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In December 2017, Norway became the first country to completely switch off national FM services, completing a year-long process of switching off region by region. 99.7% of the population has access to DAB+ reception, 6 million receivers have been sold to date, and 100% of new cars have DAB+ fitted as standard.

WorldDAB report published in February 2020 showed that total radio listening in Norway is back to similar levels as achieved in 2016, prior to the digital switchover. Younger and older listeners have recovered fastest, and overall listening levels are stable with daily reach standing at 62-64%, and weekly reach at 88%. 

A 2023 study by Kantar Media: "Media developments and the battle for the ears of the public" concludes that:

  • The radio medium is more resilient than the TV medium
  • More and more people are listening to local radio via DAB and the internet, and fewer via FM.
  • In 2023, more people will listen via DAB and the internet than FM.


Norway DAB+ Broadcast Networks Factsheet

A new factsheet on national DAB+ digital radio in Norway has been produced for automotive manufacturers. 

Manufacturers of DAB+ radio receivers can use the information provided in this factsheet to test their devices. ETI Files from NRK are always up to date with the latest ensemble configuration and can be downloaded from WorldDAB’s ETI library.

The factsheet from WorldDAB - the global industry forum for digital radio - was produced as part of the work of its Automotive Working Group, in partnership with Norwegian public broadcaster NRK.

Norway DAB+ Broadcast Networks

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In Norway, 99.7% of the population has access to DAB reception. Public broadcaster NRK has 99.5% population coverage. Commercial stations have 92.8% coverage.

DAB network covers the same percentage of the population as the largest FM-network, and the commercial network reaches out to a large population. Tunnels have DAB-coverage from 2016, and all tunnels that require FM-coverage, will be equipped with DAB. All new tunnels longer than 500m will have DAB.

A coverage map can be found on the Digitalradio Norge website. (Enter address or choose postal zipcode and your requested channel, and the map will show the coverage of the relevant area. An orange colour indicates strong signals.)

A video showing some of the challenges of building a DAB network covering all of Norway`s challenging topography can be seen on the "Hva er digitalradio?" website.

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In this country there are

on air.

Please note:

(a)    These web pages are updated regularly to reflect current services on air, however they may not be exactly up to date.

(b)    The logos shown on these pages are for illustrative purposes only – manufacturers and broadcasters are directed here for information on implementing station logos.

A full listing of the services on air in Norway is available at There are 32 nationwide channels, 18 commercial and 15 public.

NRK's stations are distributed through their own regionalised DAB network.

There are a number of different local networks available all over the country. The number of local networks and transmitters is increasing.

In the national and regional networks, both DAB and DAB+ are transmitted. By 2017, all stations are transmitted in DAB+. The local DAB networks utilise DAB+ only.


NRK broadcasts Slideshow (SLS) on all of its stations except for the low-bitrate weather station. The slideshows contain images of album covers, DJs, traffic information.


Both P4 and Bauer radio groups broadcast Slideshow on their DAB services as well.

TPEG traffic data

There is one TPEG service on air from the commercial broadcasters on the national ensemble “Riks.

The regional multiplexes (NRK)

NRK has 7 regional multiplexes, adding up to a nationally covering network that reaches 99.8% of the population. NRK has 15 services in total. Two out of these 10 share the day between them. The main channel, NRK P1 has localised content in each region some parts of the day. In each region, there are three local versions of this station (each region covers 2 or 3 counties). The other stations are similar across the country.

The commercial networks

  • “RIKS”

The commercial national network has a coverage of 92.8% and contains 18 commercial services, two SPI services and one TPEG service.

  • “RIKS 2”

The second commercial national network with a planned coverage of 80% contains so far 9 commercial services. The network consists of 17 transmitters (as of October 2022).

The local networks

In Norway, there are 37 regions for local DAB transmissions. An overview of the regions and the frequencies used can be found here. One operator is given a licence in each region, and this operator must offer DAB capacity openly, and at equal terms to all stations. In October 2022 there were 33 active local DAB networks with, in total, 145 transmitters. Licenses for the local DAB networks are awarded until December 31st, 2031. 

