach", "Ostwestfalen/Lippe", "Südwestfalen/Dortmund" and additionally "Niederrhein/Duisburg/Essen". The NRW State Media Authority is therefore postponing the DAB+ Regio tender to a slightly later date. It is still expected that the tender will start in the first half of 2024. This will be published on the website of the NRW Media Authority.

(Landesanstalt für Medien NRW) Read more

World Radio Day 2024: Audio works any time and anywhere - traditional radio remains popular
13.02.2024 - Germany Germany
UNESCO celebrates World Radio Day on 13 February. The background to this date is the founding of United Nations Radio on 13 February 1946. Since 2012, it has been held under a different motto every year. This time it is "a century informing, entertaining and educating". A good occasion to take a look at listening habits in Germany and see how consumers prefer to be informed, entertained or educated via radio. Around nine out of ten people in Germany listen to the radio either via FM or DAB+, according to a recent consumer survey conducted by GfK on behalf of the ZVEI. A good 40 per cent even state that they often listen to the radio. This puts traditional radio reception at the top of audio users' favourites. The results of the survey also show how much audio and radio are part of everyday life. 86 per cent of respondents use a car radio, for example, and almost three quarters use a radio at home.

(Digitalradio Büro Deutschland) Read more

WDR launches Kanevalsradio on DAB+
08.02.2024 - Germany Germany
Under the slogan "Karneval hoch Vier", Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) is launching a special carnival programme that can be heard digitally terrestrially via DAB+ and on the Internet. The station will broadcast the cheerful programme with carnival music live on the WDR Event channel every day from 6 a.m. from Old Wives' Day (8 February) to Violet Tuesday (13 February).

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BR expands DAB+ network in Upper Palatinate and Upper Franconia
05.02.2024 - Bayerischer Rundfunk WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
Bayerischer Rundfunk will be broadcasting its DAB+ service from two new locations from 5 February: the transmitter network will grow to 87 DAB+ locations and reception of the digital radio service will continue to improve. In the Upper Palatinate, near the Czech border, the Geigant transmitter will cover the municipalities of Waldmünchen, Schönthal and Rötz in future. In the district of Forchheim in Upper Franconia, the new DAB+ site in Ebermannstadt will go into operation for the municipalities of Ebermannstadt, Forchheim, Kirchehrenbach, Leutenbach, Pretzfeld and Weilersbach.

(Bayerische Rundfunk) Read more

Change in the management of Bayern Digital Radio
02.02.2024 - Germany Germany
The year begins with a change at the top of Bayern Digital Radio GmbH. After almost 20 years as Managing Director of BDR, Johannes Trottberger will retire at the end of January 2024. From 1 February, Frank Strässle will take over until further notice. As project manager for the DAB pilot project in Saxony-Anhalt from 1997 - 99, Johannes Trottberger was one of the pioneers of digital audio broadcasting. He took over the management of BDR in June 2004 and was largely responsible for the successful establishment of BDR as a transmitter network operator for DAB+ in Bavaria.

(Bayern Digital Radio GmbH) Read more

BR switches on another DAB+ site
02.02.2024 - Germany Germany
Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) has put another transmitter for DAB+ digital radio into operation. The state-wide multiplex (channel 11D) and the Upper Franconia mux (channel 10B) are broadcast from the Ebermannstadt/Pretzfeld site, each with a transmission power of 5 kW. As reported, BR had previously connected the Geigant transmitter (Waldmünchen-Sinzendorf) to the network. The Upper Palatinate mux is broadcast here on channel 6C and the Bavaria-wide ensemble on channel 11D with a power of 6.3 kW each.

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    Meet us in Munich for Radiodays Europe 2024


    With just one month to go, we’re already excited about being part of Radiodays Europe 2024, in Munich from 17-19 March. WorldDAB will be well-represented at the three-day event at Munich Messe, including President, Jacqueline Bierhorst and Project Director, Bernie O’Neill. We'd love to see you there!

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    IBC2023: DAB+ A firm foundation for radio


    How DAB+ offers a firm foundation for radio was the theme of this year's WorldDAB conference session at IBC2023. The launch of DAB+ in Ghana and emergency warnings delivered via DAB+ that could save lives were amongst the topics covered.

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    Radio’s digital future: DAB+ saving lives


    DAB+ is already loved by listeners for bringing them more of their favourite radio stations in digital quality. Now there’s another compelling reason – a new emergency warning function being developed in Germany could help save lives.

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Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 34%
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