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WorldDAB to hold DAB+ workshop at ABU DBS 2021
29.03.2021 - WorldDAB News - Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) WorldDAB Member
Organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2021 will take place from April 5 to 8 and for the first time, the entire event will be held online in light of the ongoing global pandemic.

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Podcast Radio added to Birmingham small-scale DAB
29.03.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Podcast Radio has been added to DAB in Birmingham, in addition to being on-air in London, Surrey, Manchester and Glasgow. Podcast Radio CEO Gerry Edwards says: “We’ve wanted to expand to Birmingham for some time now. We’ve been waiting for space on the digital transmitter multiplex there and as soon as the opportunity arose for further expansion, we grabbed it."

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DRUK launches new digital radio campaign
29.03.2021 - Digital Radio UK WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Digital Radio UK has launched a new on air campaign communicating how listeners can enjoy their favourite stations with digital radio at home, on the go and in their car as the easing of restrictions sees a welcome return to more activities. The new 30 second spots will run across national and local commercial radio stations from Monday 29 March to Sunday 25 April 2021.

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Six best DAB radios for kitchen discos and garden listening
26.03.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
There are several different types of DAB radios, including tabletop (for using at home), alarm clock radios (with built-in features to help get you up in the morning), and portable radios (to take on holiday, on picnics or out to the garden).

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Absolute Radio Network plans DAB+ expansion
25.03.2021 - Digital Radio UK WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Leading digital network Absolute Radio Network recently announced plans to switch off some FM services in London and increase its DAB/DAB+ distribution. Bauer's Paul Sylvester, Content Director of the Absolute Radio Network, spoke to DRUK's Yvette Dore about this expansion and Bauer's digital strategy.

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Free radio stations in Baden-Württemberg seek financial support to launch on DAB+
24.03.2021 - Germany Germany
Free radio stations in the southerwestern state of Baden-Württemberg are demand political parties to support their call for the subsidised entry of free radios on DAB+.

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WorldDAB to hold DAB+ workshop at ABU DBS 2021
24.03.2021 - Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
As part of ABU DBS 2021, WorldDAB will host a DAB+ workshop on Tuesday, April 6, 4:10–5:10 p.m. MYT (10:10–11:10 CET). The workshop will discuss the latest on the rollout of DAB+ across the APAC region.

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First stations revealed for Tyneside’s small-scale DAB
24.03.2021 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
The first 14 new radio stations have been revealed for Tyneside’s new small-scale DAB radio multiplex. The new stations confirmed include local community broadcasters, specialist music and programming services, football fan stations as well as several national radio companies.

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New DAB+ campaign goes live in The Netherlands
23.03.2021 - Netherlands Netherlands
The use of FM in The Netherlands is declining. As soon as the number of listeners via analogue FM has decreased to 30% of the Dutch population, the parties will agree on a date on which FM will be switched off.

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BR launches new DAB+ transmitter in central Germany
22.03.2021 - Germany Germany
The new transmitter operated by Bavarian public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) is launching in Gemünden on Thursday 25 March.

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