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Germany celebrates a decade of "more radio" on DAB+
30.07.2021 - Germany Germany
DAB+ launched in Germany on 1 August 2011 in Germany, providing a solution to the shortage of FM frequencies. From the original 27 radio transmitter towers, a digital transmitter network has been created in just 10 years with 149 radio towers throughout Germany. Up to 29 programs can now be received across Germany via DAB+. In addition, there are many regional and national public and private offers: with a total of 270 different programs available, 70 of which can be received exclusively via DAB+. Initially public broadcasters Deutschlandradio and ARD were the drivers of DAB+, but many well-known private broadcasters are also now relying on digital programme distribution.

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Polish Radio will increase its presence in DAB+
29.07.2021 - Poland Poland
From October, thanks to the activation of additional transmitters, the broadcasts of Polish Radio via the DAB+ standard will reach 80.1% of the population of Poland.

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UK hospital submits application for small-scale DAB multiplex
28.07.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Wrightington Hospital Radio has recognised its community of interest goes beyond the hospitals themselves, as outpatient services have expanded significantly over the years. Small scale DAB gives them an opportunity to broadcast to their wider community and develop their service not least in the provision of positive health messaging.

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Warning system via DAB+ can save lives
28.07.2021 - Fraunhofer IIS WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
A warning system developed by Fraunhofer IIS called EWF (Emergency Warning Functionality) for DAB+ digital radio devices could have warned people of disasters, even if the radio was switched off. If mobile internet fails, warning messages can no longer be received via smartphones.

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42% of Bavarians now have access to DAB+
27.07.2021 - Germany Germany
42% of the population have access to DAB+ and more than a quarter listen to digital terrestrial radio on average from Monday to Friday. Compared to last year, access to DAB+ (+7.8%) and daily use (+6.1%) have increased significantly. Together with DAB+, digital listening via DAB+, internet, cable and satellite is now also at 42% (up 5%) with web radio in second place after DAB+ at 16.8%. FM listening fell to 58% (-8.8%).

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Low-power transmitter range launched by GatesAir
26.07.2021 - GatesAir WorldDAB Member
“The PMTX-1 is a problem-solver for any broadcaster or network operator transitioning to an SFN, filling in coverage gaps, or requiring a low-power solution for a specific market or region” says Ted Lanz, VP of Product Line Management. GatesAir will continue to expand the PMTX-1 series, with VHF TV and DAB Radio capabilities expected later this year.

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Consultation launched on UK national commercial DAB mux licences
26.07.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
In his foreword the Government Minister highlighted the progress made with digital radio, now representing 58.6% of radio listening, and DAB accounting for over 40% of radio listening. Three options for licensing of the two national DAB commercial multiplexes are laid out - the first is to let the current licences run through to 2023 and 2028 respectively and then re-advertise, whilst the second and third options are to give Ofcom powers to extend both licences to either 2030 or to 2035.

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Croatia regulator launches tender for DAB+ network
26.07.2021 - Croatia Croatia
Croatia's telecoms regulator HAKOM has launched a public tender for the provision of a DAB+ digital radio transmitter network management service. At its meeting held on 22 July HAKOM adopted a decision to announce the tender for the issuance of an individual licence for the use of radio frequency spectrum for the provision of digital radio network management services, for MUX 1. The deadline for applications is 10 September, and HAKOM will take a decision by 11 October.

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Emergency announcements with DAB
26.07.2021 - AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
If a disaster occurs, the mobile phone networks are quickly overloaded or no longer available. The public must therefore be informed via an independent infrastructure. DAB offers a robust and well-established transmission network and simple (battery-powered) DAB receivers are sufficient for reception. In addition, DAB broadcasts are unencrypted and freely available and can reach the entire population. DAB is therefore very well suited for transmitting emergency warning information.

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UKE announces the results of the competition for local DAB+ operators
21.07.2021 - Poland Poland
The Office of Electronic Communications informed that the operator of five local DAB+ multiplexes will be DABCOM, and the other two to which the competition announced in April was going to go to PSN Infrastruktura.

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