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Olympic fever being fuelled by high-tech in SKorea
19.08.2008 - Australia Australia
Koreans follow the events at work, or during bus and subway journeys, on palm-sized TVs or mobile phones equipped with digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) ...

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Revo Announce World’s First Portable ‘Hybrid’ DAB/DAB+ and Wi-Fi Internet Radio
18.08.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
PICO RadioStation follows in the steps of the company’s ground-breaking BLIK RadioStation model, by combining DAB and DAB+ reception with the latest wi-fi internet radio technology. In PICO’s case however, these features and benefits are now available in a compact, highly portable form factor, rather than in a traditional table radio format.

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Essential resource for radio advertisers
18.08.2008 - Commercial Radio Australia WorldDAB Member - Australia Australia
Over 100 detailed market profiles of regional and metropolitan commercial radio areas have been released today to stations and advertisers nationwide and will provide an invaluable reference tool for advertising on radio.

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Norway backs DMB for mobile TV
17.08.2008 - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) WorldDAB Member - Norway Norway
The three biggest broadcasters in Norway, NRK, TV 2 and MTG, have set up their own company in order to launch mobile TV via DMB this winter.

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Olympic Games 2008 and DAB
12.08.2008 - Germany Germany
[London] As WorldDMB reports, this year’s Olympic Games offer a wide choice of Mobile TV and...

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Revo Technologies iBLIK RadioStation
12.08.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
It is in fact the world's first one-box DAB/DAB and internet radio also to incorporate an iPod dock. Alongside the DAB and DAB digital coverage sits an FM ...

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PURE Digital gets seven seals of approval from the Energy Saving Trust
12.08.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
If you already own a DAB radio, you'll probably know that most models come with a large and very heavy 'brick' style plug in tow. ...

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UK Radio Listening via Digital Platforms and Cell Phone on the Rise
12.08.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Radio listening through digital platforms has increased since the same time last year. 17.9% of all radio listening is now through either DAB (11%), ...

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Pure could launch solar-powered radio
12.08.2008 - United Kingdom United Kingdom
... who approve a growing number of Pure’s DAB radios. When asked about whether there were any plans to launch a solar-powered radio, following the launch ...

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The new MMI generation from Audi: top-level multimedia and ...
12.08.2008 - Georgia Georgia
Another audio highlight is the option of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) reception. Digital radio signals are far superior to the analog standard in ...

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