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New flagship Audi Q8 review
WorldDAB Members News - 14.12.2018 - AUDI AG - Australia - Australia
The new flagship Audi Q8 is available with DAB radio.
From Big Rigs:

Ford Focus 2019 review | Specs, Details, Performance, Range
14.12.2018 - Australia - Australia
The new Ford Focus 2019 range is available with DAB radio.
From Drive:

News National Hit and Triple M networks personalise web experience
14.12.2018 - Australia - Australia
Stations across the entire Hit and Triple M metro and regional markets will now feature this new platform with a focus on audio and personalisation.
From Mediaweek:

GPO Retro Darcy 1960s-style radio
14.12.2018 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Looking for a perfect finishing touch for a retro room? This GPO Retro Darcy 1960s-style radio might be the solution.
From Retro To Go:

New Tank icons, digital radio, driving bans, E-cars: The changes in 2019 for motorists
13.12.2018 - United States - United States
Within a period of two years, all new cars need to come with DAB+.
From The Dickinson Daily News:

The Lust List: New tech we want
13.12.2018 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Como Audio Musica With music streaming, DAB/FM radio and a CD slot on-board, this wireless music box blends the old school with the new.
From Metro Newspaper UK:

All-new PEUGEOT Partner takes top award at the 2019 What Van? Awards
13.12.2018 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The all-new Partner is available with DAB radio.
From Automotive World:

Digital radio has arrived in Lyon
13.12.2018 - France - France
Over 40 radio stations in and around the wider Lyon area are already broadcasting on DAB+, which provides a higher sound quality and a wider choice of stations. Once population coverage in France reaches 20%, radio manufacturers will have the obligation to integrate this technology in their receivers.
From Radio Scoop:

European Union imposes digital radio in cars
13.12.2018 - Germany - Germany
The decision, formally signed by both the European Parliament and the European Council, will be published on 17 December and come into force three days later.

DAB+ officially launches in Lyon
13.12.2018 - France - France
DAB+ has officially launched in Lyon following earlier launches in Paris Marseille, Nice and Lille. Speaking at the official launch in Lyon, Alain Liberty, president of the union of independent radios, highlighted this as being "the most important change in the radio industry since the launch of the FM band".
From Lyon Mag:

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