The number of local networks is increasing and there are ongoing building of transmitters for local DAB networks.

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB programmes 1 1 2
DAB+ programmes 20 193 213

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All new cars sold in Norway come equipped with digital radio capabilities.

According to the Nielsen Audio report from January 2021, 71% of the population had access to DAB radio in their car in 2020. This is up by four percentage points from 2019. Of those, 90% say they listen to DAB radio at least once a week while in their cars, while almost half, listen to it on a daily basis.


Norway DAB+ Broadcast Networks Factsheet

A new factsheet on national DAB+ digital radio in Norway has been produced for automotive manufacturers. 

Manufacturers of DAB+ radio receivers can use the information provided in this factsheet to test their devices. ETI Files from NRK are always up to date with the latest ensemble configuration and can be downloaded from WorldDAB’s ETI library.

The factsheet from WorldDAB - the global industry forum for digital radio - was produced as part of the work of its Automotive Working Group, in partnership with Norwegian public broadcaster NRK.

Norway DAB+ Broadcast Networks


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In Norway, cumulative DAB/DAB+ receiver sales as of Q4 2020 stood at 7,000,000 (including line-fit automotive)

DAB sales penetration by population in Norway in 2018 was 88% by household. Sales of DAB receivers including in-car products have been increasing steadily since their introduction into the market in 2009 when 63,000 were sold, compared to the 667,000 units sold in 2014.

In 2020, a total of 500,000 DAB+ radios were sold in Norway (200,000 of these for cars).


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Norway currently operates regular DAB+ services.

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The swtich-off of national FM services in Norway was carried out in 2017.

Key features of regulation for digital radio in Norway are:

  • Digital radio services are broadcast on Band III
  • All major FM-channels are broadcast on DAB
  • Broadcasting in Norway is regulated according to the Broadcasting Act/Law which gives NRK the right to broadcast nationally. Licences for the commercial broadcasters have been issued up to 2014.There is one national DAB multiplex in use today, seven regional ones (with total coverage corresponding to the national multiplex) plus 6 local multiplexes. One DMB multiplex is in use in the greater Oslo area (trial).The regional multiplexes are operated by NRK, and together they have a total coverage of 99.5%. This coverage is similar to the coverage of the national multiplex.
  • The commercial multiplex uses 12D for the entire country
  • There are also other multiplexes regulated for use in Norway including an additional commercial national mux, using 11A and 12A

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Information to the public is co-ordinated, and partly performed, by Digitalradio Norway which is owned by public broadcaster NRK, P4 Group and Bauer Media.

Ongoing campaigns to inform the public about the transition to broadcast digital radio have mainly used the radio as their medium. These have frequently been on air on commercial radio stations and on NRK's radio and TV-channels. Digitalradio Norway also operates, which includes news, DAB coverage maps, how-to articles and videos, as well  as information about the growing DAB channel selection in Norway. Digitalradio Norway also uses promoters whose role is to visit car and electronic dealers and advise on DAB and assist on any marketing activities.

To encourage commercial companies to maximise their efforts in promoting digital radio, commercial radio broadcasters offer copromotion opportunities, with on-air DAB-related campaigns which have proven to be very effective in increasing the awareness of DAB with consumers. The main focus is on ensuring availability of DAB in-car adaptors and securing a network of competent installers, and this focus is reflected in marketing and information activities.



Link to information films, broadcast on NRK and commercial TV-station. (in norwegian).

Information film about digital radio

Mythbuster webpage

Myths and mistakes continue to emerge in the discussion of DAB. Visit this page  to see the facts which Digitalradio Norway collected.


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All relevant tunnels in Norway  have DAB-coverage. Contrary to FM, where only a few channels have tunnel coverage, all channels on the outside of a tunnel will be available also on the inside.

