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On its 70th anniversary, EBU maintains initial vision
05.05.2020 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) WorldDAB Member - Switzerland Switzerland
In this article, the EBU's Graham Dixon discusses the past and future of radio in Europe. He argues that while the history of DAB radio remains to be written, it is already clear that it has provided broadcasters in many countries with the freedom to develop new channels, and serve more hard-to-reach audiences of specific interest groups.

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Radio Pitchoun extends its DAB+ broadcasting area
04.05.2020 - France France
Radio Pitchoun, has announced the extension of its DAB+ broadcasts to cover the regions of Metz, Nancy, Reims, Troyes, Annemasse. The popular French radio station aimed at children was awarded five new frequencies on behalf of the French media regulator, CSA.

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FM broadcasts ceased in Les Brenets, Switzerland
04.05.2020 - Switzerland Switzerland
The FM transmitter serving the municipality of Les Brenets, in Switzerland's Neuchatel, has now been switched off and replaced with a DAB+ transmitter that will serve the area.

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DAB+ offering expands in Germany
04.05.2020 - Germany Germany
A number of stations have recently launched on DAB+ across Germany. Antenne Niedersachsen has launched in Hamburg, joining Radio FFN in broadcasting on DAB+ in the region. Krix FM has also launched in the north of the country, and is now available to DAB+ listeners in Lübeck and Kiel.

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New DAB+ campaign launches in Switzerland
04.05.2020 - Switzerland Switzerland
Switzerland's Ofcom has launched a new informative campaign highlighting the benefits of DAB+ digital radio, now the most used radio platform in the country. The campaign aims to provide consumers with information and guidance on DAB+ ahead of the country's digital switchover, due to take place by 2024 at the latest.

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CSA reveals DAB+ frequency allocations for Nancy
04.05.2020 - France France
The French regulator CSA has published the list of broadcasters that will be allocated DAB+ frequencies as part of the launch of DAB+ in Nancy, northeastern France. 26 stations will be available to listeners in the region as part of the launch, scheduled for 2021.

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Six of the best digital radios for every listener
01.05.2020 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Digital signals are generally more reliable than analogue signals, and DAB reception now stretches across almost all of the UK. This means that digital radios should be able to pick up a better quality of sound, with more channels than a traditional radio. More information can also be sent through digital signals, meaning stations can provide details like the name of the song or the artist. These are the best digital radios for 2020, according to Mashable.

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WorldDAB member focus - Roberts Radio
01.05.2020 - WorldDAB News - Roberts Radio Limited WorldDAB Member - United Kingdom United Kingdom
In this series of interviews with WorldDAB members, Diane Fuller from Roberts Radio explains what markets and solutions are supported by Roberts Radio, as well as highlighting some of the projects recently carried out by the company.

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WorldDAB President Patrick Hannon confirms no delay to EECC deadline
30.04.2020 - WorldDAB News
In the first of a series of WorldDAB virtual presentations, WorldDAB President Patrick Hannon gives an update on the rollout of DAB+ in Europe, and confirms that the European Commission has indicated that there will be no delay to the EECC deadline of 21 December 2020. He outlines recent progress in new and established DAB markets, and gives an update on the status of the implementation of the code across key markets. He emphasises WorldDAB’s role as one of monitoring and supporting member states in implementing the EECC, while working closely and in partnership with the automotive sector.

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CSA believes financial help for DAB+ launches is of essence
30.04.2020 - France France
Stressing the fact that the crisis related to the Coronavirus pandemic could result in losses of approximately one billion euros for the audiovisual industry in France, CSA president Roch-Olivier Maistre highlighted that the subsidising DAB+ launches for broadcasters, or provide financial assistance through a tax credit scheme, as requested by broadcasters would be a good idea.

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