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South African regulator ICASA's radio digitisation strategy
23.11.2021 - South Africa South Africa
ICASA councillor Dimakatso Qocha said: "Digital sound broadcasting is the future of radio, with immense benefits to listeners, as digital radio promises universal service and access." ICASA published Digital Sound Broadcasting Regulation in March 2021. With a large number of radio services on air, South Africa has experienced radio frequency spectrum scarcity in FM, particularly in the metropolitan areas. South Africa has not yet made a call on whether FM will be switched off completely.

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DAB+ success in Germany with increased sales and revenues
23.11.2021 - Deutschlandradio WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
DAB+ receiver sales in Germany have increased compared to the same period of the previous year. Just under 1.2 million DAB + devices were sold between January and September (+14%) amounting to 152 million euros (+9%). ARD, Deutschlandradio, private broadcasters and other members of the Digitalradio Deutschland association are together promoting DAB+ with a nationwide campaign running from November 22nd to December 5th, on TV and radio, as well as in print and online. Deutschlandradio supplements the joint nationwide activities with regional DAB+ campaigns that call for a switch from FM to DAB+. As the No 1 public broadcaster, Deutschlandradio has begun in recent years to implement purely digital programme distribution in selected regions.

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BR puts two more DAB+ locations into operation
23.11.2021 - Bayerischer Rundfunk WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) is putting two new DAB+ transmitter sites into operation on 25 November in Schönsee in Upper Palatinate and in Volkach in Lower Franconia. The DAB+ network will thus expand to 77 locations in Bavaria by the end of the year. For 2022, BR plans to put five more DAB+ transmitter locations into operation - across Bavaria.

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MDR Media sees positive interim results with DAB+ Radio Kombi
22.11.2021 - Germany Germany
National radio stations offered exclusively via DAB+ - Absolut Hot, Absolut Relax, and Radio Schlagerparadies - have come together to form DAB+ Radiokombi Germany. "Opening up new markets and placing new channels is a market economy in the best sense of the word. This is the only way to achieve growth, further development and innovation," said Reinhard Hild, Head of Sales Communication at MDR Media.

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Belgian Digital Radio Week confirms DAB+ growth
18.11.2021 - Belgium Belgium
Almost a fifth of all radio listening in Belgium is via DAB+, up from only 3% in three years. According to figures collected by survey agency Ipsos, 41% of the total radio listening volume is via a digital platform; 19% via DAB+. In 2018, that figure was only 3%.

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Media agencies see opportunity for better reach to regional markets
18.11.2021 - Australia Australia
Media agencies see the acquisition of Grant Broadcasters by ARN as positive. The transaction will see the creation of a national radio broadcast network with 58 stations, 46 DAB+ stations, across 33 markets - a 8 million broadcast and digital audience. Insiders say the new ARN will give advertisers more scale, a better national advertising solution, reaching more than a third of Australian audio consumers in one transaction. And both ARN and Grant have given a commitment to a continuing flow of "live and local content" important in keeping the attention of local audiences.

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In Australia, DAB+ and RadioApp extend radio’s reach
18.11.2021 - Commercial Radio Australia WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
Commercial Radio Australia Chief Executive Officer Joan Warner has said, “DAB+ audiences have grown as a result of broadcasters enhancing their digital radio formats and car manufacturers continuing to add DAB+ radios to their vehicle ranges. Broadcasters need to be a bit more strategic. We know that no mobile network can carry all of radio listening traffic live and local. If everybody tried to do all of their radio listening over a mobile network, the network would crash."

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Radio is top entertainment choice for car buyers
18.11.2021 - WorldDAB News
Consumers buying new cars cite radio as their No. 1 entertainment choice. The results of the Edison Research study were detailed by Tom Webster, the company’s senior vice president. “We did a survey of at least a thousand people [per country] in France, Italy, Germany, the U.K., the U.S. and Australia,” he said. “In all six countries, we looked at people who had either just bought a new car, a 2018 or newer, or were going to buy one in the next 12 months.” Webster added that weekly radio listenership across all six countries “is well over 80 percent.”

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Digital Radio Flanders 2021 research report: the details
17.11.2021 - Belgium Belgium
Commissioned by the Flemish government, the research agency Ipsos conducted a survey for the fourth year in a row among 2,000 Flemings (12+) about the state of affairs of DAB+ and digital radio in general. The full PDF of the fourth wave of the Ipsos study is available to download here.

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A new DAB+ multiplex has started in Prague
17.11.2021 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
Multiplex Color DAB+ is a joint project of JOE Media, Ultravox and Dada Media. The multiplex, on Channel 7C, is currently in test mode and this state should last until about December. It can thus be expected that the operator will change individual technical parameters, such as data flows, security, etc.

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