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In April 2023, the Czech Telecommunications Office (ČTÚ) published for renewed public consultation a draft announcement of a tender procedure aimed at allocating frequencies for the provision of two national and 27 regional broadcast networks for DAB+ terrestrial digital radio. 

Press release: Tender conditions for DAB+ broadcasting in public consultation


An amendment to the Electronic Communications Act was passed by the Czech Parliament's Chamber of Deputies on 15 September 2021, granting Czech Radio the right to operate its own digital radio network in Band III and reservation of frequencies/spectrum by the Czech Telecommunication Bureau.

Czech Radio has one regular multiplex, available for 95% of the population of the Czech Republic, divided for Czechia and Moravia segment (12C and 12D). Four other multiplexes are on air in the Czech Republic and are operated by TELEKO, Ceske Radiokomunikace, RTI cz and JOE Media.

In 2021 Czech Radio launched two new DAB+ only stations – "Radiožurnál Sport” (CRo-RZ-SPORT) and "Pohoda” (CRo-POHODA), targeted to the 'sports lovers' audience and senior audiences.

In September 2020, Czech Radio launched 10 new DAB + transmitters, increasing population coverage from 85% to 95%.

A brochure highlighting the 15-year history of DAB+ digital radio in the Czech Republic is available in Czech here.

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Population coverage currently stands at 95%.

Detailed and up-to-date maps of DAB+ coverage can be found at

Czech Radio has one regular multiplex in the Czech Republic divided into CZECH and MORAVIA. Currently, 16 Czech Radio stations are broadcasting.

There are four other multiplexes in the Czech Republic operated by TELEKO Digital, České Radiokomunikace, RTI cz and JOE Media.

The network operator TELEKO DAB operates one regular local DAB+ multiplex using band III, which reaches 5.8 million inhabitants in the Czech Republic. The signal broadcasts in and around Prague, Příbram, Brno and surroundings, Moravian-Silesian Region, Ústí nad Labem Region and Hradec Kralove Region. The TELEKO DAB multiplex broadcasts 6 radio stations.

The operator of the RTI cz network operates 60 radio transmitters in the FM band, mostly in western Bohemia. In 2011, RTI CZ obtained a licence for digital radio DAB (L-band, later III band) in the Pilsen Region, Karlovy Vary Region, South Bohemia Region and Prague. RTI cz currently operates 10 DAB+ transmitters and broadcasts 6 radio stations in the RTI cz DAB multiplex.

České Radiokomunikace operates a CRA DAB+ multiplex (four transmitters) in Prague, Pilsen and Ostava where 14 radio stations are broadcast.

From the end of 2020, JOE Media operates the COLOR DAB+ multiplex (two transmitters in Prague), which broadcasts 8 radio stations.


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In this country there are

on air.

Please note:

(a)    These web pages are updated regularly to reflect current services on air, however they may not be exactly up to date.

(b)    The logos shown on these pages are for illustrative purposes only – manufacturers and broadcasters are directed here for information on implementing station logos.

A comprehensive listing of DAB+ services on air in the Czech Republic is available at the website by choosing the DAB v ČR option.

Slideshow services are offered by all network operators in Czech Republic. TELEKO uses the latest Rapid software in their DAB CLOUD MULTIPLEXOR. TELEKO transforms the news from RSS feeds into JPEGs and also sends pictures from webcams in studios or weathercams.

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 47 25 72

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In the Czech Republic, 93% of new cars sold in 2021 have DAB+ as standard (Source: JATO Dynamics 2022).

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DAB radio is using L-band and Band III in the Czech Republic and it is important to check if the receiver is ready for use in both bands.

A wide range of receivers are available to buy online:


Electroworld (

LIDL ( (Sale)



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In August 2007 a trial was launched by TELEKO in cooperation with the public broadcaster Český Rozhlas with three DAB programmes and two DAB+ programmes. This trial used both Band III and L-Band and covered almost 130,000 people. A further trial began in June 2008, again as a joint project between the TELEKO company in cooperation with the public broadcaster Czech Radio. A 2.5Kw transmitter provided coverage of the capital city, Prague, to a population of around 1.3 million. The goal of this noncommercial trial was the promotion of digital radio to the Czech public and Government administrators. In early 2009 a further trial was launched in the second largest city Brno covering approximately 0.5 million people.

Trials have been completed in the Czech Republic and all network operators have been awarded with licenses. Technical trials e.g. for checking signal parameters are operated using the licensed frequencies as a part of the regular transmission implementation. For example, the company Ceske Radiokomunikace is using its L-band licensed frequency for such a test with two programs using the Prague-Zizkov transmitter since early 2013.

