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Neue leistungsfähige Audiocodierungs-Technologie als Zusatzoption fur DAB Digitalradio
WorldDAB News - 03.11.2006
WorldDMB gewährt einen weiteren Einblick in seine Pläne zum neuen Audiocodierungsverfahren für DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting): Die internationale Organisation zur Förderung aller auf Eureka 147 basierenden Verfahren zur Übertragung von digitalen Rundfunkdiensten hat soeben bestätigt, dass der Spezifikations-Entwurf für ein neues Audiocodierungsverfahren dieser Tage bei ETSI (dem Europäischen Institut für Telekommunikationsnormen) eingereicht werden soll.

Une nouvelle option audio très performante vient compléter le standard de radio numérique DAB
WorldDAB News - 03.11.2006
WorldDMB a fourni des informations complémentaires sur son projet d'offrir un choix d’encodages audio pour le standard Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

Swiss Music Radio to launch the first commercial DAB programme in Switzerland
31.10.2006 - Switzerland - Switzerland
Only two days before the Swiss Office of Communication BAKOM officially closed its call for tender for the second DAB layer in German-speaking Switzerland,...

Forum name change
WorldDAB News - 30.10.2006
The WorldDAB Forum has voted to change its name to ‘WorldDMB’. The decision was announced at the General Assembly of the organisation, which has over 120 member organisations around the world.

Le Forum WorldDAB change de nom
WorldDAB News - 30.10.2006
Le Forum WorldDAB a voté le changement de son nom en « Forum WorldDMB ». La décision a été annoncée lors de l’Assemblée Générale de l’organisation, qui compte plus de 120 membres à travers le monde.

Australia trials new EPG technology
23.10.2006 - Australia - Australia
Australian radio broadcasters will partner with London based digital broadcasting software development specialists Unique Interactive to add an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) service for the digital radio trial in Sydney, as the industry prepares for the multimillion dollar rollout of digital radio services across Australia in January 2009.

PURE's EVOKE-3 DAB/FM Radio Wins Radio Product of the Year
WorldDAB Members News - 19.10.2006 - Imagination Technologies
PURE DIGITAL announces that the PURE EVOKE-3 DAB/FM radio has won radio ‘Product of The Year’ in the 2006 What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision awards.

DAB Digital Radio in 50% of UK households by 2010
Figures released today by the DRDB (Digital Radio Development Bureau) show DAB set penetration is on track to top 50% household penetration by 2010.

Frontier Silicon and Penthera Technologies to develop a common multi-standard platform supporting DV...
WorldDAB Members News - 11.10.2006 - Frontier Smart Technologies
Frontier Silicon announces a collaboration with Penthera Technologies Inc. to deliver the world’s first open multi-standard DVB-H and DAB-IP receiver solution.

Frontier Silicon launches world's first miniature DAB/FM radio module
WorldDAB Members News - 09.10.2006 - Frontier Smart Technologies
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