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DAB+ launched in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in late 2009, followed by Canberra and Darwin in 2017, Hobart in April 2019 and Darwin in May 2019, as well as Canberra in July 2019 and Mandurah in December 2019.

More than 6 million DAB+ radios have been sold in Australia since digital radio launched in the five major capital cities in 2009. GfK’s point of sales report estimates that consumers purchased 129,000 DAB+ receivers in 2020.

PwC projects that close to 4 million new vehicles fitted with DAB+ will be sold by the end of 2021.

Australia’s DAB+ digital radio-only stations attracted a weekly audience of 2.35 million people in 2020, an increase of 15% from 2.04 million in 2019, according to GfK data released by industry body Commercial Radio Australia.

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Population coverage in Australia stands at 63% (Q2 2020).

DAB+ low power trials which commenced in 2010 in Canberra and Darwin continue, this includes a retransmission of the Canberra services inside Parliament House. 

DAB+ was officially launched in Hobart in April 2019, while DAB+ is also set to launch in Darwin and Canberra in 2019.

 Regional Rollout

The Australian Government  released in July 2015 a report, prepared by the Department of Communications, on digital radio services in Australia. The Digital Radio Report recommended the establishment of a Digital Radio Planning Committee for Regional Australia, to be chaired by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, to focus on the rollout of digital radio to regional areas.

The Government expects that the Planning Committee would give priority to the licensing of permanent digital radio services in Canberra and Darwin, where trials have been underway since 2010, before planning the rollout in new areas of Australia.

The report also recommended that the Government should provide a simpler, more flexible process for planning and licensing of digital radio in regional Australia. The Planning Committee may provide an appropriate forum to develop proposals to simplify the regulatory framework.

Commercial Radio Australia is pleased to note the signal of support for regional DAB+ rollout in the report.  

The report is available at:



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In this country there are

on air.

Please note:

(a)    These web pages are updated regularly to reflect current services on air, however they may not be exactly up to date.

(b)    The logos shown on these pages are for illustrative purposes only – manufacturers and broadcasters are directed here for information on implementing station logos.

A full listing of the services on air in Australia is available at

CRA reports 139 stations are broadcasting on DAB+ in Australia, with up to 30 DAB+ only stations in each mainland state capital city. There are currently 13 regular regional multiplexes and 2 trial regional multiplexes on air broadcasting nearly 210 DAB+ services between them, with most multiplex delivering 18 or more services. There are 74 radio stations on AM/FM in the five capital cities, counting commercial, ABC and SBS but not community stations.

Almost all stations in Australia are using slideshow and all are delivering dynamic scrolling text.

There is no format restriction for Australian DAB+ services, so stations can develop new formats and test the audience’s interest in these digital only services. Stations include dance, children’s programming, chill, 80s, 90s, classic, jazz, indie and world music as well as sport and talk. Pop up stations have been used for cultural celebrations, anniversaries of major events, floods and emergencies. Revenue is being made on branded radio stations for retail clients and advertisers and state capital city. All services have DAB+ broadcast text and slideshow data included, with many stations having track now playing, news and weather information, as well as advertisements in their slideshow broadcasts. At least one ensemble in each city is broadcasting an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). 

Coutts Report

A report by Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) and written by Professor Reg Coutts, found that mobile broadband communications networks, particularly in regional areas, are not a replacement for broadcast free to air radio.

The Coutts Report highlights that mobile networks in regional Australia are less cost effective compared to a potential DAB+ digital radio rollout in regional areas.  Even with upgraded 4G networks using the most advanced LTE broadcast mode, there are technical and economic reasons for radio to be delivered using free to air broadcast technology in both regional and metropolitan areas.

The Coutts report cleared up a lot of misperceptions around the future of broadcast radio, mobile networks and the delivery of radio online showing it may not yet, or even in the longer term, be technically or financially viable.

Key findings are listed below and the full Coutts Report is available at

Digital radio station Innovation
Australian broadcasters have innovated with the use of event or pop up stations which are digital stations that exist for a short period of time to allow for flexible niche programming that can highlight an event, a festival or artist. They can be used for generating additional revenue, broadcasting emergency service warnings during fire or the recent Queensland floods and also for broadcasting sports or music events. For example Elf Radio plays Christmas songs throughout the festive season and the Chemist Warehouse station was established specifically for an advertising client and that station has been so successful for the broadcaster and client that it will continue on air. 

