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D-day for digital radio across UK
06.10.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
It is D-day for digital radio. Britain's radio groups, media regulator Ofcom and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport will meet at an emergency ...
From Times Online, UK:

Italy launches trial
03.10.2008 - Italy - Italy
Italy has launched four trial multiplexes, three in Band III and one in L-Band.

The Future of Radio in Sweden
30.09.2008 - Sweden - Sweden
DAB+ as the preferred choice for Sweden...

IBC 2008 Report: VT Comms offers digital taster service for radio ...
29.09.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Digital TV is increasingly about digital radio, as anyone who scrolls down to the bottom of their electronic programme guide will soon discover. ...
From Connected TV, UK:

Folder Media buys Fun Radio
29.09.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
It is underpinned with a strong audience on DAB radio in London and will continue to be served by the growth in DAB penetration. ...
From Brand Republic, UK:

DAB Radio 'Go Anywhere' Standard Set
26.09.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
WorldDMB, the European Broadcasting Union and EICTA, the European digital technology industry association, have joined to develop a receiver standard for Eurkea-147 digital receivers.

DAB radio gets 'Go Anywhere' approval for Europe
22.09.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Consumers have been told that future digital radios bought in UK will work in France, Germany, or Norway following agreement by the WorldDMB forum on Friday.

Europe-Wide Digital Radio Just Got Easier
22.09.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
WorldDMB and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have announced a major step in achieving a unified digital radio market for Europe with the publication of a set of minimum features and functions for all digital radio receivers, known as the WorldDMB Digital Radio Receiver Profiles.

Korea's DMB Content Storage Technology Adopted as an Int'l Standard
19.09.2008 - South Korea - South Korea
DMB-AF carries out storage and management of contents transmitted over terrestrial, satellite DMB and DAB(Digital Audio Broadcasting), DAB with their meta ...
From Telecoms Korea (subscription), South Korea:

Frontier Silicon Selects Elliptic as Security Supplier
19.09.2008 - France - France
DAB, DAB and DMB receivers are used throughput Europe and Asia and offer high quality audio and highly efficient use of the radio spectrum. ...
From Design and Reuse (press release), France: