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Private broadcasters in Austria launch largest DAB+ advertising campaign to date
05.12.2019 - Austria - Austria
Private broadcasters in Austria have launched the biggest DAB+ campaign to date in the country, estimated at approximately 2 million euros. Austria launched national DAB+ earlier this year, and with population coverage already standing at 77%, most of Austria's industry bodies have requested a new legislation mandating digital radio in receivers.
From Elektro Journal:

Agcom imposes equitable frequency allocation for Italian radio
05.12.2019 - Italy - Italy
New regulation put into force by Agcom, the Italian regulator, requires national network operators for digital radio to guarantee access to DAB+ broadcasts for new broadcasters defined as independent.

German politicians back DAB+ digital radio
04.12.2019 - Germany - Germany
German State Secretary for Rhineland-Palatinate Heike Raab and Dorothee Bär, Minister of State for Digital Affairs, discuss the benefits of DAB+ digital radio in light of Germany's recent introduction of a new law requiring all new car radios - and certain types of consumer receivers - to be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio from 21 December 2020.
From Eifel Zeitung:

Czech Radio to expand nationwide DAB+ coverage
04.12.2019 - Czech Republic - Czech Republic
According to the public broadcaster's CEO René Zavoral, DAB+ population coverage in the Czech Republic is set to reach 95% in 2020, with new digital stations set to come hand in hand with the expansion.
From Czech Radio:

High interest in temporary DAB+ licences in the Netherlands
03.12.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Over 90 applications for temporary DAB+ licences have been received by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate in response to the call for tenders launched in October 2019.

CRA launches largest DAB+ radio campaign
03.12.2019 - Australia - Australia
The new multimedia marketing campaign is the largest ever DAB+ campaign commissioned by the commercial radio industry since DAB+ services launched in Australia 10 years ago. he first phase of the campaign will run during December 2019 and January 2020 and will consist of short and long-form video content and four radio ads.

Broadcasters in northern France unite in promoting DAB+
02.12.2019 - France - France
Broadcasters in the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, northern France, have launched a new advertising campaign promoting DAB+ digital radio. The campaign, which will go live across radio, TV and social media, marks the first time regional broadcasters unite in promoting DAB+ services in France.

CRA launches largest DAB+ campaign to date
02.12.2019 - Australia - Australia
The commercial radio industry has launched a landmark consumer-focused DAB+ digital radio campaign. The new multimedia marketing campaign is the largest ever DAB+ campaign commissioned by the commercial radio industry since DAB+ services launched in Australia 10 years ago.
From Commercial Radio Australia:

DAB+ launches in Sylt, Germany
29.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
A new DAB+ transmitter has been put into operation in Westerland, on the island of Sylt, northern Germany. 13 DAB+ radio stations are now available to listeners in Germany's popular holiday destination.

New appointments at
28.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
Following the successful launch of regular DAB+ services in French-speaking Belgium earlier this month, has appointed Eric Adelbrecht as new managing director, and Francis Goffin as president, effective as of 20 November 2019.