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Pure Announces In-car World First
WorldDAB Members News - 19.11.2007 - Imagination Technologies
PURE – the UK’s leading portable radio manufacturer - presents the world’s first in-car DAB digital radio that doesn’t require complicated installation.

Rock Star Radios Charity Auction Closes
WorldDAB Members News - 19.11.2007 - Imagination Technologies
The hammer has fallen for the final time on the RockStarRadios charity auction. £15,866 has been raised by the on-line auction of PURE EVOKE -1XT Marshall Edition DAB digital radios signed by rock artists including Noel and Liam Gallagher, Bruce Dickinson, Mark Knopfler and Paul Weller.

World Broadcasting Union releases Digital Radio Guide online
The World Broadcasting Unions Digital Radio Guide is for use by engineers and managers in the radio broadcast community worldwide.

The new iDAB from Intempo allows users to get DAB on their iPod.

EBU hits out at Commission spectrum proposals
The EBU today responded to Commissioner Redings proposal to open up broadcasting bands to telcos.

Mobile TV Revolution: Is India ready?
13.11.2007 - India - India
With mobile TV soon to debut in India, everyone is eager to know what this new service will offer businesses and consumers alike.

Top Man leaves DRDB
13.11.2007 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Ian Dickens leaves DRDB after 5 years. Ian has set the UK as a model for other countries to follow as DAB digital radio takes off.

Dolby's Growth
WorldDAB Members News - 13.11.2007 - Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
Dolby Laboratories has acquired Stockholm-based Coding Technologies, a developer of audio compression technologies for mobile phones, digital audio broadcast and internet audio streams.

TDF to gain more networks as new acquisition unfolds
WorldDAB Members News - 13.11.2007 - TDF
merger of TDF and T-systems' Media&Broadcast will help TDF to be one of Europes leading TV and Radio Transmissions group.

Deal for DMB in Indonesia
08.11.2007 - Indonesia - Indonesia
A state-run technology research institute announced yesterday a 30 billion won deal with ETRI to launch a cutting edge mobile broadcasting service in Indonesia.