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Key features of regulation for digital radio in Czech Republic 
  • Band III only used
  • Five network operators operate one nationwide multiplex (public service Czech Radio) and four regional multiplexes with public and commercial programmes all on DAB+ 
  • Licences are granted for different periods, up to a maximum of 10 years, some to be granted or renewed in 2022, all in III Band only
  • No analogue radio switch-off date
  • Analogue radio licences will be prolonged without a clear time limit

Spectrum and content regulation is divided between the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (content) and the Czech Telecommunication Office (spectrum).

Analogue radio licenses will be prolonged for all analogue licence holders, at this point in time, for an unspecified time. Czech Radio as the public radio broadcaster operates its own DAB+ network with national coverage. Some private broadcasters use DAB+ networks by private operators to broadcast their stations via DAB+. Therefore, the transition to digital radio in the Czech Republic has successfully started and digital radio is being rolled out by both the public and private radio sectors.  There are no obstacles to the deployment of digital radio from the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting and from the Czech Telecommunication Office.

The Radio Spectrum Utilisation Plan (RSUP, or PVRS in Czech language) for particular bands sets out detailed regulation for the use of frequencies. The current RSUP dedicates all III Band (frequencies from 174 to 230 MHz) to DAB (the Czech Telecommunication Office refers to DAB+ as T-DAB). Further information about the RSUP is available at

For a detailed overview on 174 - 380 MHz spectrum see here:

Allocation of additional DAB+ multiplexes for private network operators is planned by the Czech Telecommunication Office for 2022 and beyond.

The switchover to DVB-T2 digital TV was finished in 2020, and digital TV frequencies are allocated exclusively outside III Band, which is intended for DAB+ radio only. L Band is no longer used for DAB+ radio.

At the time of writing there are five DAB+ network operators:

Czech Radio, Ceske Radiokomunikace, TELEKO digital, RTIcz and JOE Media.

The principal document for electronic communication regulation is the Act. No. 127/2005 Coll. on Electronic Communications, was amended in 2021 by the Act. No. 374/2021 Coll. This document explains spectrum regulation in the Czech Republic represented by the National Table of Frequency Allocation (NTFA) which allocates the frequency bands to particular radio communication services and describes the general conditions for frequency use. Detailed information about NTFA is available here:  

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A marketing campaign is due to be launched, in collaboration with the automotive industry - primarily Skoda - and the main retailers in the country

Broadcasters are investing inmultimedia, with each of the 14 channels in a mux equipped with full multimedia services - headlines, artists information and images

The company RTI cz also promotes DAB+ open days in the Czech Radio, as per the images below taken in Prague, Pilsen and Ceske Budejovice.



The company RTI cz operates its own e-shop with a DAB+ receiver (

The company RTI cz operates a Web portal about digital radio in the Czech Republic on You will find here:

  • Current information
  • What is digital radio
  • History of digital radio
  • DAB in the Czech Republic (operators / list of radio stations / channel list / map coverage)
  • DAB in the world
  • Links to websites about digital radio


1) Day with digital radio (Exhibition of DAB radio receivers and lectures on digital radio in cooperation with Czech Radio) (only in Czech) Promo video here:

2) Digital radio in schools (lectures on digital radio at vocational schools)

3) DAB radio for the blind (RTI have prepared a Czech version of the audio files for the NOXON dRadio1 radio with voice output)


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DAB radio is used for emergency warning distribution by distributing programs of the public broadcaster.
For example, during the floods in June 2013 the actual emergency information was included in the DAB radiotext transmission of two public broadcaster programs.

Radio Proglas: ready to turn off FM, waiting for development of DAB+
07.06.2023 - Czechia Czechia
Christian radio station Rádio Proglas is ready to switch off analogue FM broadcasting and replace it with DAB+ technology in the future. However, this step must be preceded by a favourable approach from the Czech Telecommunications Office in the form of a tender for new frequency networks. In the current issue of the Proglas newsletter, the station's director Martin Holík reports on this.

(Český rozhlas) Read more

Teleko digital will broadcast its DAB+ multiplex in Prague from the City Tower building
05.06.2023 - Czechia Czechia
Teleko digital, a company from Příbram, has acquired a new City Tower for the distribution of its DAB+ multiplex signal in Prague. This change is related to the planned relocation of the original transmitter at the Rošický stadium, which is in disrepair and no longer serves the public. The same move must be implemented by other entities that used this facility. In the case of the City Tower, the planned channel and power will not change. Therefore, the TELEKO DAB multiplex will continue to operate on channel 11A with a power of 199 watts.

(Český rozhlas) Read more

České Radiokomunikace: ČRo DAB+ mux presents the huge advantages of digital radio
17.05.2023 - Czechia Czechia
The CRo DAB+ multiplex acts as a de facto showcase for digital radio, presenting its advantages. In an interview on the 60th anniversary of Czech Radio Communications, Marcel Procházka, Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, discusses this on their YouTube channel. "The current FM broadcasting is the last analogue platform, everything is digital - the internet, TV broadcasting and radio broadcasting have been somewhat neglected, but now the situation is changing. Czech Radio still broadcasts three or four stations in the FM band. There is no room for more stations, there are no frequencies. For physical reasons, we cannot expand this broadcasting. Czech Radio's DAB+ network contains seventeen radio stations. We can compare it, four versus seventeen," Procházka said.

