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DAB+ now the dominant standard in Europe says RTVE's Javier Sánchez
02.07.2020 - Spain Spain
According to Javier Sánchez, part of the innovation team of Spain's public broadcaster RTVE, DAB+ is already established as the new dominant standard for radio in Europe, and it's now time for Spain to catch up with its European counterparts.

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Spanish government set to debate legislation to implement DAB+
02.07.2020 - Top story - Spain Spain
Political party Compromís has put forward a motion for a debate on their proposal to the Senate for urgent legislation to digitise broadcast digital radio.

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Azerbaijan takes first steps toward DAB+ deployment
02.07.2020 - Teleradio PU of the Azerbaijan Republic WorldDAB Member - Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
The Azerbaijan Automobile Dealers Association (AADA) confirmed it will carry out a review of the current radio landscape in Azerbaijan, with particular focus on DAB+, and to include market research to understand more fully the perceptions and needs of both drivers and car dealers in relation to radio.

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New proposal aimed at developing DAB+ in Spain presented before the Senate
02.07.2020 - Spain Spain
The proposal, which is aimed at driving the development of DAB+ digital radio, calls on the government to draw out a plan promoting the implementation of DAB+ in Spain. Presented before the senate, the proposal is set to be reviewed by the Committee on Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

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New national news station Times Radio goes live in the UK
01.07.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
New national news station, Times Radio, has officially launched nationally on DAB digital radio. Ensure your DAB radio is fully up to date with all your available stations, including Times Radio by retuning.

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What's the best touchscreen radio for your car?
01.07.2020 - Germany Germany
This feature brings together some of the most notable touchscreen car radios available to drivers in Germany, a key component of which is DAB+ digital radio.

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New CEO highlights DAB+ as key part of Antenna Germany's digital strategy
01.07.2020 - Germany Germany
Following his appointment, the new CEO Joe Pawlas discussed the company's plans for continued growth within the audio market, highlighting digital radio and DAB+ as a key part of their strategy.

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New courses for DAB+ vehicle integration available in Switzerland
01.07.2020 - Switzerland Switzerland
DAB+ training certificates are available to automotive professionals in Switzerland wishing to obtain formal qualifications in regards to DAB+. The one day course focuses on a number of topics including DAB+ network structure, standards, antenna technology and installation.

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Australian regulator launches consultation to enable community stations to broadcast in digital
01.07.2020 - Australia Australia
The Australian regulator ACMA has launched a consultation on extending DAB+ licences to enable community radio broadcasting services in these areas to broadcast in digital. under the current legislation for digital radio, community radio broadcasting licensees need access to digital multiplex capacity to transmit digital services.

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Netherlands prepares for Digital Radio Week
30.06.2020 - Netherlands Netherlands
The Digital Radio Week is set to kick off in the Netherlands on Monday 6 July. A joint initiative on behalf of public and commercial radio stations in the Netherlands, the campaign will focus on promoting DAB+ radio to listeners across the country.

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