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Radio group chairman calls for multi-standard digital receivers
23.06.2008 - France - France
Manufacturers should produce multi-standard receivers to ensure that digital radio succeeds, a radio conference was told in Singapore today.
From ABU Website:

Frontier Silicon Building Combined Euro-Asia DAB Radio
Frontier Silicon is developing a digital radio receiver module to work with all Eureka-147-based standards including DAB, DAB and DMB-Audio. ...
From Radio World, VA:

NXT works with digital radio developer in Scotland
17.06.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Revo is a Scotland-based manufacturer of DAB, DAB , HD and internet radio platforms. "The relationship with Revo has gone from strength to strength as we've ...
From, UK:

Frontier Silicon Announces Unified Multi-Region Digital Radio Receiver
17.06.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The new receiver addresses the market need for a solution that supports all Eureka-147 based standards, including DAB and DAB and DMB-Audio. ...
From Ad-Hoc-News (Pressemitteilung), Germany:

Receiver module unites global digital
17.06.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The Roadster is a compact new DAB digital radio module for the automotive industry. "With a unified receiver solution available to enable these Eureka-147 ...
From Electronics Talk (press release), UK:

TBS, Arirang Expand English Programs for OECD Meeting
17.06.2008 - South Korea - South Korea
A special English-language program will air for 12 hours on the TBS channel on the digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) bandwidth. ...
From 코리아타임즈, South Korea:

Roberts launches new Paul Smith Revival radio
17.06.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
This limited edition Paul Smith Revival DAB radio has been designed especially for Paul Smith customers, and is fairly up there on the exclusive scale in ...
From, UK:

Eureka! - Issue 6
WorldDAB News - 16.06.2008
Consumers are experiencing media convergence with profound consequences on their lives. The traditional experience of one type of media being consumed on a device which was specific or unique to that media has been disappearing for some time to the extent that we can view television content, for example, on almost anything including a TV, games console, MP4 player or a computer.

TELEKO, s.r.o announces a trial DAB/DAB+ service in Prague
WorldDAB Members News - 12.06.2008 - TELEKO digital, a.s. - Czech Republic - Czech Republic
TELEKO, s.r.o. announced it has turned on the first strong L-band transmitter in the capital of Prague (channel LI/2,5 kW ERP).

Factum Electronics licenses its DAB/DMB middleware to Analog Devices
WorldDAB Members News - 11.06.2008 - Factum Electronics AB - Sweden - Sweden
Factum Electronics AB, a leading supplier of systems for digital multimedia broadcasting, today announced an agreement with Analog Devices, Inc., a leading semiconductor supplier providing high performance signal processing solutions.