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Industry Unites for DAB Christmas Marketing
08.12.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
[London] The DRDB (Digital Radio Development Bureau) has launched a Christmas marketing campaign...

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DAB radio coming to Nokia phones (at some point)
08.12.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
We missed this one last week, but it’sa little news nugget that’ll interest radio-heads: Nokia has said that it will eventually squeeze DAB radio tuners ...

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China's first commercial CMMB mobile TV network to launch in Shanghai
08.12.2008 - Australia Australia
Prior to the CMMB mobile TV trials, Shanghai was also one of four cities selected by SARFT to trial DAB (digital audio broadcasting) mobile TV, ...

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Roberts Radio launches new kitchen DAB
08.12.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Roberts' new DAB/FM RDS Kitchen Radio comes complete with a built-in under cupboard fixing bracket, an easy-to-clean control panel and sensor touch controls ...

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A 'new' DAB channel for Sveriges Radio
05.12.2008 - Sveriges Radio - Sweden Sweden
SR Bubbel, Sweden’s only radio station exclusively for children, has changed its name to Radioapans Knattekanal - the Blue RadioMonkeys Channel.

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Nokia says DAB radio on phones possible
05.12.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
When the technology reaches mass adoption we would consider putting DAB radios into our phones said Sari Stahlberg, director of product and technology ...

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Radio revolution as RTÉ goes digital
01.12.2008 - Ireland Ireland
Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) is a comparatively recent technology and can only be accessed by buying a DAB radio. The audio quality is much superior to FM, ...

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01.12.2008 - Germany Germany
[Wien] The project COOPERS is developing an innovative telematics applications on the road...

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MSA renews DAB licences in Sachsen-Anhalt
01.12.2008 - Germany Germany
[Halle] The licences for the digital radio stations ‚Rockland Sachsen-Anhalt‘ and 89.0 RTL have...

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VPRT: Digitization demands coordinated course of action
01.12.2008 - Germany Germany
[Frankfurt/Main] At the general asssembly of the VPRT in Frankfurt, vice-president Hans-Dieter...

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