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National Public Broadcaster RTÉ operates a full-service Multiplex across a five transmitter network covering 52% of the population in the main cities. Legislation has been in place since 2009 to enable commercial broadcasters to engage with DAB but the broadcasting regulator has not addressed the issue of establishing a regulatory framework to date. It is expected that Ireland will adopt the DAB+ standard.

In January 2020, dB Digital called for broadcasters looking to expand their brands through DAB+ to register their interest for a place on Ireland’s first commercial DAB+ multiplex. Interested parties should submit their applications no later than Friday 14th February 2020.

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 RTÉ’s ‘national’ multiplex reaches all the major population centres, 52% of the population.

The projected population coverage of the Trial multiplex in Cork is 250,000. 

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In this country there are

on air.

National Multiplex

RTE: Block 12C: 227.360MHz Allotment IRL DAB NATIONAL 1

Simulcast stations: RTE Radio One, RTE 2FM, RTE Lyric, RTE RnaG
Exclusive stations: RTE Radio One Extra, RTE Junior, RTE Pulse, RTE Gold, RTE 2XM


Regional Multiplex

RTE: Block 12C: 227.360MHz Allotment IRL DAB NATIONAL 1

Simulcast stations: Radio Maria and UCB Ireland
Exclusive stations: Radio Maria and UCB Ireland

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB programmes 5 5 10

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Peugeot are now shipping most of their standard models with digital radio receivers included. In 2015 RTÉ has engaged with SIMI (Society of Irish Motor importers). Their position is that in order to further facilitate the normalisation of digital radio automotive inclusion, a joining of our coverage areas along our main motorway routes and Munster and Leinster commuter corridors, is necessary. Due to close proximity to the UK market, DAB+ head units are readily available for purchase.

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With close proximity to the UK market DAB receivers are readily available in most electrical retailers.

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Two trials operated under annual trial licence from the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg). They were operated by dB Digital Broadcasting (on frequency 12A) and Total Broadcast (on frequency 9B).

dB Digital Broadcasting’s trial offered six stations in both DAB and DAB+ and broadcasted to Ireland’s two main cities, Dublin and Cork. Each service displayed dynamically updated DLS on DAB and full dynamically updated Slideshow service on DAB+. The trial also carried the UK based station Amazing Radio, making it the first UK radio service to broadcast terrestrially in Ireland. Total Broadcast’s trial offered a mix of DAB and DAB+ simulcasts from Irish based FM stations as well as stations exclusive to DAB/DAB+. They operated a SFN across the South-East covering the city of Waterford.

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The Broadcasting Act 2009 makes provision for the licensing of sound broadcasting multiplexes to RTÉ and the commercial sector.

Under RCC-06 Ireland has been allotted two frequencies for national DAB multiplexes, 12A and 12C, with other allocations for regional/local multiplexes. The RTE Multiplex is operating on Block 12C (227.360 MHz).

The Broadcasting Act also makes provision for existing commercial broadcasters in multiplex broadcasting areas to migrate to DAB, which includes an extension to their licence of up to six years. However, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has not yet addressed the issue of establishing a regulatory framework.

Ireland's RTE Pushes Radio 1 Listeners to DAB and FM
27.09.2014 - Ireland Ireland
DUBLIN—Ireland’s public service broadcaster RTE will terminate the long-wave transmissions of Radio 1, heard on 252 KHz, at the end of October. The 2% of Radio 1 listeners that use the long-wave service are being encouraged to tune in to the service on DAB or FM.

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RTÉ to end longwave broadcasts on 252 kHz as it pushes listeners to FM and digital radio
24.09.2014 - Ireland Ireland
RTÉ Radio 1 is to stop transmitting its 252 longwave service from the end of next month as it pushes listeners to FM and digital radio instead. Tom McGuire, Head of RTÉ Radio 1 said: “This development is an opportunity for the listener to tune in to the varied output of RTÉ Radio 1 in a new way. The availability of the radio service through new digital platforms provides a much improved sound quality and broader access for all programmes. Just as the audience migrated from medium wave to FM in the past, the end of longwave is compensated for by the availability of RTÉ Radio 1 on various digital platforms through the television in your home, the phone in your pocket, the tablet on your lap or the digital radio in your region.”

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WorldDMB at Radiodays 2014: Win a Pure Evoke D2
13.03.2014 - WorldDAB News - Ireland Ireland
WorldDMB invites delegates at Radiodays 2014 to enter our quiz to win a fantastic Pure Evoke D2. Visit stand 28 to pick up the quiz sheet and drop your business card off for a chance to win.

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Radio Nova Launches 12 Digital Radio Channels - Hotpress
30.04.2013 - Ireland Ireland
Dublin's Radio Nova have announced the official launch of a new range of music-based digital radio channels, aimed at offering further choice to its growing audience.

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RTÉjr launch new digital channel today
14.04.2013 - Ireland Ireland
Created specifically for children aged 0-7 years, RTÉjr will allow children to watch, listen and play with brand new channels on television (on Sky, UPC and SAORVIEW) and digital radio from around 7am-7pm daily, as well as online and mobile services.

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Roger Sanchez DJing on RTÉ Digital Radio
28.02.2013 - Ireland Ireland
Legendary New York DJ Roger Sanchez will broadcast weekly on RTÉ's Digital Radio Station, Pulse. 1 of 2. Roger Sanchez - Picture courtesy of Tim Keller. 2 of 2. Pulse FM's Station Manager Adam Fogarty. The 45-year-old Grammy award winning House ...

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Digital One applys for Northern Ireland TX
15.02.2013 - Ireland Ireland
According to Digital One, these transmitters would provide indoor coverage to 74% of households, and 70% of the road network, in Northern Ireland.

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RTÉ celebrates World Radio Day
14.02.2013 - Ireland Ireland
Today is UNESCO's World Radio Day and to celebrate RTÉ Radio is broadcasting specially recorded inserts across Radio 1, 2fm, RnaG and on RTÉ Digital Radio. 1 of 1.

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Ireland likely to adopt DAB+
29.11.2012 - Ireland Ireland
Irish digital radio pioneer Dusty Rhodes predicts that his country will adopt DAB after conducting recent tests and learning lessons from Australia.

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Harris Helps out Dublin DAB Trials
16.11.2012 - Ireland Ireland
DB Digital Broadcasting is using Harris high- and low-power Platinum VAX VHF air-cooled transmitters and PowerSmart technologies in its DAB digital radio trials.

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Status: regular
Population: 4.9 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 52%
Services: 10 DAB
Total Sales (cumulative): 400,000 devices
Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 17%
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