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Greece has regular DAB+ services on air in and around the capital city of Athens, as well as part of Thessaloniki in northern Greece, and part of Patras. A DAB+ service in Drama in northeastern Greece is also reported to have started broadcasts.

There is one regular national multiplex on air operated by the state-owned broadcaster ERT.

A commercial trial local DAB+ multiplex is also on air in Athens, with nine stations broadcasting on DAB+.

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A national multiplex covering the capital city of Athens - as well as parts of Thessaloniki and Patras - is currently on air with seven stations on air.

The official Greek DAB+ frequency and transmission sites map was published on January 18 2018. Greece is divided in 34 radio allotments, with minimum of four DΑΒ+ multiplexes in every allotment.

In the future, two multiplexes will host national radio stations (public and commercial), while the rest will host regional radio stations in every alotment.

The Greek DAB+ network will broadcast through 167 transmission sites.



Map of planned DAB+ transmission sites in Greece

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In this country there are

on air.

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DAB+ regular transmission from Greek Radio Television (ERT) in Athens - Greece

Site: Hymettus mountain

Multiplex on Block 12C with 7 radio programs;

ERA 1 Proto - News/talk (128 kbit/s)*

ERA 2 Deftero - Greek music (96 kbit/s)*

ERA 3 Trito - Classic music (128 kbit/s)*

ERA Sport - Sports (96 kbit/s)*

Voice of Greece - International Radio of ERT (96 kbit/s)*

ERA 7 - Kosmos - World music (64 kbit/s)*

 *variable bitrate 

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 7 9 16

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Greece is expected to adopt national regulation in line with the EECC directive. Adopted by the EU in December 2018, the EECC directive requires all new car radios in the EU to be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio by the end of 2020.

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DAB receivers are available through retailers in Greece.

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The first DAB+ trial of private radio stations in Greece, started on 28th Apr 2018 in Thessaloniki.

Under a temporary license by the Greek Telecom Authority (EETT), a collaboration of the companies “Greekstream Networks” & “Sigmacom Broadcast” started trial transmissions on channel 12B, covering most of the central Macedonia region.

The multiplex initially started with 6 programmes (simulcast FM and DAB+), reaching 18 programmes in early May, and the number of stations expressing their interest to participate in the trial, is growing.

The service and all the necessary equipment is being provided by the trial operator at no cost to the participating stations, in order to give them the opportunity to experience DAB+ and promote it.

A DAB+ trial is on air in Athens, covering part of the capital of Athens and its northern vicinity.

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In January 2018 Greece passed into law:

a) The Greek DAB+ frequency plan and transmission sites map (Download file) (Full map)
b) The DAB+ radio stations licencing law (articles 220 - 238) (Download file)
c) Tender from the Greek Telecom Authority (EETT) for DAB+ network providers (applications date 17-4-2018, licence date: 24-5-2018) (Link)
Future of digital radio in Greece to be discussed
19.03.2018 - Greece Greece
In view of the competition for the network provider and the future licensing of digital radio in Greece, the event "The Future of Broadcast Radio in Europe with DAB+" aims at launching a crucial dialogue for the era, focusing and triggering new technological developments.

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Future of DAB+ in Greece to be determined on March 21
17.03.2018 - Greece Greece
The future of radio and its passage in the digital era will be discussed and analysed by representatives of WorldDAB, the European Broadcasting Union and representatives of foreign countries at a workshop organised by the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information on Wednesday 21 March.

(Futurology Greece) Read more

DAB+ and the future of radio in Europe to be discussed
16.03.2018 - Greece Greece
What is the future of radio in Europe? How does transition from analogue to digital radio evolve in Europe? What are the European prospects and what is the position of Greece in these developments These and many other questions will be discussed and analyzed by representatives of the WorldDab Network, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and representatives of foreign countries, at a workshop organized by the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information on Wednesday 21 March 2018.

(Greek Digital TV) Read more

Workshop on future of radio in Greece to take place on Wednesday
16.03.2018 - Greece Greece
A meeting on the future of radio in Europe in view of its transition to the digital age is organized by the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information on Wednesday, March 21, in a ministry's room. What are the European prospects and what is the position of Greece in these developments?

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Greece Launches First DAB+ Transmission
31.01.2018 - Greece Greece
Greece entered the digital radio age on 5 January with the country’s first-ever DAB+ radio transmissions. According to the Greek language news site, seven DAB+ channels are being broadcast by ERT on VHF Channel 12C (227.36 MHz), using a single DAB+ multiplex and a transmission power of 300 watts.

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Tender issued for DAB+ in Greece as momentum builds
19.01.2018 - Greece Greece
Following trial services which started in December 2017, the Greek Telecom Authority (EETT) has announced a tender for nationwide and local DAB+ services. The applications close on April 17th and licenses will be issued in May this year. DAB+ frequencies have now been allocated and the first licensing law for DAB+ stations was passed this week.

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Greek regulator announces tender for study of radio frequencies for DAB+
17.01.2018 - Greece Greece
The Greek National Telecommunications and Post Commission have announced a formal tender process on the direct award of a study to determine the starting price for the rights of use of radio frequencies of free-to-air digital broadcasters.

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Digital Radio Debuts in Greece
09.01.2018 - Greece Greece
Digital radio arrived in Greece this week, with a first pilot broadcast coming from public broadcaster ERT's facilities on Ymittos mountain overlooking Athens....

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Greece Turns on First DAB+ Multiplexer
09.01.2018 - Greece Greece
The first broadcast of digital radio in Greece occurred on Jan. 5, from the ERT (Greece's public broadcaster) facilities in Ymittos. Seven radio programs of ERT are being sent on channel 12C using DAB...

(Radio magazine) Read more

Greece starts broadcasting digital radio in Athens
08.01.2018 - Greece Greece
The first broadcast on digital radio by Greek Radio began on Friday, January 5th. From ERT's facilities in Ymittos, they started broadcasting 7 radio programs of ERT on channel 12C of the digital radio band DAB+.

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Status: regular
Population: 10.4 million
Services: 16 DAB+
New cars with DAB/DAB+ as standard: Sparkline Graph 89%
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