Coles supermarkets and Nova Entertainment  have signed a major partnership to digitally stream Coles Radio to over 750 stores - reaching over 14 million customers nationally, every week. Using the Coles digital network, Coles Radio is set up to enhance the customer in-store experience with a rich music format offering an extensive playlist that is tailored to the time of day.  Read the press release here.


Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 239 152 391

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More than 4.4 million new vehicles have been sold in Australia with DAB+ digital radio factory fitted, since the adoption of DAB+ in vehicles in Australia in 2011.

More than 821,000* new vehicles were sold with DAB+ factory fitted in the 12 months to 31 December 2021. This figure is expected to grow as vehicle manufacturers extend support across their range. 78% of new vehicles sold in Australia during the past 12 months had DAB+ digital radio factory fitted as a standard or optional feature.         

Commercial Radio Australia works closely with vehicle manufacturers in Australia and overseas and encourages their continued support for AM & FM as well as DAB+ digital radio in vehicle in-car infotainment systems. 

DAB+ digital radio in car reception maps are available to download. These show the current coverage of DAB+ and provide a guide as to where your DAB+ radio is expected to receive good signal. Terrain may provide some small black spots within these coverage areas, but in general DAB+ reception should be good. The red line indicates the licence area where coverage is intended.  Plans to infill black spots in coverage are underway.

Currently, analogue (AM/FM) signals are re-broadcast into tunnels. This is the responsibility of the tunnel operators. There is currently no in-tunnel rebroadcasting of the DAB+ signal but this can be revisited as more DAB+ enabled radios are available in cars.




* Glass’s Automotive Business Intelligence, December 2021

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GfK’s point of sales report estimates that consumers purchased 129,000 DAB+ receivers in 2020, bringing total DAB+ receiver sales to 2.8 million since the broadcasting technology was launched in Australia.


• November 21 the Australian radio industry launched RadioApp

• It provides access to more than 250 live and local Australian radio stations from around the country – public & commercial

• All DAB+, AM & FM stations will be easily accesible via the app on smartphones, tablets etc

Mobile phones

Many mobile phones include FM radio and radio stations have created apps to enable listeners to listen to AM, FM and DAB+ stations via mobile stream. CRA is working internationally with other broadcasters, telcos, handset manufacturers and organisations to ensure that, just as for FM, a DAB+ chip will become standard in mobile phones to enable listeners to access all stations via DAB+ free to air broadcast. Increasingly hybrid radio will offer broadcasters greater opportunities to connect with their listeners and clients in real time. 

Find a stockist

For a list of retailers stocking digital radios in the Australian market please visit

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Work continues on the launch of permanent commercial DAB+ services in Hobart and Canberra in 2019.

The radio industry is committed to a digital broadcast future via DAB+ combined with and complemented by online. This is considered important in terms of spectrum efficiency and operational costs. CRA continues to discuss financial support with the Federal Government for DAB+ rollout into regions as was provided to the television industry for its digital switchover. 

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Key features of the current regulation for digital radio in metropolitan Australia are:

  • Band III
  • No cost for spectrum or licences while analogue is operating
  • 128 kb per existing commercial/private analogue station
  • No end date for licences
  • Commercial broadcasters have their own multiplexes in each of the current five large markets
  • Public service broadcasters have their own multiplex
  • First option for broadcasters – not a third party – to own the licence for the multiplex
  • No new DAB+ only operators for six years from date of switch on in each market
  • No format restrictions for existing operators or limits on new DAB+ only stations on what they can offer
  • No restriction on amount of data allowed
  • No analogue switch off date agreed as yet
  • In smaller regions, it may be that public service and commercial broadcasters share a multiplex to keep costs down
  • 11 on-channel repeaters are licenced and rollout commenced.

The Federal Government has allocated 14 megahertz of spectrum in the VHF Band III 3 channels of which are used in the capital cities and the remaining 8 will be planned for the rollout of DAB+ digital radio to regional areas. The ACMA has completed a restack of Band III and UHF spectrum following the switch off of analogue television at the end of 2013.

As part of the Minister’s recommended Joint Digital Radio Planning Group, CRA is working with the public and community broadcasters, the Department of Communications  and the  the regulatory body ACMA a to enable the most cost effective and most efficient use of the available spectrum for the regional rollout of DAB+ digital radio.

The current regulatory framework in the five state metropolitan capitals allocates each incumbent broadcaster with permanent DAB+ services an entitlement to a minimum of 128kbit/s (1/9 multiplex) and a maximum of 256kbit/s (1/5 multiplex).  Given the likelihood of shared multiplexes in regional Australia, these allocations may change in the first phase of regional rollout to accommodate a single shared multiplex.

Further information:

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The awareness of digital radio continues to improve as a result of the brand awareness campaigns and retail promotions. A number of on-air radio, online and social media campaigns run across the 42 commercial metropolitan stations and digital only stations each year. The primary objective of these campaigns is to promote and educate listeners about the key benefits of DAB+ digital radio, including improved sound quality and greater station choice.


Past Campaigns

Five Reasons to Upgrade to DAB+

The campaign likens the switch to DAB+ to the transition of TV from analogue to digital, and focuses on the benefits of upgrading, including better sound quality and extra stations.

Download the full release and infographic.

Digital Radio. It's the Box You Can't Beat 

Building on the highly successful previous Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas digital radio campaigns, a series of four  radio ads and a video (below), were played across all DAB+ digital radio stations plus 42 commercial stations in the five state metropolitan markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. 



Largest DAB+ campaign commissioned by the commercial radio industry in Australia

In December 2019, the commercial radio industry launched a landmark consumer-focused DAB+ digital radio campaign, which highlighted that radio is the ultimate soundtrack to any situation. The new multimedia marketing campaign was the largest ever DAB+ campaign commissioned by the commercial radio industry since DAB+ services launched in Australia 10 years earlier.

The first phase of the campaign ran during December 2019 and January 2020 and consisted of short and long-form video content and four radio ads.  The radio ads aired across all markets where DAB+ is broadcast, metropolitan and regional, while the video content was primarily shared in the digital and social space. A second phase of activity is planned for 2020.


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Bushfires and floods are regularly experienced in Australia. A pop up station, 4TAB FLOOD was put on air to offer information and advice to the people of Queensland during serious flooding which affected large populations. CRA and the trial broadcasters in Canberra and Darwin have been working closely to standardise feeds into a broadcast aggregator using feeds from the Emergency Management agencies and the Bureau of Meteorology to source and appropriately escalate information for display over broadcast text and slideshow.  This allows DAB+ to offer potentially lifesaving information simultaneously to the public over robust, free to air networks using the low powered DAB+ receivers in the home or car.

SBS ARABIC24 announces new programmes
30.01.2023 - Australia Australia
SBS Arabic24, a dedicated DAB+ digital radio station broadcasting and streaming Australian and global news and current affairs, entertainment and music 24/7 in Arabic, has announced a new 2023 programming line-up commencing today. A new weekend morning show Best of SBS Arabic24 – Week in Review will air on Saturdays and Sundays from 6am to 8am, while the Bayt Al Mazzika music show timeslot will be expanded to 9am to 3pm on weekdays with live hosting between noon and 1pm. These programming updates complement SBS Arabic24’s flagship Good Morning Australia live breakfast show and Australia Alyaom live afternoon show. These schedule changes are timed with BBC Arabic radio ceasing its linear transmission to develop digital audio content.

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James Cridland: The big AM switchoff gathers pace
16.01.2023 - United Kingdom United Kingdom - Australia Australia
The UK continues its effective switch-off of the AM waveband. The station I knew as “Virgin 1215”, more latterly “Absolute Radio”, comes off AM this month in the UK. After working for Virgin for a number of years, it’s sad to see the AM signal go. In the same press release - the first station I worked behind a mixing desk for - the station I knew as Classic Gold West Yorkshire on 1278 and 1530, will also be turned off. No wonder, really: according to a government official, AM radio in the UK has about 2% of UK radio’s listening hours, yet costs 35% in electricity costs. It’s eye-wateringly expensive to be on AM if you look at the power costs.

(James Cridland - radio futurologist) Read more

Commercial radio closes 2022 with a record high
16.12.2022 - Commercial Radio & Audio WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
The latest GfK Survey 8 revealed a record 12.2 million people listened to commercial radio each week. This was the ninth consecutive rise in cumulative audience growth. The number of people listening to commercial radio via streaming soared by 46%, to close to 3.7 million#. Commercial DAB+ station listeners also increased 18.5% YOY to over 2.7 million*. Time spent listening to commercial radio increased across all demographics under 55^. On average, young Australians aged 10-24, tuned in an extra 1 hour and 48 minutes each week across the five major metro markets, bringing their total average listening to 10 hours and 54 mins.

(Commercial Radio and Audio) Read more

80’s at the top for Survey 8: DAB+
13.12.2022 - Commercial Radio & Audio WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
For the final survey of 2022, the 80s stations (WSFM,GOLD,97.3 KIIS,Mix,96FM) lead the DAB+ stations with 373,000 listeners in the five metro areas. The 90s group (KIIS,97.3,Mix,96FM) are only just behind with 370,000, followed by RnB Fridays on 329,000. Elf Radio picked up 37,000 listeners while CADA has 167,000 and BENDER BEATS debuted with 77,000.

