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DAB+ working group on the agenda in Spain
12.12.2018 - Spain - Spain
The creation of a working group analysing the development of digital radio in Spain, brought forward by Valencian political party Compromís, is expected to be debated by the Spanish Senate Industry Committee on Monday 17 December.
From Gorka Zumeta:

New parliamentary report on commercial radio highlights importance of digital radio
12.12.2018 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Supporting the expansion of digital radio - while urging the Government to confirm that small commercial radio stations will be given a choice of when to stop broadcasting on FM -featured as part of the key recommendations in the report produced by the APPG on Commercial Radio.
From Radio Centre:

Unica Radio becomes first university radio in Italy to broadcast in DAB+
12.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
Cagliari's university radio is now available on DAB+ following an agreement with the DigitalRadio Group consortium, marking the first time a university radio in Italy broadcasts on DAB+.
From SH Mag :

Italy switches off more FM stations as South Tyrol turns to DAB+
11.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
22 FM stations are being shut down in no fewer than seven locations across South Tyrol, a region in which DAB+ has already surpassed FM, with DAB+ population coverage standing at 99.6%.
From Radiovisie:

French listeners urged to acquire DAB+ radios
10.12.2018 - France - France
Radio listeners in France are encouraged to acquire a DAB+ radio as the country continues its transition toward digital radio standards.70% of the population of France is expected to be covered with DAB+ in the next three years.
From La Lettre Pro:

DAB+ reaches 20% population coverage in France
10.12.2018 - France - France
Following the launches in Lyon and Strasbourg, DAB+ has reached the 20% population coverage in France, the threshold needed to trigger the law requiring all receivers to integrate DAB+.
From Frap Info:

RAS expands DAB+ network in South Tyrol
10.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
Following the expansion of the DAB+ broadcasting networks in Sulden and Pfelders, 99.6% of the Alto Adige population is served by 22 digital radio stations, while 95% of the population has access to 35 DAB+ stations.The RAS has also announced the shutdown of 22 low-power FM transmitters in the region.
From Newslinet:

NDR continues DAB+ expansion into 2019
08.12.2018 - Germany - Germany
The NDR continues to drive forward the expansion of its DAB+ broadcasting network with the Lüneburg, Stralsund and Greifswald locations scheduled to go into operation in December. More regions set to follow in 2019 and 2020.
From Radiowoche:

DAB+ now covering Lyon and Strasbourg
07.12.2018 - France - France
The official launch ceremonies are to take place in Lyon and Strasbourg on 12 and 19 December respectively. At the latter, CSA President Nicolas Curien will announce the 20% threshold needed to trigger the law requiring manufacturers to equip receivers with DAB has been achieved.
From Crooner:

Czech Radio launches new DAB+ digital campaign
WorldDAB Members News - 06.12.2018 - Czech Radio - Czech Republic - Czech Republic
Aimed at technology enthusiasts, the campaign is featured on social media networks including Facebook and Instagram, and has its own dedicated website -
From Digital Rozhlas:

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