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UK-based small-scale DAB solution specialists Viamux are running a two-year small scale DAB+ trial in Dublin carrying Ireland's 45 national and commercial radio stations. For more information visit the

Until March 2021, national public broadcaster RTÉ operated a full-service Multiplex across a five transmitter network covering 52% of the population in the main cities.

On 31 March 2021, RTÉ switched off its DAB transmissions for three main factors – the fact that DAB was the least utilised platform in Ireland; that RTÉ is the only Irish broadcaster on the DAB system, and cost avoidance.

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 Before being switched off, RTÉ’s ‘national’ multiplex reached all the major population centres and a total 52% of the population.


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The EECC requires new passenger cars sold across the EU to include digital terrestrial capabilities as standard.

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With close proximity to the UK market, DAB receivers are readily available in most electrical retailers.

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UK-based small-scale DAB solution specialists Viamux are running a two-year small scale DAB+ trial in Dublin carrying Ireland's 45 national and commercial radio stations. For more information visit the

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The Broadcasting Act 2009 makes provision for the licensing of sound broadcasting multiplexes to RTÉ and the commercial sector.

Under RCC-06 Ireland has been allotted two frequencies for national DAB multiplexes, 12A and 12C, with other allocations for regional/local multiplexes. The RTE Multiplex is operating on Block 12C (227.360 MHz).

The Broadcasting Act also makes provision for existing commercial broadcasters in multiplex broadcasting areas to migrate to DAB, which includes an extension to their licence of up to six years. However, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has not yet addressed the issue of establishing a regulatory framework.

English LGBTQ+ radio station goes on DAB in Ireland
29.09.2021 - Ireland Ireland
LGBTQ+ station Gorgeous Radio, established in Wolverhampton, England, has launched in Ireland using DAB+. The service is now part of the line-up on FreeDAB, heard in some of the major cities across the Republic. FreeDAB is currently the only service offering space on a DAB multiplex and carries a number of stations including Dublin’s ABC, Fusion Radio, Shine, Release DAB, Angel Vintage, Kream DAB, Juice and Fire Radio. The mux launched in 2019 but was raided by the Garda in 2020 when it fell silent. It has since resumed broadcasting.

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Ipsos MRBI research shows 81% of Irish adults listen to radio everyday
15.02.2021 - Ireland Ireland
The research, Radio in a Digital World, shows that the vast majority of people still use an FM radio but there is a growing cohort-, 8% or 330,000 people- who use a digital device.

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dB Digital launches call for tenders for national commercial multiplex
08.01.2020 - Ireland Ireland
dB Digital is calling for broadcasters looking to expand their brands through DAB+ to register their interest for a place on Ireland’s first commercial DAB+ multiplex. Interested parties should submit their applications no later than Friday 14th February 2020.

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Radio Nova wants to take over RTÉ’s national DAB frequencies
06.11.2019 - Ireland Ireland
Following the news that RTÉ is to close at least five DAB digital radio stations, and despite the fact that the public broadcaster has not announced any timescales - or if the national multiplex it runs will be closed as well, Radio Nova has expressed strong interest in taking over the frequencies.

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Juice Cork gets new audio imaging for DAB radio service
01.05.2019 - Ireland Ireland
Juice Cork has a new sound to promote their addition to the Éirdab DAB digital radio multiplex trial in Cork. The music and sound design are elements from Rob Wills’ Media production service ‘Audio Sweets ASX’.

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Una Healy to host show on UK’s first national country music radio station
12.03.2019 - Ireland Ireland - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Una Healy will have a show on the UK's first national country music radio station.

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BAI commitment to DAB welcomed by trial operator in Republic of Ireland
27.11.2018 - Ireland Ireland
Éirdab, operator of the DAB trial in Cork, has welcomed the BAI’s Strategy Statement for 2017-19 to review the potential for digital audio broadcasting, which sets out an undertaking to commission an independent expert review of the future for DAB in Ireland.

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8Radio returns and goes digital with éirdab
16.10.2018 - Ireland Ireland
Online station will be available via Ireland’s first small-scale DAB trial in Cork, operated by éirdab, serving a population of a quarter of a million people in and around the city.

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Lenco DIR 200 internet DAB radio
07.09.2018 - Ireland Ireland
Tune in all over the world with the Lenco DIR-200 DAB+ Internet Radio with PLL FM Radio. When connected to the internet, the DIR-200 can receive radio stations and Podcasts from all over the world making it effortless to tune into something new, or simply tune into a favourite FM station with the PLL FM Radio. It is also compatible with a UPnP multimedia server.

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Cork Internet Exchange adds DAB capability
21.08.2018 - Ireland Ireland
Cork Internet Exchange (CIX) has been selected by digital radio specialist, Viamux, as the operations centre for a DAB multiplex operating under a test and trial licence issued by ComReg. "We are delighted to be able to offer Viamux, the infrastructure they needed to bring DAB to Cork,” said CIX managing director Jerry Sweeney.

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Status: trial and/or regulation
Population: 4.9 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 52%
Total Sales (cumulative): 400,000 devices
Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 17%
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