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CRA launches Christmas push for DAB+ radios
07.12.2022 - Commercial Radio & Audio WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
CRA has launched a major campaign this week communicating that DAB+ radios make great Christmas gifts and offering 30% off most DAB+ radios at JB Hi-Fi. The pre-Christmas media campaign for gift givers runs until December 24, with JB Hi-Fi extending the 30% offer through to December 31. Commercials will air across Broadcast Video On Demand (BVOD) stations and YouTube. A social media version will also run on Facebook, along with online banners. The campaign celebrates the growth of DAB+ stations and listening across Australia’s metro markets, with DAB+ radios at home, at work and in car, now accounting for over 20% of all radio listening.

(Commercial Radio & Audio) Read more

iHeart brings back Elf Radio on DAB+ to spread Christmas cheer
01.12.2022 - Australia Australia
iHeart is spreading the festive spirit with its original and award-winning digital Christmas station, Elf Radio, just in time for the holiday season. Elf Radio is on air now on the free iHeart app and via DAB+ in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Listeners can tune into the North Pole’s #1 Hit Music Station to countdown the days to Christmas to listen to Christmas favourites from the likes of Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Backstreet Boys, Sia, Jimmy Barnes, Jon Bon Jovi and more. Elf Radio was first launched in 2009, and since then, has become a fan favourite for all of those Christmas lovers. This year as a special addition, children from across the nation can record their own wish list for Santa as well as messages for family & friends, using the Talkback Mic on the free iHeart app.

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HT&E CEO Ciaran Davis named new chair of CRA
24.11.2022 - Commercial Radio & Audio WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
The CEO and managing director of HT&E, Ciaran Davis, has been announced as the new chair of industry body Commercial Radio & Audio (CRA). Mr Davis takes over from SCA CEO Grant Blackley, who has stepped down as chair after four years in the role but remains on the CRA Board. CRA represents 260 commercial radio stations across Australia, with members including Australian Radio Network (ARN), SCA, NOVA Entertainment, Nine Radio, ACE Radio Broadcasters and Super Radio Network.

(Commercial Radio & Audio (CRA)) Read more

CADA brings the beats to Melbourne’s CBD
24.11.2022 - Australia Australia
CADA continues its mission to bring Australians closer to the music and the action, with a showstopping headline event on November 30, 2022. The Hip Hop and R&B station is broadcasting live from Melbourne at ALWAYS LIVE, Victoria’s state-wide celebration of live music, supported by the Victorian Government. Kat Tamayo, Head of Marketing at CADA says, “Now that CADA is available in Melbourne on DAB+, our listener and follower base in the region continues to grow. It was only right for us to have boots on ground to give fans the opportunity to experience our shows and talent in real life.”

(Radio Today Australia) Read more

Commercial radio star power helps set another record high
09.11.2022 - Commercial Radio & Audio WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
Commercial DAB+ stations again performed strongly with almost 2.8 million weekly listeners, up 28%. Commercial radio listeners via live streaming also increased almost 26% to over 3.6 million. Mr Ennals said the survey suggests that listeners are choosing to listen across a variety of stations and widening their favourite stations to include DAB+ stations. The survey results also show that listeners are accessing their favourite stations through multiple platforms as we have seen continued growth in online listening. “This is a move from traditional radio listening that tended to circulate around people having only one or two favourite stations that they would listen to throughout the day. Consumers seem to now be more likely to have a favourite breakfast show, several stations for music and a favourite drive show.”

(Commercial Radio & Audio) Read more

80s and 90s stations are the current DAB+ flavour
08.11.2022 - Australia Australia
The 80s and 90s stations for KIIS, Mix, 96FM and GOLD continue to be at the top of the totals for the five metro areas with 374,000 and 376,000 listeners respectively. Tik Tok trending (310,000), OLDSKOOL HITS 90’s (297,000) and RnB Fridays (293,000) round out the top five. In Sydney KIIS 90s leads the DAB+ stations with 183,000 from iHeartAustralia on 144,000 and Tik Tok Trending with 139,000.

(radioinfo) Read more

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Key Information

Status: regular
Population: 23.1 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 66%
Services: 391 DAB+
New cars with DAB/DAB+ as standard: Sparkline Graph 78%
Total Sales (cumulative): 6,941,000 devices
Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 54.6%
Last update: 21.07.2022

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