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Broadcast Mobile TV Taking Root In China
23.04.2008 - China - China
In-Stat believes that CMMB and DMB-T/H are the two most mature mobile TV technologies in China. - The analog mobile TV market will peak around 2009.
From Wireless Design & Development Asia, Singapore:

DMB Service Attracts 10 Mil. Korean Subscribers
23.04.2008 - South Korea - South Korea
In the span of just two and a half years the number of DMB or digital multimedia broadcasting users has topped 10 million in Korea. ...
From 조선일보(영문판), South Korea:

Breaking radio silence
22.04.2008 - Australia - Australia
It is also based on DAB, not DAB that is better suited to data feeds and still pictures. US regulators chose a different proprietary technology, HD Radio; ...
From The Age, Australia:

Ofcom awards new local digital radio multiplex licence for Surrey and northern Sussex
WorldDAB Members News - 22.04.2008 - UK OFCOM - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
DAB radio multiplexes carry a number of stereo and/or mono radio channels, as well as multimedia services such as text and data.

Mobile TV Tops 17 mil. Users
21.04.2008 - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
There were more than 17 million mobile TV users in Asia at the end of 2007, according to new analysis from Asia Media Journal publisher, Media Partners Asia ...
From Asia Media Journal:

TTA Establishes DMB Standards
WorldDAB Members News - 18.04.2008 - Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) - South Korea - South Korea
Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) announced the recent Technical Assembly (TA) established 6 DMB standards including one for DPS or Data Push ...
From Telecoms Korea (subscription), South Korea:

Factum Electronics Supplies System for the DAB+ roll out in Malta
WorldDAB Members News - 17.04.2008 - Factum Electronics AB - Malta - Malta
Factum Electronics AB, the world leader in DAB+ technology, today announced that it will supply the head-end system for the first commercial DAB+ launch in Europe.

All-In-One Measurement System for DVB-T, DVB-H, DAB, DAB+, DMB & DRM
17.04.2008 - Switzerland - Switzerland
... DAB and DRM standards in single frequency networks (SFN). The modularity of the measurement schemes implemented in software-defined radio provide you ...

Fraunhofer IIS Audio Decoder in Frontier Silicon’s Radio Module powers REVO DAB+ Radio
WorldDAB Members News - 17.04.2008 - Fraunhofer IIS - Germany - Germany
Venice 6 is the world’s first digital module capable of receiving Internet radio via Wi-Fi, DAB/DAB , FM and music streamed from a network server. ...
From Fraunhofer IIS:

DRDB appoints Tony Moretta new Chief Executive
15.04.2008 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Tony comes with a strong understanding of digital media having spent the past five years as General Manager of Broadcast at National Grid Wireless where he was responsible for...
From DRDB: