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DAB+ mandatory in cars across Europe
22.01.2020 - Italy - Italy
According to the EECC directive, all new cars sold in EU member countries should include DAB+ digital radio starting from 21 December 2020. In Italy, where DAB+ population coverage already exceeds 80%, automotive manufacturers have been obliged to include digital radio capabilities in car radios since June 2019.
From Corriere Comunicazioni:

DAB+ at home and in the car
21.01.2020 - Spain - Spain
This article outlines the specifications of DAB radio, touching on the technology's various benefits for listeners and broadcasters, and Germany's recent introduction of regulation mandating DAB+ radio in cars and certain types of consumer receivers.
From El digital de Asturias:

Record year for DAB radio as standard in new vehicles
20.01.2020 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Last year was a record year for DAB with 2.38 million new vehicles fitted with DAB digital radio as standard. DAB in new car registrations rose to a record 95% of all new cars in Q4 2019, while DAB in new commercial vehicles increased to a record of over 64%.
From Radio Today:

DAB+ in France's overseas territories
19.01.2020 - France - France
This article outlines the French media regulator's potential approach regarding the rollout of DAB+ in France's overseas territories, based on FM services currently available in these locations.
From Megazap:

2019: A record year for DAB on the road in the UK
17.01.2020 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
2019 was a record year for DAB in new vehicles in the UK, with 2.38 million new cars and commercial vehicles hitting the road fitted with DAB digital radio as standard. DAB in new car registrations rose to a record 95% of all new cars in Q4 2019, while DAB in new commercial vehicles increased to a record of over 64%. This means that for the full year of 2019 there were 2.15 million new cars and 232,600 new commercial vehicles fitted with DAB as standard.
From Digital Radio UK:

Serbia to extend DAB+ trial in 2020
14.01.2020 - Serbia - Serbia
Serbian TV & radio network provider and DAB+ multiplex operator, ETV, has confirmed its plans to expand the ongoing trial DAB+ network in Serbia. ETV plans to extend coverage to all highways, with the deployment of an additional three transmitting sites in 2020.
From WorldDAB:

DAB+ frequencies for private broadcasters in North Rhine-Westphalia to be available in first half of 2020
13.01.2020 - Germany - Germany
According to the regional government of North Rhine-Westphalia, in northern Germany, the first frequencies available on the new private statewide multiplex will be made available in the first half of 2020. Up to 15 private radio stations are expected to be broadcast on the multiplex.
From Infosat:

New DAB+ transmitters go live in Bavaria
13.01.2020 - Germany - Germany
Two new DAB+ transmitters have gone live in Oberammergau and Hohenpeisenberg, Bavaria, helping to further improve DAB+ reception in Germany's southeastern state. Approximately 720.000 people are now able to receive DAB+ digital radio in Bavaria.
From Czech Radio:

U.K. government restates support for digital radio
13.01.2020 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
2020 is set to be another milestone year for digital radio in the United Kingdom, with digital listening expected to increase to over 60% of all radio listening. Ford Ennals, Digital Radio UK CEO, discusses how the government is working to support the development of the radio sector and the long-term transition to a digital future for radio in the UK.
From Radio World:

Retrofitting DAB+ in the car
11.01.2020 - Germany - Germany
This article outlines the different options available to car owners looking to retrofit DAB+ into their existing cars. Starting from December 21 2020, all new cars sold in Germany will include digital capabilities.