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AKOS consultation on second DAB+ national multiplex

Slovenia's R1 multiplex was filled in August 2019 with the award of licences to Radio Aktual and Radio City to broadcast on the remaining spaces available on the R1 network.  Interest was high with 11 applicants - a healthy sign ahead of the public consultation by AKOS on the tender process for a second DAB+ national network, with a public meeting held at AKOS offices on 12 September 2019.  

Launch of Regular DAB+ services

DAB+ has been on air since 2016, with the launch of the first R1 national DAB+ network, operated by public broadcaster RTV Slovenia.  

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By the decree of the assignment of radio frequencies, RTV Slovenija Transmitters and Communication Unit has as the operator of the first digital network in Slovenia started to transmit radio channels from the transmission stations located at Krim, Krvavec, Nanos, Plešivec, Tinjan and Trdinov vrh. Other additional enlargements of the network depend on the reception of the new technology by users and also broadcasters. At the moment, the network reaches 73% of Slovene homes and covers 89% of motorway and highway systems.

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In this country there is

on air.

See real time information about DAB+ services on air in Slovenia here.

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 16 1 17

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Receivers are available in some stores and as an option in some car brands.

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The latest DAB trial completed in November 2013. Coverage was available in the capital city of Ljubljana and central Slovenia. The trial broadcasts covered 22.5% of the population.

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In August 2019 the regulator AKOS announced a public consultation and information meeting to take place on 12 September 2019, and plans to publish a tender for frequencies for a second national/regional DAB+ network, as well as one local network in Ljubljana. 

The R1 multiplex currently on air with permanent services is licenced until 2026.

Slovenia suggests switchover date
23.05.2018 - Slovenia - Slovenia
Slovenia’s Broadcasting Council is targeting 2 February 2022 as the date for the country’s digital radio switchover. The Council proposes the 2022 date, which it said coincides with the timing of other proposed transitions within the framework of the updated legislation.
From Radio World:

Slovenia to switch to DAB+ by February 2022
23.05.2018 - Slovenia - Slovenia
The National Broadcasting Council of Slovenia (SRDF) has decided to switch from VHF to DAB + in Ljubljana, with the most important radio stations to stop their FM broadcasting on 22 February 2022 and distribute their programs exclusively via DAB+.
From InfoSat:

Slovenia wants to switch off FM in 2022
15.05.2018 - Slovenia - Slovenia
Slovenia has drawn up a blueprint to disconnect FM by 22 February 2022. After several years of testing, 12 national radio stations have been received in Slovenia since September 2016 via DAB+. About 70% of the country is covered by seven channels, including major cities and major motorways.
From Radio NL:

Slovenia plans to switch to digital radio for 2022
14.05.2018 - Slovenia - Slovenia
The most important Slovenian radio stations are scheduled to switch to DAB+ on 22 February 2022. Slovenia currently has 12 DAB+ services, covering over 70% of the population.
From VPRT:

Slovenia proposes digital radio switchover date
10.05.2018 - Slovenia - Slovenia
Slovenia’s Broadcasting Council has set out a potential path to DSO, adopting a decision for the main Slovenian radio stations to switch to digital on 22.02.2022. DAB+ development in central and eastern Europe will be one of the topics at MBT 2018, which takes place this year in Vodice, Croatia from May 23-25.
From WorldDAB:

Factum Radioscape secure order for DAB+ monitoring in Slovenia
WorldDAB Members News - 25.01.2018 - Factum Radioscape - Slovenia - Slovenia
Factum Radioscape are delighted to be working with AKOS, the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia, by providing them with our market leading monitoring device for DAB+, the OBSERVA Field Monitor.
From Factum Radioscape:

New tender for units on DAB multiplex in Slovenia
16.05.2017 - Slovenia - Slovenia
AKOS has recently published a tender for open capacity units on the existing DAB Multiplex R1 in Slovenia. Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals before 25 May 2017.
From AKOS:

Digital radio now on air in Slovenia
26.09.2016 - Slovenia - Slovenia
RTV Slovenija will operate the first digital multiplex, called R1, and will broadcast from seven transmitters around the country: Nanos, Crimea, Krvavec, Plešivcu, Pohorje, Tinjanu and Trdinov top. The network will initially reach 73 percent of Slovenian households and cover 89 percent of motorways and expressways.
From Radio Magazine:

Slovenia now has digital radio, so what next?
21.09.2016 - Slovenia - Slovenia
DAB+ transmission technology in Slovenia currently consists of transmitters on Nanos, Crimea, Krvavec, Plešivcu, Pohorje, Tinjanu and Trdinov top. Commercial radio stations are expected to launch on DAB+ in the coming weeks.
From :

Slovenia launches digital radio
20.09.2016 - Slovenia - Slovenia
The official roll-out of digital radio started in Slovenia, as public broadcaster RTV Slovenija launches the first digital radio network featuring 13 radio stations. RTV Slovenija will operate the first digital multiplex, called R1, and will broadcast from seven transmitters around the country. The network initially reaches 73 percent of Slovenian households and covers 89 percent of motorways and expressways.
From Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija :

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Key Information

Status: regular
Population: 2.1 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 73%
Services: 17 DAB+
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