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Hungary has chosen DAB+ for its digital radio standard, and there is currently a test multiplex on air broadcasting seven radio programs to the Budapest area. The multiplex is operated by Antenna Hungaria, which also runs DVB-T multiplexes, national TV and radio stations in Hungary. For further details, see the Details of trials section.

From January 3, 2011, there are 7 available radio programs within the frames of the experimental DAB+ broadcastin in Hungary: Kossuth, Petőfi, Bartók Rádió and Magyar Katolikus Rádió, Klubrádió, Lánchíd Rádió, Inforádió.

DAB+ digital radio penetration has been nearly 30% since December 2008 from three sites in Budapest. The more up-to-date DAB+ compacting procedure will enable broadcasting up to 16-18 channels to listeners.

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Coverage is nearly 30% of the population, covering Budapest and the surrounding area, but this is expected to reach 94% as Antenna Hungária rolls out more transmitters and services. Timing of the development of the network is under discussion.

Further information on the coverage of the operating DAB+ network on the Antenna Hunagaria website.


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In this country there is

on air.

Antenna Hungária has operated the multiplex since December 2008. There are currently seven test programmes on air. The name of the test programs are Kossuth, Petőfi, Bartók, Magyar Katolikus Rádió, Klubrádió, Lánchíd Rádió and Inforádió.

Further information can be found on the Antenna Hungária website. 

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 7 0 7

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Receiver manufacture Denison launched a DAB+ receiver in 2014 which allows users ro receive digital radio in their car via a standard USB connection.  DAB/DAB+ stations appear on the device as virtual mp3 files, therefore enabling easy operation and wide compatibility. 

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DAB+ enabled receivers are available throughout Hungary through retailers.

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Antenna Hungária implemented the first phase of the digital terrestrial radio network by December 2008 and started the test DAB+ transmission on three transmitters in Budapest, on channel 11D,and reaching approximately 30% of the Hungarian population.

Pursuant to the contract concluded with the former National Communications Authority (National Media and Infocommunications Authority) Antenna Hungária had constructed the first phase of its digital terrestrial radio network. Thereafter the Company started experimental broadcasting on its DAB+ digital terrestrial radio network, which is received since 23 January 2009 in and around Budapest.

Trial services on air included Magyar Rádió Kossuth, Petőfi and Bartók (the three channels of Swiss Satellite Radio could still be heard then). The experimental broadcast was supplemented in mid-February 2009 by adding Sláger Rádió and Magyar Katolikus Rádió (Hungarian Catholic Radio), in April (together with two channels ceased to be broadcast until that time) Klubrádió as well as Danubius Radio and Juventus Rádió (which is not transmitted from January 3, 2011) in October raising then the number of channels to thirteen, providing listeners with a broader variety of programs. 

From 19 November 2009, Sláger Rádió and Danubius Rádió were cancelled from the list after terminating the nationwide broadcast of their programs. However, the program of Lánchíd Rádió and Inforádió were put on the DAB+ radio system on 19 November 2009 and 17 February 2010. 


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The government strategy for the implementation of digital broadcasting (both radio and television) was approved in March 2007. The legislation on the rules of broadcasting and digital switchover was published in June 2007. It gives the legal background on the introduction of digital radio services, but specifies that more detailed regulation will be needed on local digital radio and issues regarding switchover. The switch from analogue to digital will only happen if, by then 94% of the population has coverage and 75% of the population owns a digital radio receiver. In line with the provisions of this Act, in March 2008 the National Communications Authority (NCAH) published an invitation to tender for a national multiplex. The winner was Antenna Hungaria which subsequently announced its decision to broadcast via DAB+.
The transmitters operate on the 11D block.

High interest in first WorldDAB seminar on DAB+ network implementation
30.05.2019 - WorldDAB News - Hungary Hungary
Delegates from across the Central and Eastern European Region attended the WorldDAB Spectrum and Network Implementation Committee’s first seminar on ‘Best practice for implementation of DAB+ SFN networks’. DAB+ network operators from Germany, UK, Norway and Poland shared their key learnings from their deployment of DAB+ Single Frequency Networks.

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DAB+ on the agenda at MBT conference in Budapest
01.05.2019 - Hungary Hungary
WorldDAB president Patrick Hannon will be taking the stage as part of the “Terrestrial Challenges” session on Thursday May 23, where he will give an overview of the development and rollout of DAB+ digital radio across Europe, with case studies and lessons learned from various countries across Europe. This year’s MBT conference will also be marked by the first seminar organised by the WorldDAB Spectrum and Network Implementation Committee (SNIC), which will be held at 2pm on Wednesday May 22.

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EBU calls for DAB+ on all radios
05.02.2018 - Hungary Hungary
The European Broadcasting Union has issued a statement jointly with the European Digital Radio Association and WorldDAB, asking European decision-makers to complement the Electronic Communications Code to promote the compatibility of radio equipment with digital broadcasting modes. The three organisations recommend that all receivers sold on the European Union have FM and DAB receivables, and if this is not possible, at least the manufacturers of car headphones are obliged to do so.

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International Conference: Approaches to the digitisation of audio broadcasting in V4 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia)
26.02.2015 - Slovakia Slovakia - Czech Republic Czech Republic - Hungary Hungary - Poland Poland
After a successful transition from analogue to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting in the whole of Central Europe, a similar process in audio broadcasting is expected in near future, with the aim to co-ordinate this process within the Visgrad Four (V4) countries.

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Digital radio in the car via USB
17.02.2014 - Hungary Hungary
The company Dension has launched the DAB+ U (DBU1GEN) model which allows users to receive digital radio in the car via a standard USB connection. According to the manufacturer, the DAB, DAB+ and DMB-R stations will appear on the device as virtual mp3 files, thereby enabling easy operation and wide compatibility. The recommended retail price is € 179,90.

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Registration open for the DAB+ Hungary Workshop, 28 January
09.01.2014 - WorldDAB News - Hungary Hungary
A one day workshop on DAB+ digital radio, co-organised by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority Hungary and WorldDMB will provide a unique opportunity to hear about the latest developments in Europe and World-wide on the growth of the DAB+ digital radio standard.

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Digital terrestrial radio will be relaunched in Hungary - Antenna Hungária contracted for the DAB+ transmission of NeoFM program
16.05.2011 - Hungary Hungary
The DAB+ service will be relaunched in Hungary thanks to the long-term commercial contract between Antenna Hungária Group and FM1 Zrt. Based on this landmark agreement, NeoFM, the nationwide commercial radio channel will appear on the digital terrestrial radio platform as of June 1, 2011.

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DIGIDIA wins head-end system contract for DAB+ in Hungary
06.03.2009 - DIGIDIA WorldDAB Member - Hungary Hungary
DIGIDIA announced today that the company has been awarded by Antenna Hungária a contract for the delivery and the installation of a complete DAB+ head-end system

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The digital radio transmission continues – several types of DAB+ digital radio sets are available already in Hungary
19.02.2009 - Hungary Hungary
Antenna Hungária carries on the test transmisson on its DAB+ digital terrestrial radio network, the digital content contributed to the launch of the DAB+ digital radio sets’ distribution in Hungary.

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Hungary Update
17.07.2008 - Hungary Hungary

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