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WorldDAB Members News - 07.09.2006 - Imagination Technologies
PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) – presents the new DMX-60 Micro System with full digital radio and MP3 features.

RadioScape continues to Pioneer mobile TV with latest version of its Broadcast System
WorldDAB Members News - 06.09.2006 - Radioscape
RadioScape, a world leader in digital multimedia head-end and receiver technology, is launching the latest version of its Professional Broadcast System at IBC 2006 on stand 353 in hall 8.

Eureka! - Issue 1
WorldDAB News - 01.09.2006
Unique Interactive Chair Industry Mobile TV over DAB Trial, Germany Scores Gold! - Update on the German DMB commercial launch, Good news for mobile TV users!, BT Movio goes to market, The Evolution of DAB/DMB, The GE06 Plan...

Samsung unveils Dual T-DAB mobile phone at IFA
WorldDAB Members News - 24.08.2006 - Samsung
Good news for mobile TV users! Up to now, the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) standard was restricted to just four TV channels...

Directives for second DAB layer in Switzerland
29.04.2006 - Switzerland - Switzerland
The Swiss Federal Council has issued its directives for the call for tender for the second DAB layer, which is to take place this summer. According to these directives,...

RADIOSCAPE wins contract to supply professional DAB broadcast system to Slovenia
17.01.2006 - Slovenia - Slovenia
RadioScape, a world leader in digital radio and multimedia broadcast technology, today announced that it has just been awarded a contract to supply the first DAB broadcasting system for Slovenia. The system is due to go live in February 2006, and will initially simulcast Slovenia’s four main radio stations...

Mobile TV on DMB in Korea
17.01.2006 - South Korea - South Korea
Over 10 million people have had access to mobile television in Seoul (Korea) since late fall 2005 - via DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), a standard based on DAB that was developed for the transmission of mobile television and multimedia data.

DAB on air in the Ticino from today
20.12.2005 - Switzerland - Switzerland
The Ticino's first DAB transmitter goes on air officially this afternoon. The Ceneri Passo transmitter will serve the Locarno-Bellinza region and bring DAB programming to Italian-speaking Switzerland for the first time.

New range of DAB radio stations in Southern Switzerland
23.06.2005 - Switzerland - Switzerland
The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) has now decided on the range of radio stations to be offered on DAB channel 12A in Southern Switzerland. All three SBC channels of RSI...

Switzerland buys Factum
WorldDAB Members News - 09.06.2005 - Factum Electronics AB
According to a press release by the Swedish DAB manufacturer Factum Electronics AB, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SBC has recently placed an order for the equipment needed for the impending DAB extension in Eastern and Southern Switzerland.