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SWR and TTP to revolutionise digital radio in Germany
WorldDAB Members News - 04.03.2008 - The Technology Partnership (TTP)
SWR has selected The Technology Partnership (TTP) to join the ‘Future Radio’ project which will trial innovative new visual interactive radio services in Germany. The ‘Future Radio’ project will start its first trial in Stuttgart this summer. SWR and TTP will...
From The Technology Partnership (TTP):

DMB Technology Exports Overseas
WorldDAB Members News - 01.03.2008 - Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) - North Korea - North Korea
The test runs were led to success by the collaboration between a Ghanian DMB promotion enterprise called BlackStar TV, a Korea SI enterprise called 2ii Technology and ETRI.

Jazz FM to relaunch on DAB
Now GMG Radio, part of the group that publishes, plans to relaunch Jazz FM on DAB radio in London and the north-west. ...
From Guardian, UK:

Czech radio receives DAB licence
28.02.2008 - Czech Republic - Czech Republic
Czech Council for Radio and TV broadcasting to issue a DAB license for the religious radio station.

Sony launches XDR-C705 alarm clock radio
Apparently Sony's first ever DAB clock radio, the XDR-C705 is hoping to muscle in on Pure and Roberts' territory and is available to buy now for around £60. ...
From Sky News, United Kingdom:

DnC Multimedia Launches Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) Device
"The DnC Multimedia DMB device is an advanced product with strong demand in a number of important markets," commented Mr. Robert Lott, CEO of DnC Multimedia ...
From Fox Business:

Rohde & Schwarz adds a DAB and T-DMB option to four of its signal generators
Owing to a new option for DAB and T-DMB, the Rohde & Schwarz signal generators provide maximum test flexibility for manufacturers of mobile phones and car radios. Using a single instrument, signals can now be generated for all conventional mobile radio standards as well as for GPS, DAB, and mobile TV via DVB-H and T-DMB standards.
From Rohde & Schwarz:

Tyco Electronics Introduces New Ultra Low Noise Amplifier Family With Less Than 1 dB Noise Figure
Tyco Electronics today introduced a new family of ultra low noise amplifiers (LNA) with less than 1 dB noise figure (NF) across the designed frequency range that are appropriate for a variety of applications.
From Tycoel Ectronics:

Digital Jazz Contenders Challenge BBC
The figures back this up: theJazz is the most successful DAB station launch to date. Late last year, it announced a total audience of 441000 people each ...
From The Guardian :

The joy of 6: Who says digital radio is dead?
Content is king when it comes to digital radio." Unsurprisingly, the BBC, along with Channel 4 and others, remain convinced DAB represents the future. ...
From Independent, UK:

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