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Radio’s digital future: DAB+ saving lives
28.11.2023 - WorldDAB News
Following recent major natural disasters in Germany, such as those in the Ahr Valley and parts of Upper Bavaria in 2021, the country’s authorities recognize the value of emergency warnings and are turning increasingly to DAB+. The broadcast format, which provides more radio stations in digital quality, boasts technical parameters ideally suited for reaching those under threat. Its robust transmission and broad “high tower, high power” reach mean DAB+ can remain available in crisis situations, even if the cellular network infrastructure fails, such as due to flooding or the loss of DSL switches.

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Frontier supporting DAB+ Emergency Warning System
21.11.2023 - Frontier Smart Technologies WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
In times of emergencies, authorities need to deliver a clear message quickly and reliably. In Germany and other European countries, DAB+ has been identified as a robust and reliable way to send out messages to people with DAB+ receivers. As a member of a WorldDAB taskforce, Frontier is participating in developing a new EWS (Emergency Warning System) specification that will broadcast emergency warning messages over DAB+. The standard is expected to be finalised in 2024 – with compatible radios on the market by the end of the year.

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South Tyrolean Civil Defence successfully tests DLS scrolling texts, images via slideshows
07.11.2023 - Italy Italy
The South Tyrolean Civil Defence carried out a nationwide civil defence test alert in October. For the first time, the transmission of DLS scrolling texts and images via slideshows was used on all digital radio programmes DAB+ of the RAS and the local private stations. The scrolling texts and images were activated directly via the country's civil defence centre and broadcast on all RAS programmes. The information was broadcast on all channels and the test was successfully completed.

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Impact on APAC: IBC 2023 - broadcasters must pay attention to DAB+ developments
05.10.2023 - WorldDAB News
Dr Amal Punchihewa: In this review, we will critically analyse some selected technologies that are particularly relevant for the Asia-Pacific region. Radio plays a vital role in APAC. The Head of Radio at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) mentioned that radio is still the most trusted form of media, and is the primary source of information in emergencies. APAC is prone to a wide range of disasters, which are increasing in frequency and magnitude. During IBC 2023, it was shared that in the German DAB market, there is now a stakeholder consensus for public emergency warnings over DAB+, a system tested recently during the latest German “Warntag” national warning day.

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VIDEO: DAB+ A firm foundation for radio
03.10.2023 - WorldDAB News - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) WorldDAB Member - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) WorldDAB Member - Deutschlandradio WorldDAB Member - Norway Norway - Ghana Ghana
WorldDAB’s session at IBC explored the economic benefits and sustainable nature of DAB+ with inspiring success stories from around the world on how DAB+ is fuelling creativity, culture, enterprise and innovation. Watch this session to hear about the resilient and ever-evolving world of digital broadcast radio.

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DAB+ emergency warning test in Estonia
19.09.2023 - Estonia Estonia
In March this year, the CREVEX complex exercise began, which has involved several months of exercises in different security and internal security agencies. Kadi Luht-Kallas, adviser to the Rescue and Safety Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior, told Digigenius that the test, which will take place today at 19.30, can be said to be a quick pre-test for DAB+. "For up to 60 seconds, Klassikaraadio will be routed to the channel and a text about the test will be displayed, after which the radio itself should move back to the previous setting, but this may vary depending on the device," she described.

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Warning messages on the nationwide "Warning Day" on 14 September 2023
13.09.2023 - Deutschlandradio WorldDAB Member - Germany Germany
Deutschlandradio is participating in the third nationwide "Warning Day" with the programmes Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Deutschlandfunk Nova. All over Germany, sirens will be wailing at around 11 a.m., loudspeaker trucks will be driving through the streets, apps will sound the alarm, and public billboards will provide information. Public and private television and radio stations will also participate in the campaign, which is intended to test the "warning system" nationwide. For DAB+ receivers, a "flag" will be sent, which will allow radios equipped for the warning to switch on automatically or to switch to the Deutschlandradio frequency.

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Bavaria demonstrates potential of DAB+ in case of crisis
13.09.2023 - Germany Germany
This year's nationwide warning day, which serves to test the different warning systems, will take place on 14 September 2023. On this day, starting at 11:00, a test warning in the form of a warning text will be sent to all warning multipliers (e.g. radio stations and app servers) connected to the federal government's Modular Warning System (MoWaS for short).At 11:15, a warning will be broadcast via the 10D test network of Bayern Digital Radio (BDR).

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Warning messages via DAB+: Taking part in the Warning Day on 14 September
07.09.2023 - Germany Germany
On 14 September, the next nationwide warning day, DAB+ digital radio will again be an important component, alongside cell broadcast, sirens and other warning means. The members of the Digital Radio Germany Association, i.e. ARD, Deutschlandradio, commercial broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators and state media authorities, have set themselves the goal of defining a new warning system based on the DAB+ data services. Compared to mobile radio, DAB+ is broadcast via transmission masts located at high altitudes, which remain available even in the event of a crisis when the mobile network is overloaded or fails due to severe weather.

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Radio and Maui: broadcast radio's emergency resilience
21.08.2023 - United States United States
Chris Leonard, president of the Hawaii Association of Broadcasters: "All of the (cellular) infrastructure was gone the night of the fires. I'm sitting in my house in Hilo yelling at my television at 11 at night as I'm watching a communications staffer from Maui County talk about the fact that all the the Internet is down, cell service is down, phone service is down, cable is down. I called almost all of the major radio groups on Maui the following morning. “Hey, are you guys all on? How late did you stay on last night? Are you aware of anybody else on the island that's off? And they said, “No, we were on we were on live until late in the evening.”

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