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NDR going ahead with expansion plans in Lower Saxony
20.08.2019 - Germany - Germany
Public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk has announced its plans to maintain as well as expand its DAB+ presence in the Lower Saxony region in the northwest of Germany, highlighting yet again its commitment to the development of DAB+ digital radio in Germany.
From Infosat:

French regulator launches new call for tenders for 15 sites
20.08.2019 - France - France
The French regulator CSA has launched a new call for tenders for DAB+ licenses across a number of locations in France. Specifically, the call for tenders concerns the cities and regions of Amiens, Angers, Brest, Caen, Clermont-Ferrand, Limoges, Le Mans, Metz, Montpellier, Nancy, Nîmes, Perpignan, Reims, Rennes and Troyes. Interested parties should submit their applications to the CSA by 6 November 2019.
From La Lettre Pro:

MTV launches nationwide DAB+ radio station in Denmark
16.08.2019 - Denmark - Denmark
Viacom has announced the launch of a new MTV radio station on DAB+ in Denmark. The nationwide radio station will be available to DAB+ listeners across the country.

DAB+ expansion is future proof says Radio Technikum
16.08.2019 - Austria - Austria
Reflecting on the launch of Austria's national DAB+ services, Gernot Fischer from Radio Technikum touched on the high number of receivers already sold in Austria, Germany and beyond, pointing to DAB+ as the chore future platform for radio, highlighting that 5G would certainly not replace it, but merely act as a complement.
From Meinungs Barometer:

Energy Austria reaping the benefits of national DAB+ launch
16.08.2019 - Austria - Austria
According to Energy Austria managing director Alexander Wagner, the launch of national DAB+ in Austria in May has already benefited the radio station, which has gained new listeners in parts of Austria where Energy is only available through DAB+.
From Meinungs Barometer:

Seat to include DAB+ in all cars sold in Italy in 2020
14.08.2019 - Italy - Italy
Seat has announced that all of its cars released in Italy in 2020 will come equipped with DAB+ digital radio. This decision means Seat will be in line with the Italian regulation mandating DAB+ radio in all new cars released from 1 January 2020 onward.

Swiss drivers urged to get on board with DAB+
12.08.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
As radio in Switzerland continues its journey toward digitisation, Swiss drivers whose cars do not include DAB+ radio - an estimated 3.5 million cars - have been urged to make their vehicles future-proof by adding DAB+ receivers or adaptors to their cars. Currently, approximately 91 percent of new cars released in Switzerland are factory-fitted with DAB+.
From Presseportal Schweiz:

Viamux announces series of DAB workshops
08.08.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Small-scale DAB specialist, Viamux, is hosting a series of ‘DAB Workshops’ designed to provide practical help and advice to stations, groups and individuals interested in launching their own small-scale DAB multiplex. The free events, which are in partnership with Radio Today, will cover the licence application process, transmission planning and funding options. The first phase of the tour will take-in Belfast on 14 September, Edinburgh on 28 September and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on 5 October.
From Viamux:

GfK figures reflect DAB+ growth in Italy
08.08.2019 - Italy - Italy
According to the latest figures published by GFK, 4.5 million Italians own a DAB+ radio, while 12.9 million Italians claim to know what DAB+ is. 48 nationals stations are available to DAB+ listeners across the country, with 28 of these being exclusively available on DAB+ digital radio.

DAB+ turns 10 in Australia
08.08.2019 - Australia - Australia
DAB+ was launched 10 years ago in Australia, with 40 different radio stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide broadcasting simultaneously to a combined breakfast audience estimated at more than 8.5 million people. This year, DAB+ launched in the cities of Darwin, Hobart and Canberra, and it is now firmly established across the country.
From Radio Info: