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Launch of Regular DAB+ services

DAB+ has been on air since 2016, with the launch of the first R1 national DAB+ network, operated by public broadcaster RTV Slovenia.  

AKOS consultation on second DAB+ national multiplex

Slovenia's R1 multiplex was filled in August 2019 with the award of licences to Radio Aktual and Radio City to broadcast on the remaining spaces available on the R1 network.  Interest was high with 11 applicants - a healthy sign ahead of the public consultation by AKOS on the tender process for a second DAB+ national network, with a public meeting held at AKOS offices on 12 September 2019.  

In September 2019, Slovenia's Agency for Communication Networks and Services (Akos) launched a call for tenders for DAB+ frequencies. The contract concerns two multiplexes – R2 (national) and R3 (Ljubljana).

Second national multiplex

In October 2020, RTV Slovenija launched a second national DAB+ multiplex.

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By the decree of the assignment of radio frequencies, RTV Slovenija Transmitters and Communication Unit has as the operator of the first digital network in Slovenia started to transmit radio channels from the transmission stations located at Krim, Krvavec, Nanos, Plešivec, Tinjan and Trdinov vrh. Other additional enlargements of the network depend on the reception of the new technology by users and also broadcasters. At the moment, the network reaches 85% of Slovene homes and covers 94% of motorway and highway systems.

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In this country there are

on air.

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Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 23 1 24

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Receivers are available in some stores and as an option in some car brands.

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The latest DAB trial completed in November 2013. Coverage was available in the capital city of Ljubljana and central Slovenia. The trial broadcasts covered 22.5% of the population.

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In December 2019 AKOS issued licenses for national mux R2 and local mux R3 (covering the capital city Ljubljana) to the public broadcaster RTV Slovenia.

Network for mux R3 is operational, but without the content as the tender for the stations is still open. 

Additional public tenders for the stations are expected to be published soon.
Mux R2 is expected to be operational in September 2020.

Slovenia gets third DAB+ network
20.10.2020 - Slovenia Slovenia
A third DAB+ network has gone on air in Slovenia, and is the second digital radio network with national coverage. The new R2 multiplex will include regional and local radio broadcasts and, like the other two, is managed by RTV Slovenija.

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Second national multiplex launches in Slovenia
16.10.2020 - RTV Slovenija WorldDAB Member - Slovenia Slovenia
DAB+ continues to develop in Slovenia, with public broadcaster RTV Slovenija having just launched a third DAB+ multiplex - the country's second national multiplex.

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DAB+ offering expands in Slovenia
25.11.2019 - Slovenia Slovenia
The DAB+ digital radio landscape in Slovenia continues to diversify, as Radio Aktual launches on DAB+. With 20 public and private broadcasters already on air, the multiplex operated by RTV Slovenija has reached full capacity, with discussions around additional multiplexes now taking place.

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Increased interest in DAB+ from broadcasters in Slovenia
22.10.2019 - Slovenia Slovenia
Radio broadcasters in Slovenia are increasingly interested in broadcasting on DAB+. One national multiplex is currently in operation in the country, with the launch of another two multiplexes - one national, and one covering the capital of Ljubljana - being considered.

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Slovenia calls public call to award T-DAB+ frequencies
30.09.2019 - Slovenia Slovenia
Slovenia's Agency for Communication Networks and Services (Akos) has launched a call for tenders for DAB+ frequencies. The contract concerns two multiplexes – R2 (national) and R3 (Ljubljana) – and the deadline for the submission of bids is 11 November.

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Second national DAB+ network for Slovenia
27.08.2019 - Slovenia Slovenia
Slovenian telecoms and media regulator AKOS has launched a public consultation on a second national DAB+ network, and will hold a public meeting at AKOS offices on 12 September. Licences for the remaining spaces on the R1 national multiplex were greatly oversubscribed.

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Slovenian broadcasters show high interest in DAB+
26.08.2019 - Slovenia Slovenia
Slovenia's R1 DAB+ multiplex is now full with the last remaining slots being awarded by the media regulator AKOS to Radio Aktual and Radio City. There were 11 applicants - four new stations and seven already broadcasting on FM. Once on air, and in case of any remaining space, a further licence could be awarded.

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DAB+ radio to become mandatory across new cars in the EU
07.01.2019 - Slovenia Slovenia
Following the introduction of the EU's new directive on the digitisation of radio in cars, car manufacturers across the EU will have to start including the DAB+ standard as part of all in-car radio systems moving forward. Amongst other things, drivers will benefit from a more seamless transmission of traffic information.

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Slovenian Radio Maxi has joined DAB+ digital radio offer
30.10.2018 - Slovenia Slovenia
Slovenia's Radio Maxi has also expanded its offer of digital terrestrial radio in Slovenia. It is already the sixteenth station in the "Slovenia DAB+ R1" network.

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Former Yugoslav republics to discuss the introduction of DAB+
23.10.2018 - Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina - Croatia Croatia - Serbia Serbia - North Macedonia North Macedonia - Montenegro Montenegro - Slovenia Slovenia
Representatives of regulatory authorities from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro are exploring the introduction of DAB+ services following a conference in Sarajevo in order to exchange experiences and discuss the challenges for the future. While DAB+ in Slovenia is the only former Yugoslav republic already in regular operation, Croatia have been testing for the last year. The other Balkan states have expressed interest.

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Key Information

Status: regular
Population: 2.1 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 85%
Services: 24 DAB+
Last update: 08.03.2021

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