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Start date for regional multiplexes in Lower Saxony
06.06.2023 - Germany Germany
The start date for the regional DAB+ multiplexes for private broadcasters in Lower Saxony has been set. As the platform operator Media Broadcast confirmed on request, broadcasting is scheduled to start on 13 July. The company has not yet given any further details, such as the transmitter locations planned for the start and the planned programme line-up.

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Tenth edition of Digital Radio Week launched
05.06.2023 - Top story - Netherlands Netherlands
On Monday, 'Digital Radio Week' was launched on a large number of public and commercial stations. Until Friday (9 June), radio stations will pay focus on DAB+. The campaign week is being held for the tenth time. How the stations will organise this week differs per station. Most radio stations, including NPO Radio 1, NPO Klassiek, 100% NL, Slam, Sublime and Omroep Flevoland, are again giving away DAB+ radios.

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What to do to keep listening to your car radio
05.06.2023 - Spain Spain
From 31 December 2020, all new cars sold in Spain will include a DAB or DAB+ receiver for radio tuning, in addition to the usual FM antenna. The big question is why it is necessary to incorporate this system in cars if Spanish radio stations have not spent a single euro on promoting this type of broadcasting in more than 20 years. And yet, almost all the well-known ones broadcast in DAB+ and every month new ones appear which would be considered illegal but which take advantage of the vacuum that exists.

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Croatians get DAB+ in the road tunnel
05.06.2023 - Croatia Croatia
Croatian operator OIV covered the Učka road tunnel, which crosses the Učka mountain range and connects the Istria peninsula and the Croatian coast, with the signal of the first DAB+ digital radio broadcast (OIV Croatia DAB+) in May 2023. Work on this project started in the middle of last year and the implementation of the equipment and the first technical tests took place in January 2023.

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Teleko digital will broadcast its DAB+ multiplex in Prague from the City Tower building
05.06.2023 - Czechia Czechia
Teleko digital, a company from Příbram, has acquired a new City Tower for the distribution of its DAB+ multiplex signal in Prague. This change is related to the planned relocation of the original transmitter at the Rošický stadium, which is in disrepair and no longer serves the public. The same move must be implemented by other entities that used this facility. In the case of the City Tower, the planned channel and power will not change. Therefore, the TELEKO DAB multiplex will continue to operate on channel 11A with a power of 199 watts.

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DAB calls published for Emilia Romagna, Marche, Lazio and Sardinia
05.06.2023 - Top story - Italy Italy
Published in the G.U. Serie Generale n.129 of 5 June 2023 is the call for expressions of interest for the assignment of rights of use to network operators for planned local DAB+ networks in areas 8 (Emilia-Romagna), 11 (Marche), 12 (Lazio) and 20 (Sardinia). The application to take part in the procedure must be submitted within 60 days. The full text of the call and its annexes will be available on the website of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy.

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Five new transmitters in 2023 as Deutschlandradio continues DAB+ expansion
02.06.2023 - Deutschlandradio WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
Deutschlandradio continues to drive forward the digitisation of radio broadcasting. For 2023, the commissioning of five new transmitters has been ordered from the network operator Media Broadcast. Next week, the Zwickau transmitter in Saxony will be switched on, followed later in the year by transmitters in Bad Kreuznach (Rhineland-Palatinate), Hornisgrinde and Mainhardt (Baden-Württemberg) and Merchingen (Saarland). The expansion of the nationwide DAB+ transmitter network significantly improves reception conditions for listeners, especially in more sparsely populated regions. The 1st national DAB+ multiplex in channel 5C includes the programmes Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Deutschlandfunk Nova, the digital channel Deutschlandfunk Dokumente und Debatten and nine other private programmes.

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Infinite Dial Australia webinar
02.06.2023 - Commercial Radio & Audio WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
The Infinite Dial 2023 Australia webinar, at 10:30 am AEST on 27 June, will reveal how Australians are consuming digital audio media today. The 7th annual Infinite Dial 2023 Australia report is a comprehensive study of digital audio media behaviour from leading US research company Edison Research, which carries out digital audio consumption analysis globally, including for over 20 years in the US, under the Infinite Dial banner.

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RadioTv Forum 2023: Aeranti-Corallo's annual conference
01.06.2023 - Italy Italy
A day dedicated to the local radio and television broadcasting sector. The RadioTv Forum 2023, AERANTI-CORALLO's annual conference, will take place on Wednesday 21 June 2023, starting at 10.30 a.m., in Rome. At 1.15 p.m. there will be the speech "Regulatory aspects of the start-up of digital radio broadcasting in the local area", by Lawyer Antonio Provenzano (Director DRS of the Communications Guarantee Authority). After the lunch break, work will resume at 2.30 p.m. with the speech by Eugenio La Teana, Player Editori Radio, on "Radioplayer, a solution for the automotive and all other connected devices"; this will be followed by the technological seminar "The world of industry in comparison: solutions for DAB+ radio", with representatives from the sector companies Aldena, Gatesair, Itel, Syes and Telsat.


2nd national DAB+ mux to cover nine further regions
01.06.2023 - Germany Germany
From 1 June 2023, DAB+ listeners in six regions can look forward to 16 additional private radio programmes in digital quality. Three more locations are expected to follow on 17 July. "With the commissioning of the new transmitters, we are continuously expanding the reach of our national DAB+ platform. With the nine transmitters this year and the already agreed expansion next year, about 59 million inhabitants in Germany will then be able to receive the programmes at home. Coverage along the motorways will then be over 92 per cent. National radio via DAB+ is thus also gaining in importance for advertisers," said Mirko Drenger, CEO of Antenne Deutschland.

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