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A DAB+ trial took place in 2021, and preparations are now underway on the preparation of a regulatory framework for the launch of DAB+ in 2022.  Local radio is currently conducting trials of DAB+, and the regulatory framework will include provision also for local radio to launch on DAB+.  

Last update: 11.08.2021 - older versions

In 2021 a DAB+ trial in Luxembourg, covered 75% of the population.

Last update: 22.09.2020

The EU Directive (European Electronics Communications Code) mandating digital radio in all new cars from end 2020 will apply also to Luxembourg.

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DAB+ tests were conducted in Luxembourg in 2018-2019 and again in 2021. 

DAB+ to launch in Luxembourg in 2021
08.01.2021 - Luxembourg Luxembourg
Regular services are set to launch in Luxembourg by the end of 2021, with DAB+ coverage initially expected to reach approximately 90% of the population.

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Luxembourg finalises research on DAB+ deployment
22.12.2020 - Luxembourg Luxembourg
The research, carried out by Luxembourg's Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy along with the Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE), aimed to identify the various requirements needed to deploy DAB+ in Luxembourg. The findings of the research will now be analysed, and followed with a timeline for the rollout of DAB+ services in 2021.

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Radio in Luxembourg goes digital
21.09.2020 - Luxembourg Luxembourg
Luxembourg's Media and Communications Authority is working towards the launch of DAB+ digital radio. According to RTL, a trial DAB+ multiplex operated by their subsidiary BCE was launched on 18 September with the hope of a national DAB+ launch by spring 2021. RTL state that the motivation for launching DAB+ is to improve coverage and reception of existing radio stations, and to permit the launch of new radio programmes in Luxembourg, given the FM frequency is full.

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Radio in Luxembourg goes digital
18.09.2020 - Luxembourg Luxembourg
Luxembourg's Media and Communications Authority is working towards the launch of DAB+ digital radio. A new study has now been launched to determine the various requirements for DAB+ in Luxembourg, while regular DAB+ services may launch as early as in spring 2021.

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DAB+ soon also in Luxembourg
06.08.2020 - Luxembourg Luxembourg
RTL subsidiary BCE is set to start live DAB+ test transmissions in September or October this year. Two sites will be used for the transmissions, and all local radio stations across the country are expected to take part in the trial.

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DAB+ tests taking place in Luxembourg
22.10.2018 - Luxembourg Luxembourg
BCE, a subsidiary of RTL Group, have been conducting tests of DAB+ broadcasts on Channel 7D, with two programmes on air. The test signals are reaching as far as the Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland regions of Germany, and over the Belgian border.

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DAB+ rollout progresses in northern Europe
08.06.2018 - Belgium Belgium - Luxembourg Luxembourg - France France
New DAB+ channels are being launched in Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France. New channels will be launched in Lille from 19 June, while DAB+ is being expanded in the Flanders region of Belgium. Test broadcasts are also taking place in Luxembourg.

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