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National Public Broadcaster RTÉ operates a full-service Multiplex across a five transmitter network covering 52% of the population in the main cities. Legislation has been in place since 2009 to enable commercial broadcasters to engage with DAB but the broadcasting regulator has not addressed the issue of establishing a regulatory framework to date. It is expected that Ireland will adopt the DAB+ standard.

In January 2020, dB Digital called for broadcasters looking to expand their brands through DAB+ to register their interest for a place on Ireland’s first commercial DAB+ multiplex. Interested parties should submit their applications no later than Friday 14th February 2020.

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 RTÉ’s ‘national’ multiplex reaches all the major population centres, 52% of the population.

The projected population coverage of the Trial multiplex in Cork is 250,000. 

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In this country there are

on air.

National Multiplex

RTE: Block 12C: 227.360MHz Allotment IRL DAB NATIONAL 1

Simulcast stations: RTE Radio One, RTE 2FM, RTE Lyric, RTE RnaG
Exclusive stations: RTE Radio One Extra, RTE Junior, RTE Pulse, RTE Gold, RTE 2XM


Regional Multiplex

RTE: Block 12C: 227.360MHz Allotment IRL DAB NATIONAL 1

Simulcast stations: Radio Maria and UCB Ireland
Exclusive stations: Radio Maria and UCB Ireland

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB programmes 5 5 10

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Peugeot are now shipping most of their standard models with digital radio receivers included. In 2015 RTÉ has engaged with SIMI (Society of Irish Motor importers). Their position is that in order to further facilitate the normalisation of digital radio automotive inclusion, a joining of our coverage areas along our main motorway routes and Munster and Leinster commuter corridors, is necessary. Due to close proximity to the UK market, DAB+ head units are readily available for purchase.

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With close proximity to the UK market DAB receivers are readily available in most electrical retailers.

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Two trials operated under annual trial licence from the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg). They were operated by dB Digital Broadcasting (on frequency 12A) and Total Broadcast (on frequency 9B).

dB Digital Broadcasting’s trial offered six stations in both DAB and DAB+ and broadcasted to Ireland’s two main cities, Dublin and Cork. Each service displayed dynamically updated DLS on DAB and full dynamically updated Slideshow service on DAB+. The trial also carried the UK based station Amazing Radio, making it the first UK radio service to broadcast terrestrially in Ireland. Total Broadcast’s trial offered a mix of DAB and DAB+ simulcasts from Irish based FM stations as well as stations exclusive to DAB/DAB+. They operated a SFN across the South-East covering the city of Waterford.

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The Broadcasting Act 2009 makes provision for the licensing of sound broadcasting multiplexes to RTÉ and the commercial sector.

Under RCC-06 Ireland has been allotted two frequencies for national DAB multiplexes, 12A and 12C, with other allocations for regional/local multiplexes. The RTE Multiplex is operating on Block 12C (227.360 MHz).

The Broadcasting Act also makes provision for existing commercial broadcasters in multiplex broadcasting areas to migrate to DAB, which includes an extension to their licence of up to six years. However, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has not yet addressed the issue of establishing a regulatory framework.

Harris aids DB Digital Broadcasting in first DAB Digital Radio trials
14.11.2012 - GatesAir WorldDAB Member - Ireland Ireland
DB Digital Broadcasting, Ireland's national independent multiplex and network transmission provider, is using Harris transmitters in its Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) digital radio trials, currently taking place in and around Dublin. Launched earlier this ...

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Ireland's DAB Trial Advances
27.10.2012 - Ireland Ireland
dB observes that the test run proves that much will have to be done to pave the way for Ireland’s eventual transition to DAB+, as the country is currently far from the WorldDMB/EBU Profile 1 standard, as established in 2009 to evaluate the European market for broadcasters, manufacturers as well as consumers; currently, not all standard digital radios receive either DAB or DAB+, as would be required by the standard.

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DB Digital Blog: DAB Transmission Report in Ireland
22.10.2012 - Ireland Ireland
I saw a very interesting blog entry from Dusty of DB Digital, a DAB MUX provider in Ireland. 'Our first three months on-air have shown some very interesting insights into digital broadcasting'.

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All in Media supports Ireland DAB+ trial
12.07.2012 - All In Media - Ireland Ireland
The trial is broadcasting three new radio stations; All 80s, Raidió Rí-Rá and UCB with another three scheduled to come on-air early October. ...

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New DAB radio trial
10.07.2012 - Ireland Ireland
NEW DAB digital radio is being trialled in Dublin this week by dB Digital Broadcasting.

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All in Media powers visual radio trials in Ireland
10.07.2012 - All In Media - Ireland Ireland
All in Media (AIM) announced today its participation in the commercial digital radio trial currently taking place in Ireland. This DAB+ trial, which is already on air in Dublin and is due to launch in other cities in Ireland later this summer, showcases digital audio and visual radio services including Slideshow and DLS.

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Raidió Rí-Rá Begins Broadcasting on DAB
03.07.2012 - Ireland Ireland
Radio World First Irish-language youth station goes digital.

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Irish language media make a Rí-Rá about going online
27.06.2012 - Ireland Ireland
Raidió Rí-Rá (, an Irish-language station which plays chart music for young people, also announced Monday that they would begin to broadcast live on the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) platform in Dublin and Waterford this Sunday, in Cork and Limerick by the end of 2012 and nationally after that.

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Factum to provide Mux for Irish DAB and DAB+ Multiplex
04.05.2012 - Factum Electronics AB - Ireland Ireland
DB Digital Broadcasting has engaged Factum to provide encoders, data broadcasting and multiplexing services for its new DAB/DAB+ network broadcasting to the cities of Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

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Ireland Q1 Report
02.05.2012 - Ireland Ireland
January 2012 started with confirmation from ComReg of our trial licence for DAB transmissions. The licence covers transmitters located at Irelands four main cities; Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. The three key areas on which we shall be reporting back to Comreg and the BAI are; transmission, data and content

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Status: regular
Population: 4.9 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 52%
Services: 10 DAB
Total Sales (cumulative): 400,000 devices
Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 17%
Last update: 18.02.2020

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