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New range of DAB radio stations in Southern Switzerland
23.06.2005 - Switzerland - Switzerland
The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) has now decided on the range of radio stations to be offered on DAB channel 12A in Southern Switzerland. All three SBC channels of RSI...

Switzerland buys Factum
WorldDAB Members News - 09.06.2005 - Factum Electronics AB
According to a press release by the Swedish DAB manufacturer Factum Electronics AB, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SBC has recently placed an order for the equipment needed for the impending DAB extension in Eastern and Southern Switzerland.

DAB in the Netherlands
20.01.2005 - Netherlands - Netherlands
After a rather late start into DAB, the Netherlands have now reached a coverage of 70% of their population. Six radio stations are available on block 12C, each of them with a bitrate of 160 kbit/s or more. The ministry of economic affairs is planning to issue DAB licences for commercial broadcasters and even announced that DAB should begin to replace FM radio by 2015.

What's Hot in DAB! The World DAB Forum Newsletter N. 25
WorldDAB News - 01.08.2003
WorldDAB at IFA 2003, Berlin and IBC, Amsterdam, News from Australia, Spain, Singapore, Scandinavia and Germany, DAB Digital Radio hits UK Supermarkets, New Look WorldDAB website, WorldDAB Project Office is Moving...

What's Hot in DAB! The World DAB Forum Newsletter N. 24
WorldDAB News - 01.07.2003
Australia Announces a Study Group, Commercial Broadcasters in Denmark, WorldDAB in France, BLM pushes for joint commitment for Digital Radio, Marketing news from the UK, 2003 Digital Broadcasting Conference and Expo in Chinese Taipei...

What's Hot in DAB! The World DAB Forum Newsletter N. 23
WorldDAB News - 01.06.2003
Creation of 'Vivement la Radio Numerique', French Government's Advisory Taskforce, Campaign in Munich and Nuremburg, Schleswig-Holstein DAB Programmes, BBC Radio and Digital One in Munich, 6 unique program services in Swedish Radio's DAB-ensemble, UK Listening Figures, Video-streaming in South Korea...

What's Hot in DAB! The World DAB Forum Newsletter N. 22
WorldDAB News - 01.05.2003
DAB ad spots in cinemas, Digital Radio Media Congress, EDRC Report April 2003, UK News, ELANsat at MediaCast...

What's Hot in DAB! The World DAB Forum Newsletter N. 21
WorldDAB News - 01.04.2003
News from Germany, Canada and Singapore, UK Government Comments, Short Report from CeBIT 2003, New Products (Roberts Radio, Pure Digital, Goodmans, Bush and MoS), Video over DAB, EPG software for all...

What's Hot in DAB! The World DAB Forum Newsletter N. 20
WorldDAB News - 01.03.2003
WorldDAB at 3GSM Event, News from Finland and Denmark, Catalonian Regional Licence, New DAB Services by Bayerische Rundfunk, Best Practice from the UK, Commercial Radio Supports Ford Campaign, BBC Launches First Major Marketing Campaign...

What's Hot in DAB! The World DAB Forum Newsletter N. 19
WorldDAB News - 01.02.2003
News from Spain, News from Scandinavia, News From Germany, News from the Netherlands, News from the UK: Christmas Sales...

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