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Newsletter Number 14
WorldDAB News - 01.11.1999
Highlights from IFA, The UK Motorshow, The launch of Digital One, UK Radio Authority advertises local licenses, The launch of services in Switzerland, The 5th WorldDAB General Assembly, Chinese Characters, Country up-dates, The Per Erik Selemark Award, Tribute to Christer Grewin...

Newsletter Number 13
WorldDAB News - 01.07.1999
Plans for IFA, Digital Radio Industry Overview, Dutch Study on Traffic & Transport Applications, EACEM Believes in DAB, Up-date on T-PEG, Frequency Management Conference, Singapore & Australia, Historic Changes in the European Union, DAB Launch in Saxony Anhalt, All India Radio...

Newsletter Number 12
WorldDAB News - 01.05.1999
4th International DAB Symposium: Sale of Proceedings, Historic Day in Switzerland, DAB takes off in Germany, Norway - Contract for the digital radio network is signed, RAI interactive multimedia trials via DAB/GSM, WorldDAB Delegation visits Bern and Paris...

Newsletter Number 11
WorldDAB News - 01.02.1999
Obituary to Per Erik Selemark, Roll-Out Support Programme begins in earnest, Singapore Slings into the DAB Age, President of WorldDAB meets Director General of EC DGX, News Bytes, Media in the 21st Century, SBA distinguished Speaker Programme...

Newsletter Number 10
WorldDAB News - 01.12.1998
4th International DAB Symposium, France launch receivers, On the road in Sweden, Situation in Germany, EBU Conference, U-date on T-PEG, Module 5 – Multimedia for DAB, New WorldDAB Strategy, Agreement between Eureka 147 Consortium and World DAB Forum, 1999 Events...

Newsletter Number 8
WorldDAB News - 01.06.1998
EBU Statement/HuMIDAB, Digital Research Report, DAB Broadcast Update, The DAB System and STI, WorldDAB Meetings...

Newsletter Number 7
WorldDAB News - 01.05.1998
CeBIT Report, Geneva Motor Show, News Update, Australia signs up, Module 2 reports, Membership list...