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Factum Electronics receivers orders for DAB+ encoders
WorldDAB Members News - 16.07.2007 - Factum Electronics AB
Factum Electronics AB, the world-leading supplier of digital multimedia broadcasting equipment, today announced that it has received several orders for its new DAB+ audio encoder, MAP250.

Factum Electronics enters two new markets for digital broadcasting
WorldDAB Members News - 11.07.2007 - Factum Electronics AB
Factum Electronics, the world-leading supplier of digital multimedia broadcasting equipment, today announced that it has won contracts to supply the Czech network operator TELEKO, s.r.o. and the French network operator Towercast with digital...

Europe and China co-operate on development of DMB for mobile TV
WorldDAB News - 06.07.2007
Europe and China work together to advance digital broadcasting convergence with mobile communications.

4 Digital Group wins national DAB licence
06.07.2007 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Ofcom today announces the award of the new Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) national radio multiplex licence to 4 Digital Group Limited. The multiplex licence will allow...

DAB with more content and better coverage in Norway
02.07.2007 - Norway - Norway
From the 2nd of July 70% of the Norwegian population can enjoy a wider selection of radio channels on DAB

RAI opts for DMB for mobile TV
02.07.2007 - Italy - Italy
Italian public broadcaster RAI has opted for the DMB standard instead of DVB-H for the development of its mobile television service.

The European DMB Standard is Being Trialed Throughout Europe
WorldDAB News - 28.06.2007
The European standard T-DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), a derivative of the successful digital radio standard DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), has been tested or trialled in 14 European countries, including...

SAMSUNG Announces Advanced Multi-standard, Multi-band Mobile TV Chipset
WorldDAB Members News - 27.06.2007 - Samsung

Imagination Technologies and UBC Media Group co-operate to deliver instant music purchase solution
WorldDAB Members News - 25.06.2007 - Imagination Technologies
Imagination Technologies "Imagination") and UBC Media Group ("UBC") announce that they have agreed to work together to create a service which will allow listeners to purchase music directly from DAB digital radios.

Factum Electronics maintains its leading position in South Korea
WorldDAB Members News - 20.06.2007 - Factum Electronics AB
Factum Electronics AB, a subsidiary of Effnet Holding AB and the leading supplier of DAB/DMB systems, has now strengthened its established position as preferred supplier in South Korea by delivering equipment for the regional services.