In an emergency situation, the Road Authorities will be able to transmit messages on all DAB stations broadcast into the tunnel, from the outside of the tunnel or from the operations central.  This will effectively mean a higher security for all travellers in road tunnels, as messages will reach all radio listeners - not only those listening to a specific channel. In Norway there are approximately 260 road tunnels with broadcasting integrated today. At FM shutoff all of these will have DAB and accordingly all new tunnels longer than 500 meters with annual traffic over 5000 vehicles. 

Audio is only Norwegian media channel on the rise in March
18.04.2024 - Norway Norway
Audio advertising has increased by 13.1% so far this year. This is according to recent figures from the Norwegian Association of Media Agencies. All other media categories are falling. The media barometer for March shows audio advertising has increased by 13.1%. Radio itself has an increase of 7% and accounts for about 8 million of the 16. "It's great to see that audio, as the only channel so far this year, continues its rise. This is according to Harald Eide-Fredriksen, Director of Negotiations for dentsu, in a press release from the Norwegian Association of Media Agencies. "Digital development has ensured that they are going the opposite way of TV, and can offer increased potential weekly coverage in all age groups," says Eide-Fredriksen.

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New Nielsen research shows Norwegian radio remains a strong force
15.02.2024 - Norway Norway
Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, data, and analytics, has released its latest radio listening trends for Norway. The research, which provides insights into daily and weekly reach, time spent listening, and the most popular radio stations, highlights the enduring popularity of radio among Norwegians. Key findings from the research include: Daily reach has increased from 58.7% in 2022 to 60.3% in 2023; weekly reach has increased from 83.3% to 84.1% in the same period. Daily time spent listening among the population has increased from 82 minutes to 83 minutes. Nielsen attributes the resilience of radio listening to a number of factors, including the launch of new stations, the increasing availability of digital platforms, and the use of personal listening devices.

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2023: radio advertising in Norway up 14.1%
15.01.2024 - Norway Norway
The media barometer from the Norwegian Association of Media Agencies says audio advertising can show an increase in turnover of almost NOK 74 million from 2022. This is an increase of 16.3 per cent. Radio has an increase of 14.1 per cent and amounts to approximately NOK 60 million. Podcasts show positive growth of 46.2% and NOK 14 million. The two big winners, strictly speaking for the third year in a row, are Radio/Audio and Outdoor. Both media types are going against the grain and are experiencing all-time-high sales in Norway. This is according to Jonas Buskop, Director of Negotiations and Investments at Omnicom Media Group.

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Radio Stryn is on DAB
12.10.2023 - Norway Norway
It took extensive work to get the local radio station in Stryn on DAB, but now Radio Stryn is thundering into local DAB. Last year, Radio Stryn was granted a licence to set up local DAB in Nordfjord and Sunnfjord. The DAB equipment has now been installed and the local radio station is no longer only available on FM. "This is a local DAB that will cover Stryn and Hornindal," says radio manager Ove Andre Aarskog. He points out that you have to run a channel search to find Radio Stryn on the DAB radio. New channels do not appear automatically. A grant from the Norwegian Media Authority has made it possible to roll out DAB in the area. In practical terms, this has been realised by renting Telenor's facility at Veten/Hogden. "We have had crucial help in the process from the Norwegian Local Radio Association, represented by technical manager Eivind Engberg," Aarskog tells the newspaper Fjordingen, which owns Radio Stryn. The DAB equipment was installed by Bakkenett AS from Hamar.

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VIDEO: DAB+ A firm foundation for radio
03.10.2023 - WorldDAB News - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) WorldDAB Member - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) WorldDAB Member - Deutschlandradio WorldDAB Member - Norway Norway - Ghana Ghana
WorldDAB’s session at IBC explored the economic benefits and sustainable nature of DAB+ with inspiring success stories from around the world on how DAB+ is fuelling creativity, culture, enterprise and innovation. Watch this session to hear about the resilient and ever-evolving world of digital broadcast radio.

