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Australia to host WorldDMB Forum
29.11.2007 - Australia - Australia
Australia will play host to the technical committee of the WorldDMB Forum for the first time on November 30 in Sydney, as representatives from 12 countries meet to discuss technical and future proofing issues.

EU regulator moves ahead with mobile TV standard
The European Commission said Thursday that it would press ahead with plans to favor one standard for mobile TV services by February, despite opposition from three major members of the bloc.

EU likely to oppose single tech for mobile TV
The European Commission's attempt to propose Nokia Corp.'s (NOK) DVB-H technology as the official E.U standard for mobile television, is likely to be watered down by European governments, according to a draft document seen by Dow Jones Newswires.
Unfortunately this article is no longer available on the source website.

Two interested in mobile TV in Singapore
28.11.2007 - Singapore - Singapore
PGK Media says it wants to launch a ‘TV2Go’ service as soon as it receives a licence, supplying 10-15 channels. Innoxious Technologies says it will supply eight channels, targeting 15-35 year-olds.
Unfortunately this article is no longer available on the source website.

Mobile TV in Singapore 2008
27.11.2007 - Singapore - Singapore
The Media Development Authority (MDA) in Singapore said it will give out up to four licences to run mobile TV services in the second half of next year.

Set back for mobile TV in Russia
27.11.2007 - Russian Federation - Russian Federation
The introduction of 3G services, and hence mobile TV, has received a blow in Russia. Mikhail Shamolin, the president of Sistema-backed MTS, the country’s leading mobile operator, is reported as having said that plans to launch services in the capital, Moscow, are to be put back for a few years.

World digital radio meeting to be held in Sydney
26.11.2007 - Australia - Australia
Australia will play host to world experts on digital radio from 12 countries. The technical committee of the WorldDMB Forum, a global trade body coordinating the introduction of digital radio worldwide, will meet in Sydney on 30 November.

The Future of it digital?
23.11.2007 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Digital radio got a boost today with the launch of a new taskforce to discuss its future set up by Culture Secretary James Purnell. The expert and consumer working group will look at how to promote digital radio and increase the numbers of people listening to it.

Ofcom grants change to UK Broadband's licence
WorldDAB Members News - 23.11.2007 - UK OFCOM
Ofcom today announced its decision, following consultation, to amend the radio spectrum licence held by UK Broadband Limited. The change will allow the company to offer internet connections to portable or mobile devices as well as to fixed locations across the UK.

Public view sought on the regulation of mobile TV in Singapore
22.11.2007 - Singapore - Singapore
The Media Development Authority (MDA) wants the public's views on whether telcos should be subjected to the same laws as broadcasters, now that viewers can watch TV on their mobile phones or other hand-held devices.