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Pure launches 'One Elite' DAB Digital Radio
WorldDAB Members News - 30.07.2008 - Pure - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
PURE – the UK’s leading portable radio manufacturer - presents ONE Elite, an affordable, stereo DAB and FM portable radio that not only looks great, but has been engineered to out-perform everything else in its price bracket.

Pure Radios Receive Energy Saving Recommended Accreditations
WorldDAB Members News - 29.07.2008 - Pure - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Earlier this year, the PURE Move received the first ever ESR endorsement for a radio. Now, the EVOKE-1S; Siesta; Chronos II; TEMPUS-1S; ONE Mini and soon to be launched ONE Elite have also received ESR accreditations.
From Pure, UK:

NETIA's Radio-Assist Suite Provides Radio With Complete Solution ...
18.07.2008 - France - France
To create the most dynamic display for each artist's work, Radio Ô is using NETIA's Air-Push. Air-Push is designed for DAB broadcasts and automatically ...
From (press release), UK:

Hungary Update
17.07.2008 - Hungary - Hungary

Digital radio is coming in 2009
17.07.2008 - Australia - Australia
“DAB is a much more spectrum efficient means of broadcasting than the older DAB system,” Warner explains. “Using DAB broadcasters can do more with less ...
From iT News, Australia:

Digital radio tests start
There is also a new digital radio on the DAB Platform. Test transmissions have already commenced but not all rebroadcast digital radio stations will be ...
From, Malta:

Samsung Launches STT-D370 GPS Receiver
Samsung has just introduced it's new Bluetooth Navigator GPS receiver STT-D370 with built-in DMB and TPEG. The D730 does 3D graphics with 'Real 3D maps' ...
From ITvoir, India:

Digital Radio Australia eNewsletter
WorldDAB Members News - 09.07.2008 - Commercial Radio Australia - Australia - Australia
Building Towards ‘World’s Best Radio’ in Australia - We are now just six months away from one of the most significant milestones in Australian broadcasting history – the arrival of digital radio in early 2009. As you’ll see in this eNewsletter, contracts have been awarded to successful tenders and we are now, literally, building towards a new era.

Factum Electronics wins major contract in Australia
WorldDAB Members News - 09.07.2008 - Factum Electronics AB - Australia - Australia
Factum Electronics AB today announced that it has won the tender to supply head-end systems for the roll-out of DAB+ broadcasting networks for commercial radio in Australia.

MagicBox Touch DAB Radio review
02.07.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
1 July 2008 - MagicBox are hoping to offer something different with their Touch DAB Radio, which, as the name suggests has a touch interface. ...
From, UK: