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A DAB+ workshop and trial was organised by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), ABU (Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union) and WorldDMB in Kuala Lumpur in February 2014, a day of field measurements. Field test measuring equipment was set-up to demonstrate to participants the effects of reception in a mobile environment. Various types of DAB+ radio receivers were shown to the participants during the field trip to show the performance of a receiver and its ability to playback text and images.

A proposal and recommendation paper is now being prepared by RTM for submission to the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia for consideration of DAB+ as a Digital Sound Broadcasting system for Malaysia.

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In this country there is

on air.

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There is currently one trial local multiplex on-air with 12 DAB+ simulcast services (7 from RTM and 5 from commercial stations).

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 12 0 12

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Malaysia has been running a DAB+ digital radio trial in Kuala Lumpur since October 2009. The technical trial is organised by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), Telekom Malaysia and is supported by the regulator the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). The trial involves one transmitter on the Kuala Lumpur Tower plus five filler transmitters in Kelang, Bukit Lanjan, Bukit Sungei Besi, Kajang and Sepang. The trial is broadcast on Band III, Channel 11B and carries 15 DAB+ simulcast services and 1 exclusive data service (EPG).

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Key features of digital radio regulation in Malaysia include;

  • Band III has been identified for DAB
  • There is an allocation for a “Digital Multimedia Services (DMS)” in the L-Band (1452 – 1492 MHz)

The first edition of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s Spectrum Plan was released on 1 January 2002 which identified Eureka 147 (DAB) as a Digital Sound Broadcasting System (DSB) and has allocated spectrum in its Spectrum Plan.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is the regulator for the converging communications and multimedia industry. There are two main broadcast groups under MCMC, Digital Sound Broadcast (DSB) and Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). Both DSB and DTT have completed their standard submission for DAB and DVB respectively and the standards are now under public scrutiny. DSB proposed DAB and DMB as the DSB standard to MCMC. Due to the current development of DAB+, DSB is proposing DAB+ to the MCMC as an attachment to the previous document.

DAB+ Technical Consultation at #DBS2020
05.03.2020 - WorldDAB News - Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) WorldDAB Member - Malaysia Malaysia
At Monday’s WorldDAB technical consultation in Kuala Lumpur, a range of speakers discussed digital radio and compared it with new technologies such as 5G. With this session, WorldDAB’s technical team offered an opportunity to have a one on one discussion about 5G, AI, Voice control and what these new systems will offer broadcasters, along with a chance to discuss spectrum planning, system design, build and operation for a DAB+ trial or full rollout.

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Radiodays Asia 2019 begins in Kuala Lumpur
27.08.2019 - Malaysia Malaysia
In the keynote opening, said Joan Warner of CRA: “In one day, a listener can wake up to breakfast radio, listen in the car using DAB+, follow a radio show page on Facebook, listen on-demand to a radio podcast, use a mobile app or listen on a smart speaker such as an Amazon Echo using voice technology. To make all this happen, radio has forged new partnerships with global giants and utilised our deep content expertise to create new customer experiences."

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Regional workshop on digital radio to take place in Kuala Lumpur
02.05.2019 - Malaysia Malaysia
The five-day workshop, which is organised by the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development and will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, aims to provide broadcasters and other media professionals with a clear understanding of digital radio broadcasting services. This workshop will provide expert knowledge and information on the current status of digital terrestrial radio broadcasting, interactive multimedia services, digital radio broadcasting as well as sharing some of the case studies and experiences in the process of transition from analogue to digital.

(Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development) Read more

DAB+ major focus at ABU DBS 2019
13.03.2019 - Malaysia Malaysia
Speakers at the event said radio was booming thanks to new digital audio technologies such as DAB+, that allowed for more efficient use of spectrum, enabling broadcasters to expand their service cost effectively. Speaking at the event on behalf of WorldDAB, Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner said digital opportunities could be used to respond to the changing needs of the audience.

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Exhibitors at ABU DBS 2019
08.03.2019 - Malaysia Malaysia
Alongside the Digital Broadcasting Symposium was an exhibition of tech companies supplying the latest equipment to broadcasters in Asia and beyond, including WorldDAB, Gates Air and AVT.

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Radio is in a golden age according to broadcasters at ABU DBS 2019
04.03.2019 - Malaysia Malaysia
Representatives of both public and private broadcasters at ABU DBS in Kuala Lumpur said digital radio standards such as DAB+ are helping the radio industry boom by enabling broadcasters to expand their range of services and their audience reach.

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Over 60 companies from across the radio industry set to attend ABU DBS 2019
27.02.2019 - Malaysia Malaysia
At least 56 exhibitors, sponsors and media partners have so far confirmed they will take part in the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2019, with over 60 companies taking part in the exhibition. The primary role of the symposium, which turns 15 in 2019, is to help broadcasters in the region make a smooth transition to digital broadcasting.

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WorldDAB organises DAB+ workshop at ABU DBS 2019
20.02.2019 - WorldDAB News - Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) WorldDAB Member - Malaysia Malaysia
WorldDAB’s half-day workshop titled 'DAB+ - understanding the business case', will touch on a number of topics including DAB+ developments in the Asia Pacific region, European legislation and the latest DAB+ technical development, broadcast or 4G/5G, as well as connected vehicles and what broadcasters need to do to ensure their place in the digital dashboard.

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Registrations open for ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2019
03.01.2019 - Malaysia Malaysia
WorldDAB is principal sponsor of this year’s ABU DBS, which takes place between 4-7 March, and will host a DAB workshop on Monday 4 March, featuring presentations and discussions from speakers across the radio industry on the global development of DAB+ digital radio. A DAB+ pavilion within the exhibition will include several DAB+ supply chain companies with a footprint in the Asia-Pacific region, and their local experts will be on hand to provide expert advice and guidance on rolling out DAB+.

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WorldDAB principal sponsor of ABU DBS 2019
03.12.2018 - Malaysia Malaysia
WorldDAB, the principal sponsor of the event, will update delegates on the latest DAB+ developments in the Asia Pacific region and around the world, including market updates, in-car digital radio progress, and information on how broadcasters are employing broadcast and IP. The theme of the 2019 DBS conference is “Digital Transition and Transformation”.

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