(Český rozhlas) Read more

New music station Rádio Energic will start broadcasting in DAB+
04.05.2023 - Czechia Czechia
A new music radio will start broadcasting in the Czech Republic. The station called Rádio Energic has received a licence for digital radio broadcasting in the DAB+ system. It plans to start broadcasting in the first half of the year, according to its Facebook profile. It wants to focus on the music format CHR (contemporary hit radio, i.e. the latest hits). The studio is in Mladá Boleslav, owned by businessman Tomáš Veselý.

( Read more

Consultation on Czech DAB+ tender opens
28.04.2023 - Czechia Czechia
The Czech Telecommunications Office (ČTÚ) has published for renewed public consultation a draft announcement of a tender procedure aimed at allocating frequencies for the provision of two national and 27 regional broadcast networks for DAB+ terrestrial digital radio. "Our goal is to set the conditions right, so that the new broadcasting format can be successfully developed and transformed into a permanent and stable broadcast," said Marek Ebert, Chairman of the CTU Council.

(Czech Telecommunications Office (ČTÚ)) Read more

Limit on DAB+ licences ends
24.04.2023 - Czechia Czechia
On Friday, the Chamber of Deputies overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the Radio and Television Broadcasting Act, which was submitted by STAN MP Ondřej Lochman as an addendum to the government's amendment to the Electronic Communications Act. Radio operators will be able to obtain an unlimited number of licences for digital terrestrial radio broadcasting once DAB+ digital radio broadcasting networks for private radios are established. This regulation applied to analogue radio broadcasting and was due to the frequency band limitation. However, in digital broadcasting there will be room for a range of new nationwide programmes, including thematic stations established by existing operators.

(Televizní Read more

ČTÚ receives comments on the tender for DAB+ networks, and accepted some of them
31.03.2023 - Czechia Czechia
The Czech Telecommunications Authority received comments on the planned auction of frequencies for nationwide and regional digital radio networks. It acknowledged part of the objections and will adjust the procurement documentation accordingly. One of the objections concerned the requirement to cover at least 80 percent of the population of the given territory with a regional network signal within two years. The authority partially acknowledged that it was too strict. "For regional allocations, the plan is to loosen the required coverage over time," it said.

( Read more

Digital radio a success in Europe #RDE23
31.03.2023 - Czech Radio WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany - Czechia Czechia - Norway Norway
Digital radio is a success in Europe and the EU now mandates that all cars sold in the common market must have a DAB+ receiver to receive free to air broadcast radio. But it has not always been an easy road to achieve success. The Radiodays Europe conference has heard that in Germany radio only has 4.1% of the advertising market because it is divided up into state licence areas and no analog broadcaster has been able to operate nation wide. That puts German commercial radio at a disadvantage compared with the top European countries that get 10% or more of their country’s ad revenue. This situation is now being rectified because Germany’s DAB+ licences enable nationwide broadcasting and new players, according to Erwin Linnenbach from Teutocast.

(RadioInfo Australia) Read more

The future is now… challenges and opportunities in Audio #RDE23
29.03.2023 - Radio France WorldDAB Member - Czechia Czechia
“Audio is the new cool, so we need to become the leader of audio,” said Charles-Emmanuel Bon from Radio France during a panel discussion at RDE23. “We need to segment in the way audiences use digital media, not in the traditional way through age demographics. Audiences need to be profiled by understanding their content interests and how they consume content… “We aim to produce less content, but more targeted content by forging links between our marketing and programming areas to inform our content and delivery.” Bon explained that his station segments content by thinking it through, producing it and distributing the content on a targeted platform.

(Radioinfo) Read more

This will keep radio ahead of the competitive curve in cars: Xperi at #RDE23
28.03.2023 - Xperi Corporation WorldDAB Member - Czechia Czechia
Xperi has launched a new service that can deliver high quality rich content to listeners’ dashboards and give new insights for programmers into how people are using radio in cars. Speaking at Radiodays Europe, Joe D’Angelo and Desmond Fuller unveiled DTS AutoStage, which “unleashes the power of audio through UX and analytics.” It also puts radio back into a strong position again as auto manufacturers make plans for enhanced entertainment options in autonomous driving cars.

(RadioInfo) Read more

  • Radiodays_hall

    WorldDAB at Radiodays Europe 2023


    The radio industry gathered for the 2023 edition of Radiodays Europe, held in Prague to mark the centenary of Czech Radio. WorldDAB was there as delegates discussed the impact of AI, and the importance of securing radio's prominence in the connected car and on smart speakers. (Photo: Radiodays Europe)

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