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Digital radio in reach of 99% of Norwegians
20.05.2023 - Norway Norway
Listening figures show that Norwegians have adapted well to a digital radio landscape since the switch-off of national FM broadcasting at year-end 2017. Across the country, 97% of national radio listening is via digital platforms, with the remaining 3% belonging to small, local FM stations that are still broadcasting analog signals. Seventy-two percent of Norwegian households have at least one DAB+ receiver and 99% of households have access to either DAB+ or IP-based digital radio. These measurements come from Nielsen PPM 2022 data, along with information from Kantar and the Norwegian Media Authority, according to a media release from Digitalradio Büro Deutschland in Germany.

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DAB+ in Norway: New diversity with economic success and stable listener numbers
17.05.2023 - Norway Norway
Norway was the first country in the world to discontinue national FM radio broadcasting at the end of 2017. Studies on media use and especially radio consumption paint a very positive picture of the digital transformation: 72 percent of Norwegian households have at least one DAB+ radio; 99 percent of Norwegians have access to digital radio (DAB+ and IP). National radio is 97 per cent listened to digitally. The remaining three per cent is accounted for by small local radio stations, which continue to be available in analogue, according to the Nielsen PPM Report 2022 with KANTAR figures from the Norwegian Media Authority. DAB+ coverage in Norway is up to 99 per cent. The number of national radio services has increased from five (analogue) to 33 (DAB+) since 2017. The total distribution costs of these 33 digital channels are roughly equivalent to the expenses for the former five FM offerings.

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Digital radio a success in Europe #RDE23
31.03.2023 - Czech Radio WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany - Czechia Czechia - Norway Norway
Digital radio is a success in Europe and the EU now mandates that all cars sold in the common market must have a DAB+ receiver to receive free to air broadcast radio. But it has not always been an easy road to achieve success. The Radiodays Europe conference has heard that in Germany radio only has 4.1% of the advertising market because it is divided up into state licence areas and no analog broadcaster has been able to operate nation wide. That puts German commercial radio at a disadvantage compared with the top European countries that get 10% or more of their country’s ad revenue. This situation is now being rectified because Germany’s DAB+ licences enable nationwide broadcasting and new players, according to Erwin Linnenbach from Teutocast.

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#RDE23: Saying hello to DAB+: three countries, three experiences
27.03.2023 - Czech Radio WorldDAB Member - Norway Norway - Germany Germany - Czechia Czechia
Countries adapting the DAB+ technology can benefit from its many benefits, however, they also face significant challenges. Ole Jørgen Torvmark from Norway: It was the first country to close off FM and as Torvmark states, “radio there is actually still alive.” The biggest change was the growth of stations in the country. With the FM technology and difficult topographical situation there were only five stations. After the switch to DAB+ this number has grown to 33. “We all believed in digital future and importance of broadcasting for years to come,” he said, but he also stressed the importance of the listener’s initiative. “In the end, people did the biggest job, upgrading their radios and cars to be able to listen to the new radio,” he finished.

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Local radio stations receive twice as much operating funding for digitisation
24.02.2023 - Norway Norway
The Norwegian Media Authority allocates NOK 8.2 million in operating support for digitisation of local radio this year, almost doubling the support from 2022. The Norwegian Media Authority is keen to support the transition to DAB in local radio stations. The finances of local radio stations are vulnerable, and we believe it is necessary and right to increase operating support for digitalisation this year, both for each individual radio station and for the companies that operate DAB systems," says Hanne Nistad Sekkelsten, Director of the Legal and Regulatory Department at the Norwegian Media Authority.

(Medietilsynet) Read more

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Key Information

Status: regular
Population: 5.4 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 99.7%
Services: 2 DAB, 213 DAB+
Line-fit automotive sales (cumulative): 2,000,000 devices
New cars with DAB/DAB+ as standard: Sparkline Graph 100%
Total Sales (cumulative): 7,000,000 devices
Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 73%
Last update: 18.06.2021

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